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Miz Emma Tisdale is the remarkably short Hazzard Postmistress who is very good at riding motorcycles.


She has a longtime crush on Uncle Jesse. Ms. Tisdale is known for being the postmistress of Hazzard County and delivering mail on her motorcycle. She also owns the Tisdale Cab Co. which had only one taxicab.[1] Mrs. Tisdale serves as a reporter for the Hazzard Gazzette and helps maintain the office.[2] Periodically she also helps out with other odd jobs, including being an observer for the Lawman of the Year Committee.[3]

Each year she goes on a trip to visit her aging mother and has the Dukes watch over her businesses while she is gone.[4] She started riding motorcycles when her doctor told her she needed to slow down.[5]

Miz Tisdale is very strict when it comes to regulations. She does not allow anyone to perform any business in the post office without taking a number and requires and ID, even if she knows who they are. She is also one of the few people to not refer to Boss by his title but just 'J.D.'.


Season 3[]

Enos Strate to the Top[]

Enos comes into the post office asking if she has any mail for him as she sorts a number of letters. She tells him he has to take a number just like everyone else. Enos agrees and she turns calling ‘number one’. Enos shows her the number and she takes it from him. She asks for his identification and he remarks that she’s known him since he was born, even before. She apologizes as she gets his mail saying regulation is regulation. She checks his I.D. before handing over his mail and says goodbye.

Emma is sorting the mail when Bo, Luke, and Enos rush in. Bo tells her good afternoon before asking if he can have his mail and it’s the little yellow envelope in the box. She tells him she’s sorry but she can’t hand it out until all the mail is sorted, citing regulation. She finishes sorting it and tells him to take a number. Bo agrees and does. She calls number one and Bo shows her the number. She gets the letter but tells them she's sorry again, but that letter is addressed to Luke. She calls number two as she puts it back. Luke hands her the number and she gives him the letter as he shows her his ID. She thanks him before telling him to be sure to say hello to their handsome uncle for her. Luke agrees and the three leave, her telling them to come back again.

Enos later comes in with the number and his I.D. ready and greets her. She gets his mail and he tells her things must be getting better as he's down to one rejection letter a day. She wishes him luck.

The Great Hazzard Hijack[]

Jesse goes to see her after the excitement about the Great Hazzard Hijacking from 1976 and asks her to pull down all the papers they ever printed about it. She happily does, taking them to him saying that is every word they printed about it. Jesse thanks her and she puts her hand over his saying she had to 'climb plumb to the top shelf to find them'. Jesse thanks her and says he hopes he didn’t put her to too much trouble. She tells him it was her pleasure and she would do anything for him. He asks if he can have his hand back, which she quickly releases saying she must have gotten carried away. She asks if he wants her to turn the pages and he declines saying that is what he needed his hand for. He is surprised to see a headline and she asks if the woman on the paper is a friend of hers. He says not exactly and that her name isn’t Rhodes but Ackley. She says maybe the woman changed it as it wouldn’t take much for the right man to get her to change hers. Jesse thanks her and asks if he can borrow the article. She says only if he promises to return it and while she works at the post office most afternoons he is welcome to the house most any evening. He tells her not to wait up for him and she waves as he leaves before sighing.

The Hack of Hazzard[]

As she prepares to leave for her yearly visit with her mother, she waits for the Dukes at the Post Office. Luke greets her as they come in and Bo remarks ‘The Dukes reporting for duty, ma’am.’ She tells them that 'no one is reporting for nothing till that nobody takes a number and identifies themselves'. The three agree and each take a number. She calls number one and Daisy shows her the number. She asks for Daisy’s identification and Daisy shows it. She gives Daisy a paper telling her those are the rules and everyone abides by them ‘even Uncle Jesse, God bless him’. Luke gives her the number two and his ID, asking if she has instructions for him. She hands over the keys to the cab and says she knows the three of them will do a fine job as their Uncle Jesse raised them. Bo tells her they wouldn’t let her down before handing her the number three and getting his ID. After checking it, Bo helps her put on her bag. She thanks them, calling them children as she puts on her helmet. She then goes out an gets on her motorcycle, leaving and doing a wheelie on her way.

Upon her return, she finds that the meter on her taxi has been running since Boss and Rosco impounded it. She makes Boss pay for the time the cab was 'used' in his possession.

