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Moody is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Double Dukes[]

They are hired by Boss to rob an armored car. They go to his office at the Boar's Nest where he explains the route the armored car will take. They review the plan to hit the truck and head to the Coffin Works. He asks what about the cops and Boss assures him that is all taken care of. Boss explains that the sheriff will help make sure they get a clean escape and then pick up two men he plans to have take the fall for them. He remarks they are only waiting on a package now. He says it will be there any time and tells them to go into the bar and relax. They head out of his office as he says it will be half price.

They sit at a table and watch Daisy serve his drinks. His partner talks about her for a moment. Daisy approaches and he watches amused as his partner grabs her and asks her to join them. He smirks when Daisy protests but agrees to give him a beer if her lets her go. They grin until Daisy pours a pitcher of beer on Turk, then he laughs. They are confronted by Cooter Davenport for how they are treating Daisy. He stands up with his friend to confront Cooter. When Cooter punches Turk in the face he hits Cooter. He dives on Cooter knocking him to the ground before pulling Cooter up again. Cooter throws him into a table and he gets up again, running at Cooter. They continue to fight with Cooter, breaking a chair across his back. Bo and Luke arrive however and he and Bo start fighting, Bo knocking him into the var. He hits Bo but Bo gains the upper hand. Bo hits him into the wall where Rosco had just come out of the office. Rosco grabs him by the arm and he challenges Rosco, who releases him before he runs back at Bo. He hits Bo but stops but Rosco shoots a chandelier. They stand by the bar as Boss and Rosco debate what to do and Boss tells Rosco not to arrest anyone.

Boss calls him and his partner into his office from the bar. When they go in, Boss tells them that the box has finally arrived. Boss says to have a dry run and they leave. He changes to appear like Luke and goes into Boss’s office. He picks up Rosco, who had come to the door, and carries him over to Boss where he stands waiting for directions. When Boss says to tell Rosco, he says he’s not Luke. At Boss’ insistence, he pulls off the mask and wig, revealing himself. They laugh in amusement about the plan.

They head out to wait for Bo and Luke and seeing them pass, he drives their red car after them. He asks Turk if he’s ready, which Turk says he is. He pulls up along the General to allow Turk to throw the gas can in the back. They follow the General as Luke loses control and pull up behind them as Luke stops. He gets out and walks over to Luke as he gets out of the car, keeping a gun on him.

They take Bo and Luke to the Coffin Works and he goes outside to call Boss and tell him they have the birds in the cages. Boss says they know what to do next before they hang up. When he goes inside Luke asks if they mind telling him what it’s all about and he says they do mind. Bo remarks it is a pleasure to be captured by two nice guys like them. When Turk asks what to do with them he says to ‘create them, put them in dead storage’ which the boys sarcastically laugh at. He puts Luke in a coffin.

They go outside and uncover their replica General before heading to town. He says they need to get ‘this stuff on’ and get out of there. After he appears like Luke, they drive.

They arrive in town and park behind the armored car. He comments ‘let’s do it’ before they head over to the Armored Car. When they reach it he pulls out a pistol. They take the guards gun and money bags. He says for nobody to move until they are out of sight before running back to the General replica. They head back to the Coffin Works, taking off the masks and wigs as they go. After arriving back at the Coffin Works, they find that Bo and Luke are gone. They start counting the money. When Turk says Boss isn’t going to be happy, he says it doesn’t matter now. He says with Hogg being unable to say anything and the boys on the loose he doesn’t see much sense in sharing with Hogg and the Sheriff when they can just keep it all. He says maybe they’ll hit another bank or two, and lay it off on the Dukes. Turk agrees and he takes the money in his hands, saying he’ll carry the dough and for Turk to grab the masks and wigs. He says they aren’t through until the boys get caught.

They set out in the General replica, riding in the passenger seat. He says they will use it for a few more bank heists then they will dump it. As they drive they notice the jeep with Daisy and Jesse following them. He remarks they are part of the Duke Family and he pulls out a gun to shoot at them. He is told to only shoot the tires. They lose Daisy and Jesse and cross into Chickasaw. Sheriff Little chases after them and when Turk tells him he says he isn’t deaf and they should put on the disguises. He puts on the mask and wig to look like Luke. As they continue to drive, Bo and Luke catch up and fall in behind them. When Moody remarks the Sheriff will probably realize something isn’t right now, Turk says as long as the Sheriff doesn’t know which one is which they will be home free. He tells Turk to take the cut off ahead. He sees Bo and Luke are gaining on them and tells Turk. Bo and Luke catch up and Luke starts to ram them. Jesse and Daisy cut them off from behind and they are forced to flip. They care captured by the Dukes.

Sheriff Little takes custody of them and takes them back to Chickasaw.