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Molly is a character from the series Enos.


The Head Hunter[]

After Ray commits a bank robbery and is forced to leave the majority of the money behind, he returns home and she counts what he managed to steal. After counting she informs Ray that is the third time she counted and she must be right. She picks up a pad of paper, saying fifty times one hundred and when she starts counting them out Ray asks what is she doing. She hushes him, saying she’s trying to figure out how much is there but Ray slaps the pad out of her hand saying there is five grand. She happily comments ‘oh.’ When Ray vents about how little it is, she says that will tide them over until his next hold up. When Ray pulls out a gun, saying he needs to take care of Enos she protests saying ‘honey not that way.’ She begs him when he says he needs to shut the cop up, saying there must be another way. She says he is not a killer and there must be something else he can do. Ray decides to have Enos kicked off the police force instead.

The next day she watches Ray make a fake complaint about Enos to Internal Affairs, shaking her head.

Under Ray’s orders, she calls Sally Steele from the Internal Affairs office. She says she is a hooker and that is why she doesn’t want to give her last name. She says she has been paying off some of the officers to leave her alone, asking if Sally knows what she means. She tells Sally that she is getting tired of it and they would like to catch one of the officers in the act and promise not to arrest her then she can arrange it. Sally doesn’t go for it, so she adds that she ‘sure would like to get even with that officer, Enos Strate’. Sally asks the name to which Molly says ‘he’s the worst, taking all my hard earned money.’ The officer asks where and when and she gives her the time and date, Sally saying she will meet her there tomorrow morning at eight. She hangs up and Ray kisses her cheek. As he walks away to sit down, she follows him saying she doesn’t feel right doing this and asks if there is any other way. Ray says he can kill Enos and he thought she didn’t want that. She says she doesn’t, she doesn’t want him killing anybody. He says he will have to unless she does exactly as he tells her. He asks which would she rather, a cop in trouble or dead. She says neither one and Ray says she needs to pick. She suggests they go to Albuquerque and Ray stands up, grabbing her and dragging her to the phone, saying for her to call Enos and have him meet her like they rehearsed. She calls Enos saying to come meet her and she will give him the name of the bank robber.

The next morning she waits at the intersection. When Enos arrives he greets her, asking if she was the woman who called him. She shoves the envelop at him yelling ‘here’ before running away.

With Enos on suspension, Ray decides to rob a bank. She waits in a taxi to be his getaway car. When Ray comes out of the bank, she attempts to drive over to him only to be cut off by another taxi. She watches as Ray gets in the wrong car and frustrated, she follows. She follows the cab through the streets as other officers join the chase. The cab jumps a car carrier to her shock and after landing and entering the police department parking lot, she runs over. She asks Ray, who is being arrested, if he's alright which he confirms before being escorted away and leaving her with Enos, Turk, and Sally. Enos says he's been looking all over for her and Turk adds that he has been to. She immediately apologizes to Enos for what she did to him, starting to cry and Enos tries to consul her. Turk asks if she will follow him before leading her into the police station.