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"My Son, Bo Hogg" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Chickasaw County moonshine dealer C. V. Gumble (Anne Haney) has customers who are demanding moonshine, but she does not have any to sell. Gumble calls Boss Hogg and tells him that she needs him to send a shipment of his moonshine to her, and she is willing to pay as much as 10 times the going rate, but Boss is having a hard time finding a driver who is not afraid of Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big Ed" Little (Don Pedro Colley). Bo is driving a car that he borrowed from Cooter. Bo is on his way to meet with a friend for a boar hunting trip, and Boss and Roscoe start chasing him. Boss and Roscoe run Bo off the road, and when Bo gets out of the car, he trips and hits his head on a log. Boss and Rosco take Bo to the emergency room without telling Jesse, Luke, and Daisy. When Boss and Roscoe are told that Bo has amnesia, Boss sees the perfect answer to his problem: he introduces himself as Bo's father and Roscoe as Bo's uncle. Boss plans to get Bo to drive the moonshine into Chickasaw County. When Jesse, Luke, and Daisy figure out what Boss is up to, they have to get to Bo before Sheriff Little does.


Balladeer: In Hazzard County, a youngster growing up learns the four “R”’s, reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic, and racing. Now it aint’ no secret which R the Duke boys like the best, so old Bo was in a loaner from Cooter and Luke was in the General and they were out for a run. Them boys would have raced if they had to ride on tricycles. Meanwhile, Cletus was on the job, as usual.

Bo and Luke head back to the Farm, having a friendly race with a yellow car Bo borrowed from Cooter. They drive by Cooter in his pickup and Bo is surprised to see road work ahead. Bo and Luke are forced to go around, breaking down a fence which Luke says they will have to mend later. Cletus goes after them asking them to pull over, saying ‘please’. Bo says he can’t do that as he’s going boar hunting. Cletus asks them to do it just this once and Luke signals to Bo to make a run for it while saying to pull over on the radio. They take a sharp turn, tricking Cletus into going through a fence.

Duke Farm

Luke puts a sleeping bag for Bo in the yellow car as Bo gets his bow and arrows and Daisy beats a rug. Bo says the car isn’t half bad before asking if Luke is sure he doesn’t want to come and Luke says he’d like to but he’s got some camping of his own on Saturday. Daisy says it’s with Betty Rogers. Bo says when he gets back they’ll have a lot of boar and Jesse says if Bo gets one, he’ll cook it. The three watch Bo leave.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco meet up in town. Boss gets a call from C.V. Gumble who expresses she is desperate for a moonshine run and she is willing to pay Boss four times the going rate. Boss promises to find a driver before hanging up. He then tells Rosco that C.V. is offering four times the rate for third rate moonshine and he can’t find a driver. He remarks it’s almost enough to make a grown man cry. Rosco offers to get a handkerchief in his car and Boss says to forget that and that they need to find a driver. Seeing an armored car, he yells for Rosco to go to that truck as it’s a driver who did run for him. They drive over in Rosco’s car.

Balladeer: When Boss started out, he sold patent medicine, vacuum cleaners, used cars, and Bibles door to door. So selling this truck driver should be like taking candy from a baby.

Boss approaches the driver, Bubba, and tells him he will double his regular drivers fee. Knowing Boss can only mean to have him go to Chickasaw County, he declines saying he refuses to tangle with Sheriff Little. Boss says the man is human and Bubba says he isn’t so sure.

Balladeer: Me neither. He once wrote a moving violation on an illegal left-hand turn, on his down daughter.

The driver refuses and goes into the bank. Boss tries to stop him but fails. Rosco says it doesn’t look like anyone will drive for him. Boss says this is the most frustrating moment of his entire life. Boss then spots Bo as Bo drives by, waving at Boss and Rosco. Rosco smiles, confirming it and Boss asks if Rosco is going to give Bo a ticket. Rosco asks what is he going to give him a ticket for as he isn’t speeding. Boss says to give him a ticket for something and not to tell him he’s gone honest. Rosco assures Boss he isn’t going to let Boss down and tells Flash to hang on before chasing after Bo. Bo notices them following him and is amused. Bo drives through a fence but finds the road is blocked by a number of large rocks. Bo runs off the road and Boss and Rosco follow him. Bo gets out of the car to run on foot but leans too far over and loses his footing, falling down a hill and hitting his head off a log. Boss and Rosco are surprised and Rosco becomes alarmed when Bo collapses unconscious. Rosco runs over and asks if Bo is alright. He pulls Bo’s head in his lap to check on him. Boss tries to cover him with Rosco’s gun but Rosco takes it away saying Bo is already frozen. Boss says it’s a trick but when he looks at Bo too he says Rosco is right, Bo really is unconscious. Rosco says he thinks Bo got hurt and they should take Bo to Doc Petticord. Boss says Doc is out of town and Rosco says to take Bo to Tri-County Emergency. Boss agrees saying they have a good charity award.

