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Mrs. Crabtree is a minor character in the Dukes of Hazzard


Enos' Last Chance[]

She drives into town at 5pm, something she is known to do every day.

Cooter's Girl[]

She attends the Hazzard County Health Week event, doing the routine Boss, Rosco, and Enos are leading. Boss remarks to lift her legs and not be shy, to which she continues to do so and gives him a thumbs up and a smile. After a few moments Boss decides for them to take a break. Rosco and Enos come around to sell some products, which she buys two bottles of. Boss then announces he has to leave and has Rosco and Enos take over. She stands in the middle of the officers and copies Rosco’s knee exercise.

They continue the exercises, moving onto jumping jacks. Rosco calls the exercise to an end but she continues to do jumping jacks. Enos calls out to her, saying she can stop now but she keeps going. Enos tries again and she accidentally hits him a few times. Enos begins to hold her but she keeps going. He picks her up, carrying her off the street saying she can stop now.