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Morton was a minor character in the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Sound of Music- Hazzard Style[]

He and his partner are hired by Boss Hogg and Rosco to make black market tapes of a Mickey Gilley concert in Hazzard. While the concert is occurring, they are in their van recording it. While they are copying the tape, he hears a vehicle. He looks out the window to see Dane and Jordan. Calling out to Heep, he informs him that they got company as it’s ‘them feds again’. He says it looks like they are going to try blocking the alley. He says they are going to have to make a run for it on foot and for Heep to get the master reel. They bolt out the back door of the van and down the alley. He reaches the road as a car, The General Lee, is driving and he stops the driver, Bo, with a gun. He says they have new passengers before telling Luke to get in the back. He gets in Luke’s seat and has Bo drive away.

As Bo drives them out of town, he asks if they mind telling him who’s chasing them and why. Morton says they mind and for Bo to keep his nose clean and drive as he’s got a very nervous trigger finger. As Bo attempts to lose the pursuer’s he comments ‘ya’ll fasten your seat belts we’ve just been cleared for take off’ before jumping over the creek. When Heep informs them they lost the agents, he tells Bo to pull over to the side. When Bo gives him a confused look he yells for Bo to pull over. When they are stopped he tells Bo to get out and climbs over to the driver’s side. He sits up on the window as Heep inform the boys they are taking the car. He asks if there are any questions and Bo says one, asking if he’s got any bullets in that gun. He looks at Bo as he lowers the gun and shoots the ground near Bo asking ‘any more questions’. Luke says no and the keys are in it. He goes to get in the car when Bo tells Luke he’s getting dizzy and got to sit down. He is slightly amused by Bo’s attempt at throwing sand at them. He is caught off guard when Bo and Luke suddenly attack them. Luke pulls him from the car, making him drop his gun. He is knocked to the ground by Luke onto Heep and the boys escape. They get their guns and shoot after the boys but miss. They sit in frustration as they realize the Master Reel was in the car.

He calls Boss on a payphone, saying they ran into a little trouble. Boss hangs up on him.

Boss calls him on the phone again, saying it’s too hot for him to come back right now, especially with the feds hanging around. He says there ain’t nothing they can do without the tape and the truck. Boss says for them not to worry. He says for them to go to the old saw mill and he’ll send out the tape and truck.

Rosco pulls up as he and Heep wait at the Cotton Mill, handing him the tape saying there is the tape and the truck. He takes it and when Rosco says it isn’t worth the trouble he remarks nobody ever said it was easy to make a dishonest buck. When Rosco asks for a ride into town and Heep refuses, he tells Heep to drive him back to the main road. Rosco asks how he gets back from there and he remarks ‘you got a thumb ain’t ya?’

While copying the tapes, he stops saying ‘you know, we’re dumb’ as they are sharing with Boss when they could be collecting at both ends. Heep says he likes his thinking and he tells Heep to load up.

Heep and Morton go to the Boar’s Nest where they see Boss eating. Boss greets them and he shuts the office door. Boss asks if the job is done and he says the tapes are out in the truck and he wants to see the money. Boss says he will after he eats as it isn’t healthy to stop a man from eating as it could hurt his digestion. Morton takes a wing from him saying it isn’t healthy for Boss to argue as it could stop his digestion all together. He pulls out a gun and tells Boss to get the money. Boss looks through his safety deposit box, saying he doesn’t know how much he’s going to pay them yet and Morton says they’ll just take it all. He says they are also taking the tapes and Boss asks for him to wait. He is surprised and Boss says that he had Rosco take pictures of them making the tapes. They kidnap Boss, leaving a note for Rosco to have him meet them at the Cotton Mill with the pictures or they will kill him.

While at the Cotton Mill he is playing with a key when Boss asks him if he can scratch his nose. He moves to do so before realizing what Boss asked, then glares at him.

When Rosco arrives, he slips outside and goes around to the front of the building. He sneaks up behind Rosco as he stands in the entrance of the Cotton Mill. He takes Rosco’s gun when he tells them to let Boss go, saying he’s got a better idea and they will talk about the pictures later. They are unimpressed when they watch Rosco and Boss interact.

Learning Rosco never took any pictures, they put Rosco and Boss in the back of their van as hostages before driving off. They go to the Mud Flats and he drives through a construction zone, getting the van stuck. He asks Heep how bad is it and if they can get out when he notices Bo and Luke arriving. He goes and gets in a bulldozer, waiting until the boys stop the General before shooting at them and driving the bulldozer toward them. He continues to shoot at Bo as Bo runs. He runs out of bullets and Bo leaps onto the bulldozer. The two begin wrestling around and Bo shoves him out of the bulldozer. He and Bo continue to wrestle around. Bo manages to pull him up and knock him out. He is arrested by Cletus.

They are handing over to Ben Jordan and Marjorie Dane, Federal Agents who have been tracking them.