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Moss is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


One Armed Bandits[]

Moss was commissioned by Rosco Coltrane to hire his brother and another driver to bring slot machines into Hazzard County. He was sitting in the Boars Nest when Daisy walked by and grabbed her, pulling her into his lap and telling her he wishes she was on the menu before she leaves. She returns to serve them beer when he grabs her arm. She tells him to let go and he says since he has a-hold of her he should just hang on. Daisy grinds her heel into his foot and when he stands up, she punches him and knocks him back into his chair. He is upset but then amused when Daisy accidentally hits Bo Duke in the head.

When Daisy is talking to the bartender about how Moss wants to take her out and even promises to take her to the Grand Ole Oprey, he overhears and gets angry. He stands up, yelling at her not to put his business on the street but the bartender tells him to sit down or he will have the bar tender to mess with. Moss agrees to 'mess' with him but sits back down.