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Mrs. Hooper, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


A Boy's Best Friend[]

While at a dog show in Chickasaw County with her husband, their prize basset hound Maxine is stolen.

After being informed that Maxine was found by a man named Boss Hogg in Hazzard, they head that way to get their dog back. As they cross the Hazzard line, they are stopped by Bo and Luke Duke. Luke helps her out of the car, explaining that he’s sorry for stopping them like that. He says this is about a dog, and she agrees saying they lost their dog. The boys explain about Terry Lee, an orphan boy who is not well and mistakenly giving him Maxine as a pet. Luke says they would like the buy the dog and they are offering everything they have as a down-payment. Bo adds they will work off the rest. John refuses and asks to be taken to Boss. The boys agree to show them.

They arrive at the police department and Luke gets the door for her before they follow the boys inside. Bo introduces them to Boss Hogg, who they are not impressed with. Boss shows them their dog, but they quickly confirm it is the wrong basset hound. When Boss says it is their dog, she denies it. Bo suggests the dog nappers took Maxine again, confusing them. Bo promises to explain later but suggests they go meet Terry Lee and Daisy in the meantime. Luke says he has a lead and Bo suggests the orphanage again, saying it will give them a chance to meet Terry Lee. She pats Bo’s arm saying she was thinking the same thing. They head out to the orphanage.

After meeting Jesse and Daisy, they introduce the Hoopers to Terry Lee. Terry Lee ignores them even though she says hello to him. Daisy says he’s been that way ever since he lost his dog. When John says it is their dog, she gives him a disappointed look and snaps that what he said wasn’t fair. She excuses his behavior by saying they couldn’t have children of their own so John hadn’t been around children. She then takes his book of pictures away and sits beside Terry Lee, trying to show him the pictures.

When Bo and Luke return, they see Terry Lee run over and hug Maxine. She smiles at the sight and becomes overjoyed when John promises that Terry Lee and Maxine will never be separated again.

Around Christmas they return to the orphanage and adopt Terry Lee.