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Money to burn

"Money to Burn" is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Boss Hogg is sending $1,000,000 in old, ragged bills to the Federal Reserve Bank to be burned. Boss plans to swindle the Federal Reserve Bank by faking the robbery of the armored truck carrying the old money, make the Federal Reserve Bank think the old money was burned in the faked robbery, and then frame the Dukes for the faked robbery, and collect the $1,000,000 that the Federal Reserve Bank would give him in exchange for the old money, keeping the old money too, so Boss can double the money to $2,000,000.

Balladeer: Ain’t nothing as pleasing to the ear as Hazzard County on a summer morning, with the breeze humming through the trees and the crickets chirping in the meadows and the whippoorwills singing sweet songs. ‘Course there’s other sounds that ain’t exactly made by Mother Nature.

Bo and Luke are fleeing from Enos, testing the General for an upcoming race, the Choctaw Count Cross County Rally. When they go into the creek, Luke asks Enos to call it quits but he refuses. Bo decides to loose him by jumping and Enos decides to call it quits if they agree to slow down.

Bank of Hazzard

Balladeer: Y’all ever wonder what happens to $1 bill when it’s so worn out it makes George Washington look like the grandfather of this country? Or a five spot makes Honest Abe look like a used car dealer? Well, for one thing, it drives Boss Hogg up the Wall. Now Deputy Enos Strate was honest enough to count $1 million, but they was all gonna be senior citizen before he got finished.

Rosco and Enos arrive at the bank to see Boss Hogg counting out one million dollars to send to the Federal Reserve in Atlanta to be burned. Boss is furious and has Enos recount the money. Rosco reminds Boss that this is a yearly event and they return $1 million back in new bills. Boss explains this is a crime against nature. The armored car arrives with Cletus Hogg driving. Boss and Rosco discuss Boss’ plan to put old phone books in a bag and have Cletus burn it on the road. The million dollars stays in the bank while Cletus takes the phone books.


Luke tells Bo to head to the Grape Vine to practice. As Bo and Luke head that way, Cletus comes up right behind them, not knowing they were around, and blows up the truck’s back. Hearing the explosion Luke asks Bo if there are any volcanos and Bo says not since Mr. Puckett was furious with Bo for bringing his daughter home late from the Hazzard Hayride two days late. Annoyed Luke tells him to go back. Cletus pretends to be hurt when Bo and Luke arrive and they help him up, put out the truck, and Bo saves the bag of phone books to Cletus’ frustration. Luke then calls for Cooter.


Cletus fills in Boss and Boss is furious at what happened. Cletus says the boys didn’t see the phone books but Boss thinks about how Cletus said Bo went into the truck and pulled out the sack. Burning the sack, Boss asks what sack did Bo remove from the truck as there isn't one. Boss says that Bo and Luke hijacked the truck.

Daisy's room 1

Daisy and the boys find money hidden in Daisy's bedroom

Duke Farm

The Dukes settle down for dinner, Bo and Daisy fighting over the food choice. Jesse explains that they are having a cash flow problem and they can either buy food or seed. Luke tells him to buy the seed and that Bo will win the race on Saturday. Bo says it’s a $5 entry fee and Jesse goes to his money tin to get it only to find a large amount of money hidden there. Daisy also finds some in her room as Enos and Rosco arrive. Jesse has them all sit and pretend to be normal as they eat dinner. Jesse invites the officers in and Rosco claims it’s a social visit. Rosco accuses them of hijacking the truck, making Bo upset and Enos assures him he knows they wouldn't do that. Rosco wants some coffee, only to find money in the pot. Daisy is furious and Luke accuses him of planting it. Enos goes to arrest them but Jesse distracts the officers and the boys run. Daisy locks the door behind the boys and drops the key down her shirt to keep Enos from taking it. However Enos breaks the back door to go after Bo and Luke, who have escaped. Enos chases after the boys and they drive into a hay pile to hide.

Hazzard Garage

Balladeer: Besides being the town’s best mechanic, Cooter Davenport was known as the Rembrandt of Hazzard County. For $29.99 he could repaint an old hearse and make it look new enough to satisfy the fussiest undertaker in the world.

Cooter is working on a car when Bo and Luke call from under a tarp. Cooter explains that Boss uses the hearses to run Moonshine to Nashville. He asks what happened only for Rosco to arrive and the boys go back under the tarp. Rosco shows Cooter posters of Bo and Luke for armed robbery at $1,000 reward. Boss calls him on the radio and tells him to get over to meet him at "the place". Rosco leaves and Bo and Luke talk to Cooter, deciding to follow Rosco, taking Cooter’s truck.

Coffin Works

Boss heads to the Coffin works with Bo and Luke following. Boss’ driver goes to sleep in the car and Bo and Luke sneak by him. Bo helps pull Luke onto the roof using a rope and then Luke pulls Bo up. The rope breaks but Luke is able to keep Bo from falling. They slip inside to see Boss and Rosco hiding the money in a coffin with a false bottom and discussing the plan to bury it until everything calms down and then unbury it.  The boys try to leave but some of Boss’ men arrive and they hide in the Coffin Works. After the moonshiners leave they climb down and flee.

Duke Farm

Jesse scolds them for coming back to the Farm and Luke says he wants Jesse to get ahold of the Bonding Company and have them meet the boys in the Town Square at 3:00 to give them back all the money. Jesse scolds them again but the boys convince him and says they will be at Cooter’s. Luke also has Daisy go to the bridal shop, alarming Daisy.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter shows the boys around the Hearse as Daisy arrives with the suits from the store. Daisy says that half the town thinks she is marrying Enos. Jesse calls the boys on the CB and he says the Tri-Counties Bonding Company will have someone there. Jesse tells them to be careful. Daisy leaves in the General, Cooter in his truck, and Bo and Luke in the hearse.

Coffin Works

Daisy speeds past with her hair up and a crash helmet on. Rosco and Enos chase after her, assuming it was Bo due to the yellow shirt she is wearing. Bo and Luke go in to pick up the coffin with the money and lock the watchman in a coffin. Daisy leads Rosco and Enos until they crash. Rosco and Enos come after her when she stops and they are stunned to see her and not Bo.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke arrive in town to drop off the money and meets the bond men. Luke checks on the money only to find it’s one of the moon shine cases. Seeing how alarmed Luke is, Bo asks what is going on and Luke explains they need to go. They speed off and the Bond Men follow them. After chasing around town Bo asks how they lost that much money. They head for the cemetery. Luke calling Cooter for back up and tells him they are on Trail 3 and Cotoer tells him to plan for help at Miller’s Bridge.

Coffin’s Works

Boss, Enos, Cotoer, and Alex head to the Hogg’s Heaveny Acres for the Cemetery.


Jesse meets the boys at Miller’s Bridge and slows up the Bonding Company by driving slowly on the bridge.

Coffin Works

Bo and Luke head to the Cemetary while Boss and the rest have a funeral. The Bond Guards also arrive. Bo and Luke come running up and stop the funeral. The attendant tells them there was a mistake, they realize the money is in the Crematorium. The Bond Security guards see the money and Bo and Luke are cleared of charges. Rosco accidently sits on a button and burns the money as Luke, Cooter, Enos, and Bo watch in shock and the Bond Men are talking to Boss. Daisy laughs along with them.

Balladeer: And that’s how Boss got stuck for $1 Million. And since they was in his possession when they was burned the insurance company didn’t have to pay for it. But in Hazzard County the only thing that you can ever expect is the unexpected.

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  • This episode is Cletus Hogg's debut into the show
  • Boss Hogg has changed his driver for the third and finale time to Alex