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Molly Harmon is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Officer Daisy Duke[]

Wanted for armed robbery with a ten thousand dollar reward on her and Floyd.

They pass through Hazzard and when Floyd comes back from making a phone call, she asks how it went and he tells her everything is fine. She drives down State 30 when a cop comes up behind them. Floyd tells her to floor it. She tries to keep ahead of Grady Byrd but he over takes her and starts ramming into the car. Floyd tells her to hold it steady and she tries. However, Grady runs her into a ditch. He tells her to get out of the car and he has her ‘dead to rights’. She glares at him but surrenders.

They are taken to the jail and after Floyd is put in a cell, Grady gestures to her cell saying ‘Miss Harmon’. After he leaves, they plan their escape.

While Floyd tries to get the keys, she warns him someone is coming. Enos comes down, asking if they are alright before taking the keys as he leaves.

She waits until Daisy brings them breakfast and hunches over on the bed, moaning. Daisy comes into her cell and asks where it hurts. She punches Daisy in the face and knocks her out. She then gets the keys, frees Floyd, and takes Daisy’s gun. They take Daisy’s patrol car and are followed by Enos. She shoots at Enos as Floyd drives and they escape.

After a few moments, Floyd tells her to look behind them. She turns to see the General Lee with Bo and Luke. She asks who are they calling them the local militia. Floyd tries to out drive the car. After the General crashes she remarks that it looks like they lost them. She agrees that they need to get rid of the car. Floyd says Harry is coming for them and she says then they are going to Mexico.

She walks along the side of the road until a young man pulls over. He greets her and she smiles until Floyd takes the car from him.

She waits in the car while Floyd makes a phone call, then they head out to meet up with Harry. After driving they find the road comes to an end and they get out to walk the rest of the way.

When Daisy comes up they pull a gun on her and make her drop hers. Molly picks it up. When Daisy tries to lie about where her partner is she says they watched Daisy and her partner and they saw Enos fall. Floyd tells Molly to keep an eye on Daisy while he goes to informl Enos that they have Daisy. They finish getting to Morgan’s airfield to see Harry’s plane. They get in the plane to leave but Luke starts shooting dynamite arrows at the plane and Daisy forces it into the ground. Luke pulls her out of the wreck and Daisy arrests her.