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"Mrs. Daisy Hogg" is the first episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


When Boss Hogg's rich, polite nephew Jamie Lee Hogg, the son of Boss Hogg's youngest brother, comes to Hazzard County to buy the grits mill, Daisy and Jamie Lee fall in love with each other. Their romance progresses quickly, and it is not long before Jamie Lee and Daisy are planning for a trip to the altar. But just because Jamie Lee's last name is Hogg, Bo and Luke go to extremes to try to find something wrong with him. Bo and Luke are proven right, and Daisy is devastated, when it turns out that Jamie Lee is working with a counterfeiter named Roy Landry.


Balladeer: It all started out to be one of them peaceful Hazzard mornings. Guess it was a mite too peaceful. Now friends, it was only a door banger but it sure was about to churn things up for the Dukes. Especially Daisy.

Bo and Luke take the General down a dirt road but as they turn they nearly collide with another car that has two passengers in it. Bo and the other driver try to get control of their cars but the brown car hits a tree. The boys stop and get out. Bo and the driver are about to yell at each other and Luke explains that it was the other driver’s fault. The passenger gets out and when Bo asks who he is he introduces himself. Bo and Luke learn he is a nephew of Boss’ from Atlanta. The driver says the boys will be paying for the damages and they disagree. Rosco arrives just as Bo is ready to fight. Rosco stops them all and they plead their case. Bo and the driver nearly go to blows again, being pulled back by Jamie Lee and Luke and Rosco takes control of the situation, reminding them he is the sheriff. When Jamie Lee introduces himself, Rosco determines that Bo and Luke are the guilty party. He arrests them.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco tows the General into town with Cletus behind and Jamie Lee following. Boss comes out greeting Jamie Lee as his ‘baby brother’s boy’ and is thrilled to see they have also brought charges against Bo and Luke. While Boss is praising Jamie Lee, Bo adds that he’s full of beans, making Luke laugh and annoying the others. Rosco says he caught them all fighting and Boss tells Rosco to arrest the boys as Daisy, Cooter, and Jesse approach, seeing the commotion. Bo and Luke go to argue and Jesse asks what happened. Boss introduces James to them all and Daisy tells him to back off of her family. Jamie is very interested in her but Boss says to just lock the boys up. Jesse tells him to hold up and Boss says that the Dukes are all law breaking scallywags, shocking everyone present. Jesse says all the Hoggs are the worst when it comes to thieving and Jamie Lee tries to break in but Daisy tells him to shut up. While the others argue Bo and Luke slip away. Rosco and Cletus chase after them as the Dukes and Cooter laugh and Jamie Lee looks at them all in confusion. Jamie Lee tries to apologize to Daisy but she tells him to hush. Boss tells Cooter to fix the car and hold the bill.


Bo and Luke continue to run from Cletus and Rosco. They break through a fence.

Court House

Boss tells Jamie he surprised him with his visit. Jamie Lee asks if Boss really had to be so rough on the Dukes and Boss brushes it off before asking what he’s doing in town. Jamie Lee explains he’s hoping to do some business. He asks about the ‘broken down old Hogg gritsmill’. Boss asks why, if it’s broken down and losing money why does Jamie Lee want it and he says he planned to use it as a tax loss. Jamie hands over some money for the mill.


Bo and Luke fall in behind a truck and Rosco pulls up alongside. Rosco points a gun at them to pull over and Bo tries to tell him to look out. Rosco narrowly avoids an oncoming car, allowing Bo and Luke to get by. An oncoming truck runs Cletus off as well and Bo and Luke decide to head back to town for Jamie Lee.

Court House

Daisy waits outside when Jamie Lee comes out, heading for the hotel. She tells him he has some nerve and because of him her cousins are running from ‘Hogg justice’. Jamie Lee expresses he would like to change that image and tells Daisy he is formally apologizing to her and her family and will be dropping all charges. Floyd pulls up and Jamie Lee excuses himself to talk to him. He answers the phone for his Boss, telling him he bought the grits mill and everything is going well. He is told to make sure nothing goes wrong. He returns to Daisy and asks if they can go talk somewhere. Daisy suggests the Boar’s Nest and agrees to ride out with him.


Bo and Luke find Jamie Lee and chase after them. They try to pull over Jamie Lee but Floyd gets mad and run them off the road. Daisy yells to be careful but he argues the boys started it. Bo and Luke get back on the road and the car return, all five getting out. The boys are shocked to see Daisy. Daisy explains they dropped all the charges. Luke asks then what all that was and Floyd apologizes for that. Jamie Lee apologizes and Rosco arrives. Jamie Lee tells him they are dropping all the charges. Rosco says he’s a Hogg and doesn’t do anything good for anyone. Daisy says this one does and her, Floyd, and Jamie Lee leave. Rosco, Bo, and Luke watch in shock.

