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Mr. Dixon is an antagonist from the series Enos.


Snow Job[]

He gets a call from Joe, saying that the load of cocaine came in. He remarks that’s very nice and Joe says there is another one coming in on Thursday. He offers to pick them up together and Joe says he’ll call him when he’s got it all. He agrees and says he’ll wait for the call.

He visits Dolly in her truck stop as a representative of her investors. Dolly starts describing the changes she wants to make to the truck stop but he tells her not just now and to remember that he told her they needed to make sure the place would be a success before they invest in it. They stand and he says he knows she can appreciate that. He hands her a set of forms, thanking her and saying he will be dropping by real soon before excusing himself.

Joe calls him, and he asks when can he take delivery. Joe says tomorrow, same way as usual. They hang up.

He arrives at Dolly’s the next day and parks his car in the parking lot. He sits in the car for a bit, reading a paper until he watches Joe go into the bathroom with a tool box. When Joe leaves the bathroom without it, he grabs his briefcase and heads inside. While moving around the cocaine, he hears two men, Enos and Turk. They tell him they are police officers and to come out with their hands up. Turk says he’s got to three and he’s already past two and a half. He comes out with his hands up and Turk takes his briefcase as Enos checks him for weapons. Joe comes in and he reclaims the briefcase. When Joe goes after Enos, he stops him and Joe says for him to get out of there, shoving him out the door. After mocking the cops, they leave. Joe says to leave his car and they’ll take Joe’s, which he agrees.

Joe tries to flee in his car but the officers chase after them in a pickup. They go off road but Enos tricks them into flipping the car. He is arrested.