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Morgan is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Birds Gotta Fly[]

As he drives the RV with Molly, he notices a race and comments about it to Molly. He whistles, impressed. Molly says it might be the luckiest shortcut they took, and he watches Daisy drive saying that she’s good alright. When Molly says the girl might be able to go pro, he remarks he doesn’t know about that. When Molly says she can give the girl a crash course he snaps that might be what it turns out to be if she rushes it.

He drives Molly out to the Boar’s Nest to get a loan. After they meet up with the Dukes and he follows Daisy with the RV to watch the race. He pulls over in the obstacle course to allow the four cars to go on. He remarks Daisy is hugging the inside lane as if she owned it. Molly gets excited saying they will own Daisy and he says ‘sure, for as long as she stays in one piece.’ When Daisy wins he says that should convince her she can drive with the best of them.

He stays out on the Duke Farm with Molly before they sign Daisy and head to Capital City. Along the way they lose the car and Daisy and Molly inform him. Molly says to turn the RV around and he does. He sees Bo and Luke have already stopped the car and gets out to look it over. He and Bo look at the front and he tells Bo someone loosened the ratchet.

After arriving at the Capital City Speedway, he looks over the engine on their car. After he watches Daisy’s practice run with Molly who says  Daisy is cutting on a turn on the inside like she told Daisy to do. Morgan says he hopes Molly knows what she’s doing as he’s seen plenty of experienced drivers get hurt doing that. Molly tells him to be quiet.

Hearing a commotion they go outside to see two men try and run down Bo and Luke. The boys then chase after them. He goes to check the engine and calls Molly and Daisy over to show them and Jesse, who just arrived, that the engine was completely trashed. He says it’s better than $500 worth of parts. Molly says to order them and get the car in shape for the race.

When the parts come in he rebuilds the engine. Later he sits with Molly and the others as Daisy decides she isn't going to be a race car driver.