Season 4[]

Double Dukes[]

Miss Tisdale rides her motorcycle to the Boar’s Nest and goes inside. She knocks at Boss’ office door. Rosco opens the door prompting her to walk in saying ‘howdy J.D., got a parcel for you, special delivery.’ Boss tells her to put it on the table and has Rosco turn him around as he isn’t wearing pants. She puts down the package before telling him he’s gotta sign for it first as part of postal regulations. Boss hands the wet pants back to Rosco and signs for them. She tells him she needs to see some identification. Boss says she knows who he is and she says she’s sorry, but no ID no delivery, postal regulation would require her to return to sender. Rosco hands her Boss’ ID and she looks at it. She says she’s seen more flattering pictures in her post office and his legs don’t do nothing for her either before handing him the receipt and leaving.

Sadie Hogg Day[]

As Hazzard prepares for Sadie Hogg day, she goes to the Police Department for the drawing. Boss makes a joke about his great great grandma starting the holiday as she mistakenly ordered a cotton gin thinking it was a way to make moonshine to which she angrily tells him to stop jawing and they are not getting any younger. When Lulu is drawn for Boss of Hazzard, she congratulates her. Boss draws for Deputy and she is selected. She gets up in front of everyone and shakes her arms in victory.

The next day she changes into the police uniform and reports to Cletus for duty. They are greeted by Boss and Lulu, saluting them.

She is writing a ticket when she hears Daisy yelling that the bank was robbed. Looking over, she sees Bo and Luke speeding away. Assuming it was them she yells for Cletus and gestures for him to drive over. She calls him a dodo when he takes too long and when he pulls up she calls him a dodo again. Hearing Daisy, Cletus asks her if she saw who robbed the bank. She says she saw the Duke boys drive off but they are nice youngsters and she doesn’t think they would, but Cletus says they need to go after them. She gets in the car and they drive. She tells him ‘let her rip turkey.’

When Cletus radio’s Rosco to tell him Bo and Luke robbed the bank, Cletus says she saw the boys which she agrees she did. As they continue the chase she laughs, enjoying it.

After the boys stop, Rosco and Cletus do as well. Miz Tisdale and Clara get out of the cars and stand together, watching as they attempt to arrest the boys. Rosco says they have a witness against the boys this time and when Bo asks what witness she apologizes saying she saw them drive away and she hates to do this to them and their nice Uncle. Bo explains that they were chasing the crooks. They are stunned to see the bank bags the crooks tossed out were full of trash. She watches Bo and Luke tie Cletus and Rosco’s neck ties together before fleeing and moves to help untie them.

She goes to the Police Station where she is assigned to watch Daisy. Jesse comes down and greets her. She approaches him and apologizes to him, saying the law is the law. Jesse says she is right and he brought flowers for the prettiest law enforcement officer he ever saw. Shocked she asks for her and when Jesse nods she takes them, thanking him. Jesse compliments her and she says he’s never talked to her like this before. Jesse says he’s never felt this way before and he is a shy man but he has a hankering for her. She says he’s making her steam up her glasses but to tell her more. Jesse says he’d like to come calling on her on Saturday night if she would like, which she says they will have a ‘wing-ding’ with popcorn, butter milk, the lotta swell records. She hugs him and seeing Daisy sneaking out she tells her that she finally landed Jesse. After a second she realizes Daisy shouldn’t be out of the cell. Jesse holds her as Daisy escapes. Jesse tells her he will make it up to her as he leaves, saying he will tell Rosco it’s all his fault and he will call on her Saturday night. She waits a moment before throwing the flowers and yelling jail break. She runs up to chase after Daisy.

She and Cletus go to get in the car and she says she will drive. Cletus says no, he will drive and she will stay there. She tells him no way, that at her age you go for all the cutthroat you can get. Cletus says she can go for all the cutthroat from shotgun and to scoot over. She moves to the passenger seat to let him drive. She cheers as they drive, Cletus hitting trashcans. Cletus hands her a piece of garland that was in the trash telling her to hold onto it as he plans to use it next December.

She rides with Cletus, laughing in excitement as they continue to chase. As Cletus goes through a work zone, she ends up with a stop sign telling Cletus she loves this kind of work. After Bo tricks Cletus and Rosco into colliding, she yells in joy saying it beats the sheep dip outta Saturday night bingo.

