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Mr. Murkin is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Share and Share Alike[]

Employee as the J.D. Hogg Used Cars lot. Boss and Rosco come out to see him and he greats him saying ‘morning Boss’. Boss asks how business is to which he says is great. Boss tells him to go get some coffee and he shows him that he already had a cup. Boss takes it and sticks his hand in saying it’s cold before pouring it out. Boss says for him to go get a real hot cup of java and he agrees. Boss and Rosco suggest he take thirty minutes and he leaves.

He returns with the hot cup of coffee and tells Boss that he’s back. Boss tells him not to spill the cup and that it took him thirty minutes to get back and he will be docking it from Murkin’s pay. Boss and Rosco then leave.

Later Daisy and Lulu come and he watches as the sign is repainted to says Lulu and J.D.’s used Cars. He tells Lulu that he hopes Boss doesn’t fire him over this and Lulu assures him that he will have a job. He is still worried as they go to leave but Sheriff Little arrives. Little explains that he’s looking at all the used car lots for a car for his new deputy. He’s surprised Little wants a good used car. Lulu offers Rosco’s car and he becomes alarmed. He protests but is told to hush. He watches as the women sell the patrol car to Little.

When Boss and Rosco come by after lunch, he informs them that Lulu sold the patrol car. When Boss asked what Lulu did, he explains that Rosco’s car was painted green and white and Lulu and Daisy is taking it to Little now. He says he tried to explain that the car was only there while they went to lunch. Boss calls Lulu on the CB and when Lulu says the car was sold, he tells them Lulu got a good price for it. Boss snaps he don’t care what they got for it, calling him a numbskull. Boss and Rosco get upset about something in the car before they leave.

He sees Bo hiding behind the building and goes to see him. Thinking everyone has gone crazy explains everything that he knows. Bo shakes his hand before leaving.