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Mr. Thackery is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Bad Day in Hazzard[]

While testing the escape route for the get away, they accidentally run Bo and Luke off the road. Annoyed, Thackery has everyone stop and calls the first two to his car to speak to them. He addresses Loggins, saying he is an imbecile and that the stunt he just caused back there could have cost them ten million dollars. Loggins says they were just testing the escape route like he ordered. He snaps that non the less he should have given the right of way to the orange car which belongs to the two young men Duke. When Loggins says they are supposed to get the boys at three he snaps ‘but not now’. He warns everyone that he planned the job like a military operation and he will not tolerate the slightest error. He asks if it’s understood and when confirmed he tells Loggins to go get him the photographs and he will be at the 'command center'.

He sits in the Boar’s Nest with a beer and addresses Daisy as ‘waitress’ and gestures for her to come over. When Daisy approaches him and asks if there is anything wrong he remarks ‘never in my life have I had such a wretched libation’ and Daisy says she calls it beer. He asks if that is what she calls that swill before telling her to bring him something in a bottle and he will open it. Jesse arrives and when he and Daisy express confusion about a message Daisy was supposed to send to him, he stands up saying he sent the message as he didn’t want Jesse to be a source of trouble when Daisy failed to come home after the ‘luncheon trade’. Daisy asks how he knows their names and he tells her to call it research and that he knows absolutely everything about Hazzard County. When Jesse asks why he says to call the motive Greed before addressing Peters, who points a gun at Daisy and Jesse. He remarks that he thinks it’s time they summoned their host, Mr. Hogg, as they previously discussed and Peters shoots the ceiling. When Boss comes out with his money and realizes the danger they are in, he tries to claim the money in his hands is fake. Thackery approaches him saying he assures him they haven’t’ the slightest interest in the paltry proceeds of the establishment. Boss asks that what he’s saying is isn’t interested in Boss’ money which he says is correct. Boss asks what he does want and he says ‘In due Time’ and invites everyone to sit down, saying ‘please’.

While sitting and reviewing maps, Loggins and Dennis arrive with Bo and Luke. He stands up, greeting them and comments that they have two extra guests before addressing them as Bo and Luke. Bo nods and Luke asks what is it to him. He explains they had photographs of everyone who might be affected by his operation, taken without notice of course. He addresses Loggins saying they weren’t supposed to get the boys until 3 and learns the boys spotted them taking pictures. When Bo starts a yelling match with his men, Thackery addresses them all and tells them please and try to act civilized. Angry Jesse asks that he calls this civilized. When Jesse asks how long he intends to keep them there, he says it’s only as long as it takes for the armored car from Atlanta to get to the bank. Daisy says they are going to hijack it to which he says ‘of course’. Boss says it’s a waste of time as it’s only two thousand. He explains that Hazzard is only the first stop as the car is moving Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta to Charlotte North Carolina with a total of ten million dollars on it. Boss says he has the best lawmen in the south. He remarks ‘Oh, I know it’ naming Rosco P. Coltrane and Cletus Hogg. He adds that he has both in his pocket, showing a tape.

With one of his men, he takes Boss, Bo, and Luke into Boss’s office and plays the tape recording of Boss into the CB, telling Rosco and Cletus to come to the Boar’s Nest. Boss says he can’t impersonate him. He remarks ‘on the contrary sir, don’t you recognize your own voice.’ Boss protests recording that but Bo and Luke explain that Thackery had been monitoring the CB for months and recording Boss to put together the tape. He is impressed and tells the boys that he didn’t fool them at all but fortunately the Sheriff and the Deputy aren’t that smart. Boss agrees as he walks away.

While waiting for Rosco and Cletus to arrive, he continues to review his plans. When the two officers come in, Bo and Luke start a fight and everyone gets involved. After all three of his men are knocked out, he pulls out a pistol and aims it at Bo and Luke. He remarks he is sorry to interrupt their fun and while the bullets in his weapon are small they are just as deadly. He remarks if they would forgive a cliché, to put their hands up. He notices Boss hiding and tells him to put his hands up too. He decides to split them all up. He says for his men to take Rosco, Cletus, and Hogg into the office. Rosco asks if he can take his dog to which he comments ‘good heavens’ and says for Rosco to keep it out of the way. He has Bo, Luke, and Daisy move to Jesse saying this is the hardest ten million dollars he’s ever had to earn. Jesse reminds him he doesn’t have it yet. He tells Jesse he admires his spirit but they haven’t overlooked a single detail. The phone rings, and knowing it’s Adams, he tells them that is for him.