Police Department

Rosco tells Boss what happened to his shock. Boss says the charges were bad enough but he wants Rosco to repeat the other thing he said. Rosco says it appears that Jamie Lee is sweet on Daisy Duke. Boss says that is impossible and there is no way a Hogg would be attracted to a Duke.

Duke Farm

Bo, Luke, and Jesse are digging out a ditch and Bo argues that he sees it but won’t believe it. Jesse says maybe Jamie Lee is different. Luke says he dropped the charges and apologized and Jesse says Daisy likes him and he might be alright. Bo disagrees. Jesse reluctantly agrees.

Balladeer: Well Old Bo is right, Jamie Lee really is making money. And I mean, making money.

Grits Mill

At the Grits Mill, Jamie Lee and Floyd work to make counterfeit bills.

Duke Farm

Jamie Lee arrives at the Farm to pick up Daisy, who runs out of the house to jump into his arms, hugging him. They get in the car and leave for their date.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy and Jamie Lee dance at the Boar’s Nest, both having a good time.


Daisy and Jamie are on another date. Jamie goes to kiss her and Daisy laughs before running. The two fall to the ground. They kiss and Daisy says she can’t believe this is happening. He says she is something special and they kiss again.

Police Department

Boss calls Jamie to the police department. He tells Jamie Lee that if what he hears is true then he needs to lay down the law. Boss says that Jamie needs to cease all contact with Daisy and Jamie says he’s sorry that Boss feels that way but he isn’t giving her up. Boss and Rosco protest as Jamie Lee leave and Rosco says that Jamie Lee isn’t like Boss. Rosco says he doesn’t know how to tell Boss but Jamie Lee is nice to which Boss says worries him.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke continue to work on the driveway while Jesse talks to Daisy. Jesse says he never once asked Daisy to stop seeing a guy but he doesn’t think Jamie Lee is right for her. Daisy says he’s the best thing that ever happened to her and leaves upset. Jesse says he hurt her bad and maybe they are wrong. Bo and Luke decide to check in on Jamie Lee to see and Jesse says not to let Daisy know.

Gas Station

Bo and Luke head out and Luke calls Norman Scroggs, a friend who works at the paper who says he’s never heard of Jamie Lee. Bo says they don’t know why Jamie Lee bought the grits mill and Luke says that is next.

Grits Mill

Bo and Luke arrive at the grits mill and Luke scolds Bo saying the only speed he knows is fast. They see Daisy arrive to drop off Jamie Lee before leaving. The boys remark they have never seen Daisy that far gone on a guy before. Luke says one step out of line and Jamie Lee will have to answer to him. Bo corrects him saying the both of them. The two get closer to see another man arrive. After they all go inside the boys head down to get a better look. They go to Roy’s car and Bo pulls out his registration to see it’s from Savannah. Luke finds green ink and they hide as someone comes out to get the ink.

Boss and Rosco arrive at the grits mill, curious to what Jamie Lee is up to. They get out of the car and Rosco asks why they are there and they agree Jamie Lee isn’t acting like a Hogg. Boss and Rosco run into Bo and Luke. Luke asks why they are there and Boss says to arrest them for trespassing. Boss says he’s going to show Jamie Lee that they all belong in jail. Bo and Luke take off again, accidentally locking the cuffs on Boss. Rosco and Boss get back to the car and chase after the boys.

Floyd, Jamie, and Roy pack up the counterfeit bills in boxes of grits. Daisy returns and heads inside. They quickly hide everything and Daisy hugs him before telling him he left his wallet in the jeep. They all see Daisy find some of the fake money, but Jamie lies to her and Daisy believes it. She leaves. Roy and Floyd conclude Daisy is a danger to their operation.


Bo and Luke continue to flee from Rosco and Boss. Bo is focused on the rear-view and doesn’t see the two trucks that were racing on the same road. Bo goes between the trucks but accidentally jumps the car. Rosco flips to avoid the trucks. Bo and Luke check on them before heading out to a payphone.

Grits Mill

Landry insists for Jamie to go kill Daisy. Jamie says instead of killing Daisy, he can marry her. He says if he marries Daisy, then she won’t be able to testify against him and she won’t have to die. Roy asks that he would really marry her and Jamie says he would because he loves her.


Bo and Luke pull up to a payphone and Luke calls the operator in Savannah and finds the company the car was registered to was a fake. Bo and Luke conclude that with a phony registration the driver must be up to no good and that Jamie Lee is mixed in something bad. Luke says Bo and him should talk to Daisy. Bo notices Luke used his name first and Luke says that Bo and do it. Bo says Luke’s older and Luke says ‘not much’ to which Bo says ‘enough’.


