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Mr Starkey is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Play it Again, Luke[]

Eddie Lee Memphis calls him, pleading for more time. He tells Eddie Lee that a man gambles, a man loses, and a man pays. He adds ‘one way or the other’. He says if Eddie Lee doesn’t get him the 100,000 he owes by sundown he is going to pay the other way. He then hangs up.

Eddie Lee calls him again in the afternoon and when he goes to say who he is, Starkey cuts him off saying ‘I know who it is, you got it?’ Eddie Lee tells him he doesn’t have the money but he will soon. Eddie Lee explains he plans to kill his friend and use the life insurance money to pay him, but he needs another day. He tells Eddie Lee he doesn’t care how he gets the money and he has a partner that he has to talk to. They hang up.

He calls the trailer back and tells who he assumes is Eddie Lee that his partner said they can’t extend the deadline. He says if the singer is still alive by sundown, Eddie Lee is dead. He then hangs up.