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Mr. Crystal is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Coltrane vs. Duke[]

He goes to see Boss and sits in the Police Station with him. Noticing how much Boss is watching the clock, he calls to him asking if he’s keeping him from something. Boss says no and asks what could be more important to him than to give Mr. Crystal the chance to make Hazzard the home of Crystal Mountain Beer. He tells Boss that according to the county records, the land with the mountain stream he is interested in belongs to a family named Duke. Boss agrees that it does but only for another two and a half minutes. He asks how he goes about finding the Duke Family and Boss says he doesn’t have to as in two and a half minutes he will take possession of the property and he can sell the property to him. A moment later Boss leads him to his office asking if he’s checked all his figures. He tells Boss he doesn’t have any more figures to check and he just wants to buy the land. Boss pushes him into his office and tells him to take whatever he wants.

He comes out a few moments later saying he thought about it enough and he wants to buy the land. He says he is willing to pay top dollar for it. Boss agrees and says he will get the papers to him in a few days. He tries to explain he’s very anxious and Boss cuts him off saying he wants to go before shoving him out the door.

He goes out to the Duke Farm with two of his men. He shows them where he wants to divert the stream and how it will go by the brewery. He is confronted by Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse who are asking what is he doing. Bo asks why they are on their land and he concludes they are the Duke Family and Jesse confirms it and says that is their forty acres he’s looking over. He explains he knows that but Boss said he’d sell it to Crystal in a couple of days. The Dukes express disbelief and he says he is going to build a brewery right there. He leaves after talking to them.