Jamie Lee meets with Daisy where they had an earlier date. When he asks her to marry him, Daisy asks what the families will say. He says it doesn’t matter and she says it matters to her. He says they will have a small get together and make an announcement. Daisy says she accepts and kisses him.

Boar’s Nest

Jesse, Cooter, Boss, Cletus, and Rosco sit in the Boar’s Nest with a number of others while Jimmy is working. Boss remarks he has a bad feeling about this. Daisy and Jamie Lee come in and announce they intend to get married. While everyone reacts shocked, Jesse tries to explain that marriage is serious while Boss flat out forbids it. Jesse and Boss start arguing and Jamie and Daisy try to calm everyone down. Boss insists that ten generations of the family would be spinning in their graves at this. While it escalates Bo and Luke arrive, commenting that the fuel pump in their car had to be fixed and that is why they were late. Luke hopes that they are in time to stop Daisy from doing something foolish and Bo says he would help Luke fix things if he knows about mechanics but all he does is drive. Luke laughs in disbelief.

As they enter the bar and hear yelling, Bo and Luke hide behind the door. Boss and Jesse insists they can’t get married and Daisy insists they love each other. Bo and Luke are shocked to learn what the meeting was about. Deciding it’s gone far enough, Bo and Luke step in and approach Daisy. Rosco goes to arrest them but Boss says to forget it as they got more important things to worry about. Daisy and Jamie explain they really wish to be married and ask for their blessing. Boss refuses. Boss pulls Jamie Lee aside and Bo and Luke pull Daisy to the other side. Bo and Luke try to tell Daisy what they have learned and Jesse pleads with her to listen. Daisy protests, begging them to listen as for the first time in her life she is really in love and they can’t hold her back. She walks away and Boss and Jamie Lee return, Boss confronting Daisy about marrying Jamie. Daisy and Jamie Lee apologize to everyone but say they are going to get married. Daisy says she is going to be Mrs. Daisy Hogg, hugging Jamie Lee and making Boss sob on Rosco.

Balladeer: Well, so I tell you one thing. Folks hadn’t been this shook up since they heard Sherman was marching on Hazzard. Now, some folks sure took it hard.

Town of Hazzard

In town a woman tells a man on a bike that a Duke is marrying a Hogg, causing him to crash in a bush. Another woman screams it to a car on the street and the car veers off the road in shock, hitting a fire hydrant. Cletus tells Tim, a painter, that Daisy is marrying a Hogg. Stunned, Time falls off the building into a dumpster. He tells Cletus he’s alright.

Boss and Rosco stand together in the Police Department. Boss remarks that if Daisy and Jamie Lee get married the Dukes will be his in laws. Flash listens to them talk while resting. Rosco remarks that he can’t arrest relatives and Boss agrees that he’s made that his prime rule. He adds that as relatives the Dukes would be entitled to a cut of the take. Boss remarks the idea of seeing the Dukes at the Thanksgiving table would make him loose his appetite. Rosco goes to let him use his handkerchief to cry but when Boss goes to blow his nose in it, Rosco pulls it back and lets Boss blow his nose into his hands.

Bo and Luke arrive in town and they go to Pruitt’s printing in town. Bo asks what would anyone do with green printers ink and Luke describes the bottle. Mr. Pruitt says that is used in fine detailed printing, or if you’re the U.S. mint, for printing money. Bo and Luke conclude that they are counterfeiting.

Crossing of Hobsons creek, Possum’s Hollow, and Willow Creek

Daisy and Jamie Lee met and Jamie tells her that they have no choice but to leave and elope. Daisy protests that she can’t do that to the boys but asks for some time to think it over. He tells her that’s alright and he has to go to the mill. He says for her to meet him around three and he hopes they will go. They kiss before going their separate ways. Daisy heads back to the Farm.

Grits Mill

Bo and Luke pull over in a patch of trees. They watch a few men loading boxes of grits and sneak over to the truck. While being careful, they get around the employees and into the back of the grits mill. They start looking around, Bo following Luke and noticing more green ink. Bo picks up a box and they find the counterfeit money in it. As they figure out the operation, they are spotted by Floyd and another man.  Floyd picks up a board and goes to hit the boys. Bo sees him and yells for Luke to watch out, causing Floyd to miss. The second man swings an iron at Bo and Bo dodges. Luke starts to fight Floyd as Bo hits the first man. A second man runs in and jumps on Bo. Bo tosses him aside and continues to fight and Luke and Floyd fight. Roy and Jamie Lee run in, stopping the fight with a gunshot. Bo and Luke freeze and are captured by Floyd and the first man. Luke tries to lie and say they were there to get grits for the wedding ceremony. Roy scolds Jamie saying they should have just killed Daisy. Bo becomes alarmed and Luke demands what Jamie Lee got Daisy into. Jamie Lee apologizes to them. Floyd and the other man start tying Bo and Luke up and Roy says they are leaving. Jamie Lee snaps that Daisy is coming over and Roy says that’s good and they will take her with them. Bo and Luke protest and try to attack him but are held back. Roy then marches Jamie Lee away at gun point.