Hurt fallen

Duke Farm

Jesse makes Luke fix the porch roof and Luke says he guesses Bo knew what he was doing by leaving. Daisy gets a call and when she greets Earl Hooper from Greenriver, Luke and Jesse become alarmed as Bo should have already met up with Earl. Earl informs Daisy that Bo still hasn’t gotten there and Daisy says maybe Bo got a flat. The Dukes wonder what happened.

Tri-County Emergency

Bo wakes up in the hospital to see Dr. Floyd. Bo asks where he is and is told he’s at the hospital. Bo is surprised to learn he took a blow to the head and when he asks what happened Rosco says he ran off the road before asking if Bo remembers. Bo says no and as Dr. Floyd asks him questions Bo realizes he doesn’t know anything. The doctor tries to assure Bo it’s nothing to worry about and Bo says it’s easy for him to say as he knows who he is while Bo doesn’t know who he is. Bo tries to get up but nearly collapses and is pushed back on the bed. Floyd turns to Boss and says that his son has amnesia. Rosco says that doctor has made a horrendous mistake. The doctor insists it’s amnesia and Rosco tries to explain that wasn’t the mistake he meant. Boss stops Rosco from explaining that Boss isn’t Bo’s son and asks the doctor not to pay the boy’s uncle any mind as he worked himself into a state. Boss then approaches Bo telling him to say hello to his daddy. Bo asks that he’s his daddy and Boss confirms it saying he is Bo Hogg. Bo accepts it and hugs him saying it’s good to see him. Boss hugs him back saying ‘that’s my boy’. Doctor Floyd says he should be back to normal in about three or four days. Boss tells Bo to go with the doctor and do what he tells him to. After the doctor and Bo leave, Rosco says he knows Boss and Lulu never had any children. Boss says he finally found a driver for his shine. Rosco protests that Bo Duke will never drive for him and Boss says he’s not talking about Bo Duke, but that there has never been a more loyal son to his daddy than Bo Hogg. Bo and the Doctor return and Bo says he feels real bad about not remembering them. Boss tells him not to feel bad and when Rosco nearly slips up Boss tells Bo to forgive his uncle Rosco as he’s gone out of his mind worrying about Bo. Bo asks that he’s his Uncle and Rosco confirms it saying ‘hi nephew’. Bo asks if he’s a sheriff and that he remembers something about a Sheriff. Boss and Rosco tell him not to remember, not to strain himself and Rosco takes Bo out to the car. The Doctor suggests to take him home and Boss says Lulu would be in a state if he did and he’s taking Bo to the Boar’s Nest.

Duke Farm

Earl calls the Duke Farm again and Jesse tells Earl to just go without Bo. He says if Bo shows up to have him call home right away. Luke and Daisy listen, worried, and Jesse asks Mabel to get him one of the police officers but is told they are out. Jesse asks how they can report a missing person when the department is missing. Luke and Daisy head out in the General and Jesse leaves in the pickup to check the garages.

Boar’s Nest

Boss drives himself and Bo to the Boar’s Nest in Cooter’s car. As they get out he tells Bo that he practically lives there. Boss and Rosco watch as Bo tries to remember the Boar’s Nest but apologizes when he can’t. Bo says that once he gets inside it might help because then he can see his own things. Boss is thrown by it but agrees and unlocks the door telling Bo not the stray too far and he’ll be in after he talks to Rosco. As soon as he closes the door, Boss tells Rosco to go to the Duke Farm and steal a number of Bo’s things. Rosco argues it would be stealing and Boss says it’s confiscating. Boss comes inside to see Bo and tells him to stay where he is and that he’s going to fix Bo hog jowls on cornbread dipped in molasses. Bo tells him he isn’t as hungry as he thought but Boss insists it’s Bo’s favorite.

Town of Hazzard

Luke and Daisy see Cletus and he tells them he has checked all the hospitals and the state police and there has been no accidents involving anyone named Duke. Luke says they want to file a missing persons report and Cletus says only the Sheriff can do that. Daisy asks where he is and Cletus says he doesn’t know and Rosco hasn’t reported in today. Luke and Daisy leave and Cletus says he hopes Bo turns up okay.

