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Molly Hargrove is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


She was once a famous NASCAR driver, so much so that Bo immediately recognized that fact by hearing her name and was extremely excited to meet her.

She was well known on the NASCAR circuit for causing other drivers to crash. One such incident was a race in Chattanooga where she caused 6 drivers to wreck and went around them to win. Eventually she was barred from the circuit for reckless driving.


Birds Gotta Fly[]

As she rides in the RV with Morgan after they entered Hazzard, she watches a race between Daisy and Bo and Luke through a set of binoculars. She tells Morgan to look at the way ‘that girl’s handlin’ that jeep’. She says that something tells her driving through the ‘cow country’ might be the luckiest shortcut they ever took. She remarks with a little training the girl might be able to cut it on the pro circuit and it might be worth a try to sign her as she can always give the girl a crash course. When Morgan says that might just be how it ends, she says crashes aren’t the worst thing that can happen in racing, so long as it happens to the other guy. She says something tells her the young lady might just make them a real good meal ticket.

They stop and get out and she claps, getting Bo, Luke, and Daisy’s attention. She approaches saying ‘I’m sorry boys, I saw the whole thing’ and saying Daisy was too smart for them. Luke protests that this was a private race and asks if he’s seen her before. She says they might have seen her picture in the paper as she is Molly Hargrove. Bo and Luke become excited, recognizing her. Bo quickly shakes her hand, introducing him and his cousins. She shakes the other’s hands as well before Daisy says ‘imagine meeting a real celebrity’. She corrects that saying she is an ex-celebrity as her eyesight isn’t good enough to race anymore. Luke says she could have fooled them by the car she’s towing. She tells them she is looking for someone to train to take her place and from what she saw, she thinks she just found her. She asks if Daisy is interested and Luke says yes. Bo says anyone would jump at that and Daisy says she isn’t good enough for that. She asks what if she shows Daisy how wrong she is and would she consider it. She tells Daisy a good driver can make a bundle but a good lady driver would be ‘double box office’. Bo agrees she’ll do it and Luke asks what she has in mind. She suggests a cross country race to build up Daisy’s confidence. She suggests Daisy against three or four of the best drivers and asks if they are willing to enter, which the boys agree Bo saying Daisy can’t use her shortcuts. She says she is going to the local bank in town and she’ll meet them all right there in an hour.

Not having any money, she goes to see Boss for help.  When Boss ask what she is working on she says she has something real big on the backburner and needs about $1000 to tide her over until she can get it ‘to a boil’. Boss agrees to loan her the money but says since she is a stranger around there he will add 35% to her interest. She smiles before saying she must have come to the wrong place and thanks him before going to get up. Boss tells her to wait and says since they introduced themselves he can make it 25%. She slaps the table saying she is still not interested and goes to leave. Boss yells for her to wait and offers instead 18%. She goes to leave and he says that is his last offer. She goes back to the table saying he’s got a deal. He tells her she has to have collateral and she offers the pink slip on the car. He goes to take it but she refuses to release it without the money. She says it’s nice doing business with him and she’ll be back later to sign the loan papers.

She meets up with the Dukes and they drive down the road, Daisy in her car. She calls Luke on the CB and says if this was his idea of a joke it isn’t very funny. Luke tells her not to worry as they are almost at the starting line. She asks where the other cars are and Luke says they are waiting. When the police officers Rosco and Cletus chase after them, Luke says they got a race and she agrees. They enter a course and pull over to watch Bo, Daisy, Rosco, and Cletus drive. While watching the race she remarks with that kind of driving Daisy will own every track in the circuit and they will own her. Morgan cautions her ‘as long as she stays in one piece’. When Daisy wins she tells Morgan it’s up to her to make sure Daisy drives on their terms.

