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Ms. Pecola is a minor character from the series Enos.


Where's the Corpus?[]

Angelo’s estranged wife and Angela’s mother. Margaret, Enos, and Turk come to see her at home asking questions about Angelo. She stands up from her potted plants, telling the group to just ask Angelo these questions as they have him locked up. Turk says that Angelo isn’t talking to any cops and M.J. explains that they know Angelo is innocent and they are trying to help him. When M.J. asks why won’t he talk to them, she shrugs. M.J. asks if he’s talked about the people who he’s worked with or if they have called. She shakes her head. M.J. insists he must have mentioned a name. Turk mentions Shoes Mitchem, surprising her and causing her to look up at him before quickly saying no bells are ringing. She says Angelo is a small timer, not much of a crook. She adds he is less of a husband and even worse of a father. She says she hasn’t seen Angelo for three months and she doesn’t care if she doesn’t see him for another three months. After a few moments she notices Angela talking to Enos. She calls Angela to come into the house now. They go into the house.

Later, her husband returns home.