He answers the phone and Adams explains there is one driver and one guard, both new.  He remarks that it’s nice to hear his information was correct. He says for Adams to call at every checkpoint. When he hangs up he says the armored car will arrive in two hours and forty nine minutes. He says if they all behave until that time, no one will be harmed. He pockets his gun and goes into the office. Opening the door he hits Cletus by accident and asks Cletus and Rosco to sit down in the corner. Boss goes to join them and he specifies not Boss as he needs his services at the desk. Boss follows him and he tells him to sit down. Thackery hands him the phone and tells him to call the radio station and talk as if everything is delightful. When Boss gets the operator to connect him to the radio station, he covers the phone and tells Boss to have him patched into the transmitter. When Boss reaches for a drawer in his desk while on the phone, he grabs Boss’ hand to stop him and opens the drawer to see candy. When Boss says patched in, he hands Boss a paper to read about a fruit fly spraying. When Rosco finishes he tells him to read it again. When Boss finishes he takes the paper back, saying that was well done and asks how he feels being an accessory to a ten million dollar hijacking. Boss denies being such and he says Boss will find that hard to prove. As he goes to leave, Rosco approaches him, asking if he can take Flash for a walk. He says he’s afraid she will have to wait. He goes back into the main room but Rosco follows him. He tells Rosco to get the smelly beast away from him and to get back in the office. Rosco does. A moment later he sees Luke bolt out the door.

He has Peters bring Jesse outside with him and hears Luke calling for Sheriff Little on the CB. He tells Luke that is too bad as he should know he has to be on the other side of the Iron Mountain to reach Little, and while he will be there in just a few miles but if he doesn’t turn around now and return to the Boar’s Nest in three minutes with radio silence then he will have Jesse killed.

After Luke’s return he sits at a table watching the three Duke men as Daisy brings him a drink. Cooter Davenport comes in, having been looking for the Dukes. When Bo tells Cooter to site down as he’s now captured along with them he remarks ‘oh yes, welcome Sir.’ He stands up saying that its very nice to have him with them and while they are all waiting they can feel free to plan an escape but he only wants to remind them that all his associates are expert marksmen. He tells Dennis and Peters to show them and ignores Boss when Boss sticks his head out to protest.

He calls Adams and checks on the status of the car. While on the phone he hears Jesse tell his men that he wants to go see Boss and he tells his men to let him. After he’s done with his call he sits down and Jesse comes back in, thanking him. He remarks ‘my pleasure.’ A few moments later Luke asks for four ‘Boar’s Nest Specials’ and Daisy asks if it’s alright with him to which he says ‘be my guests’. A moment later he watches Bo and Luke escape and goes to the bar to grab Daisy as his men are down. He takes Daisy outside where he sees Bo and Luke jump off the roof and reach the General. He calls out to them, pointing the gun at Daisy and saying he wouldn’t do that if he were them. He has Peters cover the boys and when they surrender he says that was a wise decision before they go back inside. Jesse tells him to let Daisy go or he will be all over him like a chicken on a june bug. When Daisy says not to start anything he has her sit down saying it’s a commendable idea and she should teach it to her cousins. They all listen to Boss say that the boys will keep trying to escape and propose to lock them up. He remarks he’s beginning to feel they should have made the command post at the county jail. Boss tells him about a supply room with only one key, offering it. After a moment he agrees, taking it and tossing the key to Peters, telling him to take care of it as the boys have given them enough trouble already.

He goes into the back office to continue reviewing his plans, sitting at a table with Loggins and ignoring Rosco and Cletus. Peters come in and informs him that Adams was at check point eight. He announces the car is at the three quarter mark and it’s time for phase three. Peters takes away Rosco.

While his men handle his plans, he changes into a white suit. He goes to talk to Dennis before turning to address all his captives. He tells them to pay attention and that if they behave they will be out of there in an hour but if they don’t he doesn’t need to tell them what will happen. He and Loggins leave. On the way he begins to plan his next operation.

He goes into the bank to wait, and when the armored car pulls up he walks out with Loggins saying ‘well, well, here we are again, right on the button as usual’. He remarks if they have the $2,000 in change of his they can take it in the bank. He’s surprised however when the General arrives. When the guard looks at him, he points to Loggins, taking the money from the guard as Loggins’ knocks him out. He moves a guard and they get in the truck to drive away. Thackery leans out the truck, shooting twice at the General. After another chance presents itself he shoots twice more. He then shoots his last two. Sitting in his seat he tells Loggins to ‘wait till they come abreast of us again’. Instead Luke climbs on the truck. He tells Loggins to shake him off but instead Luke uses his shirt to block their view. Loggins says he can’t see and Thackery says for him to hit the brakes. He gets out to run but Luke jumps onto him. He is captured.

He and his men are arrested and locked up by Rosco and Cletus. As he is he laments it could have been the CIA or the FBI, even the state police. Instead he is was outwitted by a pair of country bumpkins and it is positively humiliating.