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Moss is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Luke's Love Story[]

While waiting in the Boar’s Nest for the announcement of the Hazzard Obstacle Derby drivers, he is playing pinball until Daisy Duke serves him a beer. He sees Cooter Davenport crash into the Boar’s Nest on his motorcycle. When Cooter tries to do a wheelie on his motorcycle and sends it crashing out the door he decides he's had enough. When Bo Duke tells Cooter that is no way to treat his bike Cooter says it wasn’t his Moss approaches him explaining that it was actually Moss’ bike. He punches Cooter in the face before hitting him again, knocking him over the bar. However the situation is deescalated by the bartender when he puts a beer down directly in front of Cooter. Moss sits by Daisy as Rosco arrives and announces the drivers in the Derby. When Rosco Coltrane announces that the trophy for the race will be presented by the trophy girl, Daisy, to possess for one year, he asks what about possession of the trophy girl for a year. He gets up to hug her but Daisy kicks him away and everyone laughs.  A few minutes later a fight breaks out between Luke Duke and Turk Foley. He is cheering on the fight along with Cooter. During the fight Cooter slaps his arm and still angry he stands up and punches Cooter before turning back to watch the fight. Afterwards he continues to sit at the bar and drink.

Later he’s at the Boar’s Nest when Daisy tries to go behind the bar with an ash bucket. He holds the door closed and asks what she is carrying. Daisy tells him it’s to put out smoldering butts and asks if he wants to sit on it. She pulls the door open and says she’s got more important things to do. He takes the trophy and she yells at him to give it back. He hides it behind his back and says he’ll give it back to her for a kiss. She tells him she will give him a mouthful of loose teeth and he tosses it to a friend. They keep it away from Daisy by tossing it back and forth until it ends up in the ash bucket.

During the Derby, he is working for Boss and Rosco. He watches the four cars pass by and he reports in to Rosco of their positions. He reports in again when Cooter ends up in fourth, amused. However he is stunned when Cooter takes out Enos, reporting that back as well.