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Mr Lipton, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Targets: Daisy and Lulu[]

Learning about the transportation plans for the Osborne diamond necklace, he sets up a plan to steal it. He waits at the airport while Pete and Mick attain the necklace. They bring it to him at his limo, Pete telling him it worked like a charm. He takes the case and tells the men they did good work and it is their best heist yet. He tells them to disappear for a few days and call him. As they leave, he goes to get in the car when he is approached by Daisy and Lulu. Lulu says the case is his and attempts to take it. He addresses her as madam, saying he is afraid she is mistaken but she insists she isn’t and it’s her case. Daisy says it is hers and to please return it. He addresses Lulu again saying ‘my dear lady’ and tries to assure her that it is his case. Lulu accuses him of being a liar and Daisy says they should open the case and verify its contents. He notices a police officers nearby. He quickly says that opening the bag will not be necessary as he can see it’s not his case as his has his initials on it. He gives it to Lulu with his apologizes. The ladies rush off as their ride arrives. When Mick and Pete come back, he demands to know what is going on and who the women are. When they deny knowing, he orders them to go after them and get the case back. He warns them not to get caught as he can’t afford to be tied to it.

While Wilbur drives them home, he gets a call from Pete informing him he lost the women. He orders Pete and Mick to find the orange car, get the necklace and eliminate the two females. He says he can’t afford to have them identify him.

He calls Pete and Mick from his home to ask if they have his necklace yet. Pete says they are working on it and should have it within the hour. He comments ‘excellent’ before asking if they took care of the two women. He holds up a glass, which Wilbur quickly pours a drink into. Pete informs him they haven’t but they will as soon as they got the necklace. He tells Pete to make sure that he does as he can’t afford to have them identify him. He adds that his lifestyle would suffer greatly behind bars. He orders Pete to call him when it’s done before hanging up.

While looking at some diamonds, he gets a phone call. Pete informs him that they were arrested. He demands to know why Pete called him as they can trace the number and Pete says not if they only talk for 30 seconds. He hangs up. Wilbur comes into the room and he informs him that the other two ‘idiots’ got caught. He packs up, saying he and Wilbur are going to have to take care of the two women personally. Wilbur asks about the necklace and he says his neck is more important than any necklace. He asks for their names, baffled by Lulu’s before saying ‘never mind’ and they leave for Hazzard. He tells Wilbur he needs to make a call.

Wilbur pretends to be an officer and sets up a meeting with Daisy and Lulu. He tells Lipton that they will be on Miller Road, and he praises Wilbur before saying they will take his car. They leave after he gets a fresh flower.

Wilbur drives and they pass a jeep with Daisy and Lulu. They turn and chase after the jeep. They catch up to the jeep but he hears a dixie horn and sees the orange car from the airport. He tells Wilbur to get out of there. Bo follows him at first and he shoots at him until the General stops.

While driving they hear Lulu and Daisy on the CB talking about a sale at the Hazzard Emporium at two. He checks his watch to see it’s 1:45 and tells Wilbur to turn around as they got another shot at the girls.

They arrive in town and spot the women near the emporium. They park and get out, approaching the women from behind only to see it was Boss and Rosco in disguise. They realize it’s a trap, seeing Enos, Bo, and Luke moving in on them. They take Boss and Rosco as hostages. As Wilbur drives, he tells Lipton they have all been seen. He tells Wilbur they will leave the country after killing the two in the car. Boss and Rosco suddenly start beating them with umbrellas and jump out of the car. They keep driving.

A few minutes later they are surprised to see the General Lee again. They are further stunned when the car jumps over them and cuts them off. They attempt to run on foot but is tackled by Luke. Rosco takes custody of him and he is arrested.