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Morgan is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Route 7-11[]

After checking into the hotel in Hazzard, he is summoned by Helen to address Bo and Luke, who are looking around their truck. He and Artie come up behind the boys as Helen approaches them from the front. When she points out they were there, Bo and Luke turn to them, Bo saying ‘howdy fellas’. After Helen lets the boys apply, he walks away with Artie who comments about them being hicks and he laughs saying they should be perfect for the job. They watch Luke drive forward, then backward speeding, mildly impressed. After Helen hires them and tells them to be there at nine, he approaches the boys saying ‘Make sure that you’ll be here at 9 o’clock sharp’ before asking if the boys know how to tell time. Annoyed Luke asks Bo if that is when the big hand is on the nine and the little hand on the 12, which Bo quickly corrects before they both laugh and Luke says they just learned that last week. He nods as Bo says goodbye, annoyed when Bo teases Artie. Helen tells them the boys are going to be perfect.

The next morning they load all the customers for their traveling casino in the truck, then he helps Helen inside before he takes off his overcoat to wear a fancy suit. While they drive he is the dealer for the house poker game. After they return, they go with Helen to see the boys before leaving.

Later he is looking for Artie by the truck. He hears Bo yell ‘Morgan buddy’ and is not happy to see him. Bo approaches him asking if he can talk to him a minute, turning him away from the truck. Morgan tells him to wait just a second as he doesn’t have time as he needs to find "Art". Bo says this is important and he tells Bo to go ahead, crossing him arms. Bo says he and Luke were wondering if they can get an advance on their salary. He starts laughing before telling Bo that’s not his department. Bo says he might have to make it his department as they don’t know if they can come back tomorrow without some money. Morgan says to let him see what he can do and he pulls out his wallet. He asks if $100 is enough and Bo takes it saying that would be just fine before leaving.

He goes back to the truck yelling for Art. Annoyed he goes to check the truck for him. Not finding Art he starts looking around outside. When Artie walks up he asks where he’s been as he was supposed to be watching the truck and is told he was being checked by the cops. He goes to chain up the truck but they are knocked out when the back doors burst open.

When the truck starts shaking, he calls the cab, shaking his head. He laughs after Helen scolds Bo. He returns to running the poker game. He looks at Jesse before handing him the deck and tells Jesse to cut the deck. Then they start. He watches everyone but Jesse and their shield fold and Jesse asks for two cards. He becomes alarmed and is forced to deal the two cards, knowing that they lost the game. They watch Jesse and Daisy collect the money. After the truck is suddenly stopped, he helps Helen out and is arrested by Enos.