She meets up with Cletus and Clara and when they see Jesse and Daisy leaving the bank with Handley, they chase after them. She gets behind the wheel, saying this time she is driving and takes off with Cletus in the back seat. As she chases after Jesse she takes the police car up to two wheels, excited. When her hat and glasses fall down she concludes they are in a tunnel until Cletus and Clara fix her hat.

She follows the line into the Junk yard, breaking the fence. As they drive around she hits a pile of trash bags before parking by the incinerator with the rest. They are all stunned to learn Boss had embezzled all the county funds.

Later she makes Jesse keep his word and take her out on a date.

Cletus Falls in Love[]

While driving through town, she nearly hits Cletus who suddenly walks out into the road. She turns around and drives back to him. She tells him he ought to watch where’s his walking. She asks if he’s alright and Cletus says he’s never been better, he’s in love with Daisy and Daisy loves him. She remarks ‘good for you sonny’ and adds that if she can just land Jesse they can have a double date. After they laugh she yells ‘Geronimo’ and drives away on her bike doing a wheelie as she does.

Hughie Hogg Strikes Again[]

Bo and Luke come into her Post Office, greeting her. Bo asks if she can do them a really big favor and she smiles asking what can she do for them. Bo says they are looking for an old man before describing him. Luke says he isn’t real familiar looking but they figured he would have a social security or pension that would come through the mail and she might know his name. She tells them that she could never violate her trust and tell who’s receiving mail at her office. Seeing how disappointed the boys are she tells them that of course if that fellow they are looking for has never set his feet in her office then it wouldn’t be violating anything to tell them that. The boys grin and thank her. She says it’s the least she can do for the nephews of such a fine man as their uncle. She sighs, saying Jesse ‘sets my motor at a fast idle’ wistfully. They excuse themselves.

Miz Tisdale on the Lam[]

While delivering mail at C.M. Hermit's, she is passed by the General Lee. Bo honks the horn at her and all of the Dukes wave. She waves back before getting back on her motorcycle. She drives after them, pulling up alongside Jesse. She greets him and Jesse tells her to be careful or she’ll get hurt. She says the mail has to go through and takes a different road.

She arrives at the Post Office to see Mr. Smith waiting for her. She greets him, saying she guesses he’s there to pick up his mail. She goes inside to set up the office, saying another load of mail came in for him that morning. She points out the bag by the wall, saying it’s all addressed to box 16. He goes to take it and she stops him, asking for his identification. He tells her he’s been coming in every day for a week now and she takes off her helmet saying ‘regulation, sorry’. After he shows it to her she tells him to take a number. He protests that he’s the only one in there and she goes to say something but he cuts her off saying ‘I know, regulation.’ She calls number one and he shows her the number. She says he’s next and to take it away. As he gathers up the mail, she mentions she is just curious and with all that mail coming in every day and what is it for. He cuts her off telling her it’s against regulation before leaving. Surprised she goes outside to watch him, suspicious.

While at work, Rosco comes in. She quickly says she is glad to see him and she would be mighty appreciative if he would mind the place so she can run her motorcycle over to Cooter’s. She grabs her helmet before going around the counter and tells him that it’s due for the thousand mile checkup and for him to be sure to get their ID and make them take a number. She then goes to Cooter’s.

Cooter helps her take out another motorcycle, going outside to see Billy Joe, Bo, and Luke. Cooter says that while he’s fixing hers, she can use that one. She hits the side cart saying ‘I hope this doo-hickey don’t cut down on my speed’ as she likes to ‘let her rip’. Luke informs her that there is a postal inspector who is trying to accuse her of mail fraud. Shocked she asks ‘me’ and the boys emphasize her. She says they must be sucking out of a bent straw. Bo agrees with her and she says ‘that frosts me’ before adding she’s headed over there to straighten them out. Luke stops her saying that it looks like a set up and they want her to lay low. Bo says she can hide out at the farm and offended she yells ‘hide out? Me? No way, Jose.’ However she stops before asking if Bo said his farm. Bo nods saying ‘yes ma’am.’ She asks with their Uncle Jesse who Luke says is there most of the time. She becomes excited, agreeing. When Rosco comes out, Bo asks her to get in the back of the General Lee. Luke and Cooter take her helmet and shall before Bo helps her into the General where she hides in the back. After a few moments of yelling the boys come back to the car and she tries to sit up, asking what is going on but Cooter and Luke ask her to stay down before Bo drives off.