While at the Duke Farm, she sits at the kitchen table with Daisy. She insists Daisy would make a sensational stock car racer and she drives like she was born behind a wheel. Daisy says driving in Hazzard is nowhere near NASCAR and Molly explains that is where she comes in. She says as Daisy’s manager she could show her all the shortcuts and teach her everything she learned. She asks Daisy to give her one good reason and Daisy says she can give three, the boys. When Daisy says she can’t leave them Molly says it wouldn’t be forever and Daisy can come home and the boys can come visit her. Daisy adds her job at the Boar’s Nest helps the farm. Hearing a commotion, they go outside to see Rosco and Cletus having been sneaking around and are chasing after Bo and Luke.

The next morning she is at the Duke Farm when Daisy signs the contract. She tells Daisy that she isn’t going to regret signing it and Daisy says she hopes she’s right. She folds up the contract and puts it in her pocket saying if there are no objections they best be heading out. Daisy protests but they walk out to the RV anyway. As they get in the vehicle she tells Daisy to speed it up as they need to be in Capital City by noon.

As they drive she tells Daisy for a girl about to take NASCAR by storm she isn’t very cheerful. Daisy says she’s only been gone twenty minutes and it feels like a hundred years. Molly holds her hand. Daisy suddenly calls her name and she turns to see they lost the car. She yells for Morgan to turn the RV around. When they catch up they see Bo and Luke already stopped it. She tells Luke they appreciate it. She hears Bo and Morgan say the car was set off intentionally and asks if they mean sabotage saying she doesn’t believe it and who would want to wreck her car. However with sirens they realize Roscoe is coming and the boys leave.

After arriving at the Capital City Speedway she sees Boss and Rosco and asks what Boss is doing there. Boss says he came on a mission of mercy. She gives them a forced smile as Rosco says it would be the first. Boss says that with all the expenses she’ll have he was figuring he could give her a small advance to help her through the start. She tells them that things are already better as Daisy is entered in the novice race the next day and she’ll win in a breeze and then she won’t need help. She says she has work to do and walks away.

She watches Daisy’s practice run with Morgan, telling him Daisy is cutting on a turn on the inside like she told Daisy to do. Morgan says he hopes Molly knows what she’s doing as he’s seen plenty of experienced drivers get hurt doing that. Molly tells him to be quiet, saying just so long as Daisy doesn’t know that.

She sits on the hood of the car as Daisy drives it back to the pit. When Daisy gets out she asks how she feels and Daisy says she feels good and it’s really exciting. They walk away and go into the RV. Hearing a commotion they go outside to see two men try and run down Bo and Luke. The boys then chase after them. Jesse asks what is going on, having arrived, and Daisy says she doesn’t know. Morgan calls them over to the engine and she asks how bad it is. He shows them it was destroyed. Morgan says it’ll be about $500 to fix and she tells him to order the parts as she wants the car back in shape for the race. When Daisy asks if she has the money, she says not now but she will by the time the parts get there.

Molly goes to see Boss, signing a contract and commenting she never thought she would have to sign away 51% of Daisy’s contract for $500. She takes the cash and glares at Boss. He remarks he tries not to take advantage of those situations and she remarks that she can see it’s breaking his heart. Boss and Rosco leave to get the document filed.

She gets back to the car to pay for the parts when Bo and Luke arrive. They say Boss Hogg hired the men to trash the car and she get mad saying she should have known better than to trust that two faced swindler. She tells them about selling 51% of Daisy’s contract to Boss to get the parts, saying they were bound to find out sooner or later. She says they needed the money or they would have lost everything. Jesse asks what makes her think she hasn’t lost everything already. Bo asks where Boss is and she says on his way to Atlanta. Daisy asks why Molly didn’t tell her and she just says she’s sorry.

The boys return to inform them the contract with Boss is gone. Luke says Molly just has to pay back the $500. She says it’s not a problem and Daisy will win twice that in her next race and that’s just for openers. She says she’ll show Daisy every trick in the book. Jesse says and maybe a few that aren’t. Annoyed she tells Jesse that is her business. She says if she’s going to take Daisy to the top then she makes the decisions and she can’t have any interference even from the family. Daisy tells her then it ain’t worth it. She says Daisy doesn’t know what she is saying and she isn’t going to sit here and let Daisy throw away her dreams. Daisy says it’s Molly’s dreams, not Daisy's.