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Molly, or "Swamp Molly" is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Molly had ran shine with Jesse Duke and many others. She likes Jesse Duke, Luke saying that when she comes around the farm 9 times out of 10 it’s because she wants Jesse. Jesse says that back in the fall of 1936, Molly had saved him from the Fed’s, however that is a favor Jesse continues to repay. Currently she lives in the Hazzard Swamp and Bo says that the only person who can get in or out of the swamp is her.


Swamp Molly[]

Molly and Alice go to see Jesse Duke on the farm, seeing Bo and Luke as well. She greets Jesse saying they brought him some sourwood honey. She tells Alice to behave when Alice asks Bo to wrestle and offers Jesse some of her green tomato pie and herb tea. Jesse tells her that before she gets started on a new scheme she needs to remember that Bo and Luke are on probation. Pretending to be disappointed, she makes to take the pie and leave but Jesse quickly says for them to serve up the pie and talk about what brought her. As they walk into the house she tries to hold Jesse’s arm, but uncomfortable, Jesse pulls his arm from her grasp.

On the porch she explains that one of her nephew’s is at a Yale Divinity School is going into his last year and business has been bad. She brings up the time she helped Jesse, guilt tripping him. When Jesse asks what she wants, she tells them that she wants Bo and Luke to pick up a truck of prime moonshine and bring it to the swamp. She gives Jesse a jar of moonshine saying she needs to make one last run. He confirms it is 'prime' and they agree to help.

The next day, Molly, Alice, and Jesse are cooking. Molly remarks that she had thought to make him crawdad bisque but she has nearly all the ingredients. When Jesse asks what she means by almost, she suggests Alice goes to get them some crawdads. When Alice expresses concern, Jesse volunteers to go with her and Molly silently tells Alice to keep Jesse out in the swamp until four o’clock.

Molly waits at the swamp landing and is surprised when Bo and Luke arrive early without the truck. She asks them what happened and Luke says they could ask her the same thing. He asks about Uncle Jesse and she brushes it off, saying Jesse ate so much of her cooking that he feel asleep before demanding to know where the truck is. Bo reminds her that she was told they were on probation and Luke challenges her on it being moonshine before the boys reveal they know she was running guns. She asks that they opened the truck and angry, Bo snaps that Rosco opened the truck. Luke tells her that there is enough there to put them away for life. She tells the boys that she thinks they should reconsider and Luke refuses. She tells them she was afraid something like this would happen and she’s sorry to put this so strong but they better reconsider or they will never see Jesse again. Bo becomes alarmed, demanding to know if she poisoned him. However Luke says she would never do that and she agrees, saying she’d never poison Jesse but she would love to have him for company. She tells the boys that Jesse is at her place with Alice. She tells them they can go looking and the boys don’t believe her. When they call Daisy and she tells them that Jesse is gone, she smiles and nods to them, knowing they beleive her now. Molly watches them leave.

At the farm she is filled in on what happened and how her truck of guns is at the bottom of the swamp. She tells Jesse that she hasn’t had such a rush since the old days. Jesse reminds her she didn’t play square and she apologizes and promises to make it up to him by making the best crawdad bisque she ever made. She heads to the kitchen to make it, Daisy coming to help.