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Mr. Hodges is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Cletus Falls in Love[]

He calls Boss Hogg to let him know that he is doing an investigation of all county probation officers. He says he wants Boss to meet him at Capital City the next morning at 9 am sharp. Boss asks if he’s implying he’s not doing a proper job. He remarks not yet but as the new state probation supervisor it’s his job to see if Boss is still qualified to keep the job. He reminds Boss it is will 9 am sharp and tells him to bring his case books. Boss hangs up.

Boss calls him and informs him he has a conviction on Bo and Luke. Boss says for him not to worry as it’s all set before telling him he will see him the next morning and hanging up.

When Boss arrives and has to go over his cases with now convictions, he begins yelling at Boss saying he can’t believe his ears. He chews out Boss and docks him six month’s pay.