She laughs as Bo loses Rosco, hearing Cletus follow them. She tells Bo to put the pedal to the metal and when Bo asks her to stay down she says ‘oh I am, I am’. She then laughs again after the boys lose Cletus.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and Jesse and Daisy greet her. Jesse says she is welcome as Daisy gives her a glass of lemonade. She says that is sweet of him and thanks Daisy. Luke tells her not to worry and Jesse suggests it’s Boss behind all this, to which she nods. Bo and Luke decide to head back to town and find the female postal inspector and she tells the boys to make sure that the woman is running her post office in a fit manner. Bo tells her not to worry about it and to make herself at home. Daisy says Jesse will take good care of her and the three kids leave. She puts an arm around Jesse saying she is just dying to see his room and he just gives her a nervous smile.

She sits in the Duke’s living room, having milk and cookies with them as Bo and Luke show her the ‘Hazzard Highlands’ ad in the Capital City newspaper. After Luke calls a friend of his at the newspaper saying that the person who made the ad paid in cash and was named John Smith. They hear a siren which Bo says is a raid and Daisy says Rosco must have figured out she was there. She shrugs and Luke says for her to go with Jesse in the truck. As they scatter she yells ‘Geronimo!’ and tells Jesse to ‘come on’ as this is the part she loves best. Jesse says to get in his truck but she disagrees saying they will take her motorcycle as it’s faster. Jesse helps her uncover it before asking if she is sure she knows how to run this thing. She puts on her helmet telling him to get in and don’t forget to put on the helmet as she isn’t moving until he does. He obeys and she tells him to hang on as she takes off. She tells Jesse to hang on and he yells for her to keep her hands on the metal bars.

She drives down the road, seeing Luke forcing Rosco to stop and Daisy forcing Cletus to stop. She yells ‘ain’t this fun Jesse?’ She turns back to yell ‘eat dust you turkeys’ but Jesse tells her to keep her eyes on the road.

She pulls over with the other Dukes and expresses that she feels awful for getting them in this mess. She says they can go to jail just for helping her. Daisy puts a hand on her shoulder to sooth her and Jesse tells her not to worry about it, asking what are friends for. Bo says they will get her out of this mess. Luke proposes they all go hide out at Billy Joe Fong’s. As she starts the bike, Jesse says it’s been fun and all but he’s going to get a ride with the boys. She tells him to keep his helmet on as they are blasting off. She starts driving, ignoring his protests to wait.

They arrive at the Radio Shack and Billy Joe welcomes them all, offering to make them dinner. When Bo and Luke says they are going to find ‘John Smith’ she yells ‘let’s go get that sucker’ and tries to rush out. Luke stops her, telling her to hold her horses for a second and they want her to stay there. Jesse says she is better staying there and she remarks if they say so. She adds she is too nervous to stay alone, hugging Jesse. Luke proposes Jesse stays with her and the kids all leave.

While Jesse is running the search for Boss over the CB, she is playing with his hair. Jesse tries to shake her off before snapping for her to ‘stop that’ but she doesn’t.

The next morning she spins in her seat, smiling at Jesse while he gets frustrated at not hearing from Bo and Luke. As she continues to sit there, she hears Cletus say that the boys just robbed the post office, shocking her. Jesse says the boys wouldn’t do something like that and goes to call them on the CB to get some answers. However she says there is only one way for them to find out what’s going, putting Jesse’s hat on him and saying ‘let’s get cracking’ before running outside for her bike. As they leave town, they drive by Cletus.

As she speeds down the road she tells Jesse to hold on. As she drives Jesse yells for her to slow down. She cheers and keeps driving, going around the other way. She sees Slocum and Nelson and drives right at him. She tells Jesse to hang on before separating his side car from the bike. They go on separate sides of the car and Jesse runs into a bush, yelling for her. She goes back for him.

Later they watch Boss return all the money he scammed, smiling up at the Dukes for their help.

In front of the post office she receives a commendation for her efforts. Jesse asks her to go cat-fishing with him and she tells him he made her feel sixty again before hugging him.

