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Mitch Henderson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Runaway[]

A Private Investigator hired by C.J. Holmes to keep his daughter from getting married. He drives through Hazzard, nearly causing the General Lee, with Bo and Luke, to wreck and causing Rosco to spin out. The radiator goes and he pulls into the Boar’s Nest. As he goes to check the radiator, Rosco pulls up. He introduces himself and his partner Les. Rosco says he’s still giving them a ticket and Boss approaches them, asking what is going on. They explain that they work for C.J. Holmes. When Boss starts listing off C.J.'s businesses, he says ‘that’s right’. Bo and Luke pull up and Bo walks up to him saying he almost killed them back there and he doesn’t appreciate it at all. He is amused however when Boss comes to his defense and doesn’t let Rosco give him a ticket. After the boys leave he sees Suzy is gone and Boss says the boys probably have her. Boss and Rosco tell him to get the car fixed and they’ll go get her. Mitch pulls out a gun but Les makes him wait.

After getting the car fixed, they go to the telephone company to see Mabel. He keeps putting bills down on the desk until Mabel tells them that Suzy is at the Duke Farm on Mill Pond Road after he keeps giving her money until she gives them clear directions.

The drive out to the Duke Farm to see Daisy’s yellow Plymouth. Assuming Suzy is in the car, they chase after it. They follow the car until Daisy takes a sharp turn that he can’t. He is forced to back up, allowing Daisy to gain distance. He overtakes the car and when they try to get Suzy, they find only Daisy in the car.

They go to town and call C.J. After Les hangs up he asks if they are fired and is told not yet but C.J. is flying in and wants them to pick him up. He says he’s not picking up anyone from the airport so they can fire him and let the man take a taxi, but Les reminds him that if they do that they probably won’t get paid

As they head to the airport, they get a call from Boss and learn that Suzy is at the Police department. They go to pick her up but arrive in time to see her flee with Bo and Luke. He attempts to chase but they get caught in road work and he honks the horn impatiently until Rosco moves. When the road clears he chases after everyone. Realizing the car is too far away, they instead go to the airport and pick up C.J.

He rides in the back as C.J. lectures them and they head to the garage. L.B. tells him the Duke boys had just came through town and they leave.

They go back to talk to C.J., hearing a local man address Jesse Duke. They confirm the man must be related to the boys who have Suzy. C.J. tells them to kidnap Jesse, which makes him smile. They chase after Jesse and over run him in his pickup. He pulls out a gun and tells Jesse to get out of the truck. After talking to the boys he tells Jesse to ‘get in the car pops’. Jesse tells him to put the gun away. While waiting to hear back from the boys, he listens to C.J. and Jesse talk. After he hears Luke tell them where to be.

He goes onto the bridge with Les and Jesse to make the swap. Fred runs up and punches him and then Luke grabs him before throwing him off the bridge and into the lake. They climb out of the lake and chase the General. However the boys flood the road, causing them to spin out and go in a ditch. C.J. gives up on chasing his daughter.