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Mr Winkle, is a guest character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 6[]

A Boy's Best Friend[]

Mr. Winkle runs the dog pound and receives a call from Boss, saying it hasn’t produced even a dime in the past six months. Boss threatens to close him down and Winkle says he is two months shy of retiring and he would lose his pension. Boss says that is his problem. He tells Boss that he is happy to report that he has a dog. He says someone just brought in the cutest little ol’ basset hound while he pets Maxine. He says he figured someone might take her for the usual donation fee, after the six day waiting period. Boss says to have someone takes the dog before sundown. He protests, saying you’re supposed to wait six days to make sure she has no rightful owner but Boss tells him time and tide wait for no man. After Boss hangs up, he tells Maxine that he hung up and that if someone comes he’s gonna have to lie a little or they will both be out of house and home.

Bo and Luke arrive and he greets them. They ask how he’s doing before Bo notices the dog, saying it’s a basset hound and she looks like Flash. Luke says all basset hounds look like Flash. He tells the boys that the dog is real friendly. He says the dog would make them a fine pet. Bo says it isn’t for them and Luke says it’s for a little boy at the orphanage. Mr. Winkle says that they couldn’t do no better, and that he would say that even if she wasn’t the only dog he has. Bo asks that she doesn’t have an owner and Winkle says no, that she doesn’t. He says she is an orphan too. Luke asks how long she’s been there and he tells him a long time before saying maybe ten days. He adds that if the boys don’t take her, he isn’t sure what will happen to her. They comment they don’t have a lot of a choice and ask how much. He tells Bo it’s no charge but they would appreciate any donation. Luke says there is a sign that says ten dollars. He claims he doesn’t know what the sign is, but the boys hand over ten dollars. He tells them they will have to get the dog license at City Hall and tells them that he’s sure the dog will make the little boy as happy as she made him before saying goodbye. He waves as they leave.

Boss calls him, saying ‘this is your commissioner speaking’ and he responds saying ‘yes Sir Mr. Hogg?’. Boss asks about the hound and he says the dog has dark spots behind the eyes. He tries to tell Boss the dog is gone but Boss cuts him off, saying for him to keep his hands on the dog and that Boss is on his way over. Boss then hangs up. Winkle puts down the phone saying he has a bad habit of hanging up.

Boss comes out to the dog pound, running back and forth demanding to know where the dog is. Winkle tries to follow him, trying to talk to him and saying he tried to tell Boss over the phone but he doesn’t have the dog. Boss becomes frantic and he says that he got a donation for it from the Dukes. Boss tosses the money aside saying he told Winkle to hold it. Winkle tries to explain that was after the boys got the dog. Boss says they probably went to Chickasaw and Winkle explains that the boys took the dog to the orphanage. He asks what is wrong with Boss and the man leaves, saying if he doesn’t get the dog back than Winkle won’t see his pension.

Bo and Luke go to see Winkle and he explains what happened and why he lied. He says he’s sorry but at his age if he loses his pension. Bo cuts him off saying they understand that. Luke asks about how long ago Boss left. He says about five to ten minutes. Luke asks that he’s telling the truth this time and he confirms it saying he’s not lying anymore. The boys leave, and he chases after them to tell them not to tell Boss he told them.

Season 7[]

The Haunting of J.D. Hogg[]