Nothin' But the Truth[]

While not making an appearance in the episode, after the Dukes are arrested, Cooter goes around town to collect money for their bail and she makes a substantial enough contribute that Cooter felt it was important to specify her assistance. Later she is invited to the Duke Farm for a BBQ and Jesse seats her next to him in the planning, knowing she will end up there anyway.

Season 5[]

Lawman of The Year[]

While out doing her rounds, she drives through Rosco’s speed trap. She sees Rosco and drives over to him, doing a wheelie as she does. She gets off her motorcycle as Rosco scolds her about doing it in front of an officer. She interrupts him saying she has a special delivery for him and figured she’d find him at the new speed trap. He goes to take it but she stops him saying she needs his identification. Rosco shows it to her and she hands over the letter. He says it’s from the Lawman of the Year committee and he was nominated as Lawman of the Year. She asks what darn food would've done something like that and he admits he did. She smiles and Rosco says an observer is being sent to watch him. She remarks it takes a good honest person to be Sheriff and he agrees. She asks what if the observer doesn’t cotton to the speed trap of his. Rosco says it’s Boss Hogg’s and he is not going to stand for any schemes. She is impressed as Rosco says he’s going to let Daisy out of jail and good day to her. She waves him off.

While working in the post office, Vance and Coy slip in and greet her. She says they about scared her to death and made her triple stamp a 20 cent letter. Vance apologizes and Coy says they want to look at the wanted posters. She says that is what they are there for and don’t interrupt her during business hours until they take a number. As the boys are looking through  the wanted posters, they duck from Rosco. She scolds them, saying if they weren’t kin to Jesse Duke she’s be suspicious about the way they are acting and if they want to hide out in there they will have to take a number.

When the boys don’t find the poster they are looking for, they go to leave and thank her. She calls after them, saying not so fast as those aren’t the only wanted posters she has. She gets an envelope saying a bunch more came in that morning and she hasn’t had a chance to pin them up yet. She hands them to the boys so they can look through them. When the boys do find what they are looking for, Vance thanks her saying she’s been a big help. She asks that they will be sure to tell Jesse, which they agree. As they leave she says the thought of Jesse softens her arteries and starts humming the wedding march.

Having been the observer for the Lawman of the Year Award, she makes a report back to the committee. After a decision is made she goes to the post office where Boss, Rosco, Cletus, Enos, Jesse, Daisy, Vance, and Coy are all standing. She goes up to Cletus, asking if he is Cletus Hogg. Cletus says she knows he is and she says for him to show her his ID. Cletus shows her and she gives him a letter saying that Enos and Cletus won the award.

Big Daddy[]

After receiving a telegram for Boss Hogg, she gives it to Rosco to ensure he gets it.

The Return of The Mean Green Machine[]

While driving on the road Enos flags her down. She stops, trying not to laugh as his pants falls down and says that it’s mighty pretty pink underwear he’s got on. She chuckles before becoming serious, asking if Enos knows the penalty for interfering with the U.S. mail. Enos apologizes and says he needs to get back to Hazzard quickly. She says it’s against postal regulations but if it’s official business then he can move the mail over in her side car and get in. Enos hurries to obey and she snaps at him not to fold, spindle, or mutilate the mail. She also makes him put on the helmet saying safety first and to hold on as they don’t call her ‘cycle mama’ for nothing.

While driving down the road, Boss and Rosco run out into the street. Miz Tisdale swerves to avoid them, causing Enos to spill the mail bag all over the road. Alarmed, her and Enos begin to gather up all the mail in the road but Boss and Rosco take off with her motorcycle. Furious, she yells for them to bring it back as it’s federal property. She turns to Enos and see’s his pants had fallen again, commenting ‘yes, those are pretty pink pants’. She then makes Enos help gather the mail.

Season 6[]

Close Call for Daisy[]

While not seen in the episode, Bo comes to her to get the mail and even though he's the only person there she makes him take a number. After Bo gets the package he thanks her and she tells him to say hello to Uncle Jesse for her, which he promises to do.

Season 7[]

Sky Bandits Over Hazzard[]


Bo and luke operating the Tisdale cab

Bo and luke operating the Tisdale cab

Miz Tisdale in episode "Miz Tisdale on the lam"

Miz Tisdale