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Ms. Mabel is a minor character in Dukes of Hazzard.


Daisy's Song[]

Ms. Mabel runs a group of ‘party girls’ in an RV camper. Bo and Luke come to see her for her help in distracting record pirates so they can destroy the plant. She talks to the boys, assuring Bo that everything is set. She tells him the beer’s cold, the CB’s hot, and the girls are ready. Ruby comes to get her to tell her that she is being called on the C.B. and she leaves to answer it. After learning the cops are coming after them, she runs back outside to tell the girls they need to move. They start packing up. While helping, Bo asks her why where they outside of Hazzard anyway and she tells him it was so pretty they just had to set up there and besides they met a lot of nice folks. Luke tells her that she should stay where it’s safe before announcing he’ll drive her RV, which she allows.

Cooter calls her on the C.B. to tell her where the pirates are going to be. They bring the RV to the plant and her and her girls help distract the pirates, going over and greeting Bo and Luke when they arrive. After Bo announces the cops and FBI are on the way, they flee. They are caught in a traffic jam and watch the buildings be blown up by Bo and Luke.


It was mentioned in One Armed Bandits that Rosco has two RV's that he turns a blind eye to because he gets a cut of their money. Ms. Mable's is hinted to be one of them as Bo and Luke both say Hazzard is where they are safe from the law.