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Talent contest year 1

The Miss Tri-County Beauty Talent Contest is an annual event created in 1982 between Hazzard County, Hatchape County, and Riverton County.

Contest Overview[]

Each county can have one representative that must have a sponsor. All the contestants must be entered by the entry date and time or they forfeit placement. The contest itself has three events, meant to test in mechanical ability, racing ability, and overall 'beauty' of the contestants. [1] The winner will crown the next year's victor. [2]




  • Lue Ann Milsap of Riverton Couny- sponsored by the Riverton Police Department
  • Melanie Dubois of Hatchape County-sponsored by Jim Mathers
  • Daisy Duke of Hazzard Couny- sponsored by the 4H Club

Event 1: Rebuild a Carburetor[]

The three contestants move into booths to rebuild a carburetor. Daisy Duke emerges from her booth first but when evaluated they find that two jet valves were missing. Daisy forfeits first place and the winner is named Melanie Dubois, the second to finish. [3]

Event 2: Race[]

The three contestants are set to race in an obstacle race. Lue Ann Milsap is using a police car, Melanie is using a green car numbered 76, and Daisy is using the General Lee. During the race Lue Ann flips her car and is disqualified. Daisy finishes first, winning the event. [4]

Event 3: The Swimsuit Contest[]

Lue Ann, as the third contestant goes first in a multicolored swimsuit, receiving two 8's and a 7 from the judges. Melanie goes second in a red swimsuit, receiving three 9's. Daisy arrives third and receives three 10's. The event is given to Daisy. [5]


Having won two events, Daisy is crowned Miss Tri-County.


Event 3: The Swimsuit Contest[]

While the swimsuit contest finishes, the judges count the votes. Boss Hogg announces that there was a tie and they will have to crown two women the winners. When he goes to announce the names however, Bo and Luke Duke who had left Hazzard for a year, arrive and the contest if temporarily forgotten about.[6]