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Mr. Rhuebottom is a reoccurring character and the owner of the Rhuebottom's General Store in Hazzard County.


Season 4[]

Trouble at Cooter's[]

While not in the episode, Mr. Rhuebottom loses his store when Boss Hogg forecloses on it. As a way to ease his conscious, Boss sends him a turkey but it was spoiled.

He also gives Cooter a key to get in the back of his store in the event he ever accidentally locks himself out.

He later gets his store back.

Pin the Tail on the Dukes[]

While in town, he sees Bo and Luke by his van with Rosco. He goes over to the boys, greeting them and shaking Bo’s hand before Luke’s. He greets Rosco before asking what is going on. Rosco tells him that Bo and Luke stole his van. Rhuebottom looks at the van saying it doesn’t look stolen to him and it’s right where he left it. Rosco snaps ‘listen Rhuebarb’ and Bo corrects him saying ‘it’s Rhuebottom’. Rosco says he knows who Rhuebottom is as he’s known him for years. Rosco asks if he wants to press charges against Bo and Luke to which he asks ‘Against these boys? Never!’ He tells Rosco that you can’t press charges against your best customers as you would press yourself right out of business. He laughs and Rosco gets upset before leaving. The boys thank him, shaking his hand again and he says it was his please and for them to ‘come on down and chew the fat with me sometime’. He then leaves back to his store.

Nothin' But the Truth[]

While not making an appearance in the episode, after the Dukes are arrested, Cooter goes around town to collect money for their bail and he makes a substantial enough contribute that Cooter felt it was important to specify his assistance. Later he is invited to the Duke Farm for a BBQ.

Season 5[]

Dukes Strike it Rich[]

Rosco gets him and asks him to come assess a piece of gold. He looks over it with Boss, Rosco, Cletus, and Enos watching. Boss says he’s the county assayer ‘so say something’. He says the gold nugget is real gold, high quality about $700. Boss takes it from him and he leaves.

Lawman of the Year[]

After being asked for dynamite by two men, he goes outside to sweep and Vance and Coy approach him. He greets them and asks what he can do for them. The boys ask about the men who just left. He says the men claimed to be from the museum, looking for artifacts. Coy says that makes sense but Mr. Rhuebottom says unless they change their methods they aren’t going to find anything. He says they were trying to get dynamite and that is the worst thing to use if they are looking for pottery. Coy asks how much they bought and he says not even a stick as he’s fresh out. He says he will have some by the end of the week but the men said they would be long gone. The boys thank him before leaving.

Big Daddy[]

Vance and Coy come to the store to buy groceries. When the produce truck arrives, the boys help unload it. As a token of thanks, he sends the boys home with a bag of six pounds of turnip greens free of charge.

The Treasure of Soggy Marsh[]

Boss and Rosco comes over to his store to collect Scuba Gear that Boss ordered. Mr. Rhuebottom fetches the items for Boss from around the store, two complete sets of gear with two oxygen tanks outside. Boss tells him to put on his tab, which Rhuebottom agrees. To his horror Rosco starts breaking stuff and Boss says to put it all on Rosco’s tab. He quickly follows them out, giving Rosco everything and trying to get Rosco to wait so he can help him but Rosco falls into a trunk.

Vance and Coy come to see him, asking about what Boss bought. He tells them about the scuba gear, and when Vance asks since when did they start scuba diving, he remarks the wet suits wouldn’t have fit either of them and they must have been for the two strangers with Boss. He says they were big and mean looking and drove off in a black sedan about four or five years old. The boys thank him and he tells them anytime as long as they don’t mention it to Boss, which Coy promises but asks that he not inform Sheriff Little that the boys were there.