Duke Farm

After thinking, Daisy changes and packs a bag. She heads out of the farm, leaving a note on the door. Cletus watches her, seeing her wipe away a tear and get in the jeep before leaving. Cletus goes to the car and calls Boss, who calls Jesse and informs him what happened. They agree to work together to keep them from eloping. Jesse and Boss both head out.

Grits Mill

Bo and Luke are both tied up and left in a room on opposite ends. Roy and Jamie Lee watch the last of the stuff being loaded and prepare to leave. Daisy arrives and Jamie Lee and Roy head over to her. Daisy informs him that she agreed to elope and they hug. Jamie Lee says they need to make an emergency delivery and Daisy is confused. Roy pulls out a gun on her and says she is coming with them. Daisy asks what is going on and Jamie Lee says to leave her alone. Roy shoves them both toward the car.

Cletus watches from the hill above when Boss and Rosco arrive along with Jesse. They see the situation unfold below, with Roy knocking Jamie Lee out. Boss and Jesse are furious and Daisy helps get Jamie Lee in the car. The four on the hill chase after Roy and the others,but Cletus and Rosco collide into each other and Boss falls into a ditch.

Luke manages to get up as they hear all the cars leave. Boss and Jesse realize Boss’ car isn’t going to help, so they call for Rosco to wait. Rosco and Cletus had just banged their cars together, making the radiator in Cletus’ car go. All three get in the car with Rosco and Flash before leaving. Luke starts to cut the ropes on his hands.

Rosco and the rest encounter the grits truck head on. Rosco avoids it, hitting a tree and knocking off the hood and front two fenders of his car. After getting free Luke goes to Bo and starts untying him. Bo thanks him and they head out for the General. Rosco tries to restart his car, succeeding on the third try and heading after them again. Bo and Luke climb into the General and Bo speeds off.

Rosco nearly hits Bo in the cars and swerves, hitting a tree and knocking off the doors, trunk, and back fenders. The boys keep going, realizing Daisy is the priority. In the car Daisy brings Jamie Lee back around and Roy tells her Jamie Lee was only marrying her to shut her up. Daisy is betrayed and Jamie Lee gets upset. Daisy says she can’t’ believe she fell for all that phony stuff and Jamie Lee insists that it wasn’t an act and demands for Landry to let her go. Daisy disagrees.

Floyd and the others are in the brown car, then the truck, then the body guards. Bo catchs up and the body guards start shooting at him. Bo and Luke start evading the gun and Bo pulls up along the car before ramming them and running them off. They focus next on the truck. In the police car, Rosco is distracted by Flash and gets ran off of the road by the body guards returning, knocking off the top of his car on a tree branch. Bo manages to run off the truck, giving them an open path to Floyd’s car. Rosco is distracted by the state of his car.

Daisy refuses to rain in the car and tires to jump out. They stop her and Daisy glares at them. Daisy begins fighting for the gun and Luke grabs the bow from the back seat. Luke climbs onto the window frame and shoots out a tire. Bo hits the horn and Daisy again fights for the gun. Bo says Daisy will be alright and they pull up to see Daisy has the gun and has all three at gun point. Boss, Jesse, Rosco, and Cletus arrive.

Balladeer: Well there you have it folks. The counterfeiting ring was finally broken. But so was Daisy’s heart. You know, while I’m glad there ain’t no wedding, ain’t it amazing how love can bring enemies together? Even for a short time. Especially in Hazzard County.

Rosco and Cletus begin arresting people. Jesse and the boys check on Daisy and Boss checks on Jamie Lee.

Police Station

Daisy goes to see Jamie Lee in jail. They talk about what could have been. Outside Bo and Luke are sitting on the General while Jesse and Boss talk. Jesse says Boss has his sympathy as it must hurt when your kin let you down. Boss says it does and that he knows Jesse must know how he feels as he has two nephews who are criminals. The three Dukes are stunned and Jesse says they are just good country boys. The two argue. Bo and Luke watch amused.


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Hazzard County[]


  • This episode introduces Boss Hogg's 'baby brothers' son and the second nephew of his to appear in the series. This is the Dukes first time meeting Jamie Lee as well.
    • Boss says his 'baby brother' isn't there meaning he either is no longer in the area or he has passed on.
  • Boss Hogg remarks that the family feud between the Hogg Family and the Duke Family goes back nearly 10 generations. This is most likely an exaggeration.


  • This episode is significantly influenced by Romeo and Juliet