Duke Farm

Rosco goes into Bo and Luke’s room and takes a bag of Bo’s items. He gets into the car and heads toward the Boar’s Nest. Rosco tries to explain to Flash that every so often one has to bend the law. As Rosco heads back he is spotted by Luke and Daisy. They call him on the CB but Rosco ignores them. Luke and Daisy chase after him and Rosco is concerned. He tries to run but he realizes he can’t lead them to the Boar’s Nest and couldn’t shake them so he stops when Luke pulls him over. Luke and Daisy get out and Rosco asks what is this about. They tell him Bo is missing and Rosco says of course he is, shocking them. They say they want to make a missing person report and Rosco asks if that’s all before deciding to leave. Luke gets upset asking what does Rosco mean that’s all and Rosco tells him he’s sorry about Bo but he can’t mess with piddling stuff as he’s on an emergency call before driving away. Daisy and Luke remark how odd he was.

Boar’s Nest

Family picture

Rosco returns and Flash tries not to let him take Bo’s things but Rosco gets them away from her. He goes into the back door to Boss’ office. He calls Boss in while Boss is watching Bo eat. Boss tells Bo to finish his whole plate before going into the office. They hang up Bo’s things and Rosco tells him that the Dukes are looking for Bo. Boss says they can have Bo back when they are done. Rosco says he’s worried about getting his memory back. Boss is alarmed to see one of the items Rosco brought was a Duke Family picture and asks why he brought it. Boss says if Bo sees it their goose is cooked. Bo comes into the office and Rosco hides it. Boss tells Bo to look around and asks if Bo remembers anything. Bo looks around and stops at the Carnival of Thrills picture saying it brought back memories of being in a car. Boss says he always liked fast cars and fast women. Bo sees the picture and Boss hides it to which Bo says he saw it. Boss folds back the part with Bo and shows it to Bo saying it a picture of the Duke Family. Bo argues that the man in the hat looks kinda nice and Boss says they are trouble and for Bo to avoid them. Bo agrees.


Luke and Daisy look for any sign of an accident.

Boar’s Nest

Bo looks over the trophies with Rosco while Boss gets a drink. Bo asks about an award on the wall and Boss takes it down saying it’s a Citizen of the Year away before covering up the s’ and saying it was given to Bo Hogg. Bo questions it saying he thinks he would remember something like that. Bo adds they don’t look alike but Rosco says they used to look alike and that Boss used to be skinny with a whole bunch of hair on his head. Boss says the years have taken their toll on him and Rosco says if Boss was a building he would be condemned.


Jesse asks around to see if he can get a lead

Boar’s Nest

Boss gets a call at the Boar’s Nest from C.V. She ups the offer to ten times and Boss agrees saying his boy isn’t afraid of nobody.

Balladeer: He would be if he had one eye and half-sense. He’d be afraid of Shooting Sheriff Little. Now when Little finds moonshine, he gets awful testy. Now them two are revenue boys. Now that there is their evidence. You can just imagine what he does to folks that drive it.

Chickasaw County

Sheriff Little finds a still and hooks up dynamite to it before blowing it up.

Boar’s Nest

Boss hangs up with C.V. and pulls out a rag to wipe he face, dropping a set of keys. He tells Bo that he and Rosco have to go out on business and for Bo to stretch out in the barber chair and take a nap. Bo says he isn’t tired and Rosco tells him to hush, saying he has to listen to his daddy. Boss says the doctor said a rest would do him good. Boss says when they get back they will ask Bo for a big favor before they leave. Outside Boss calls Rosco and they head to the still to make sure the shine is ready. Rosco says it’s like Christmas and Boss corrects him that its father’s day. Bo is unable to sleep and notices the keys. He sees the initials J.D.H. and thinks Boss needs the keys. He runs out after Boss and Rosco and seeing they are gone he drives out after them.


Luke and Daisy continue to look around for Bo and stop to see if they can find anything new. As they talk, Bo pulls up in the car asking ‘excuse me’. Daisy and Luke are shocked to see him and Bo asks if they can tell him where to find Boss. Luke rushes forward asking him where has he been, and recognizing them as the Dukes Bo yells that he wants no part in them before taking off. The two try to figure out what Bo is doing and take off after him. Luke pulls alongside Bo and they narrowly avoid a truck. Bo bumps them and loses a door before running Luke and Daisy off the road. Bo stops to check on them, and they are stunned when he leaves. Bo sees a sign post and heads toward Hazzard.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter talks to Jesse, who expresses it’s like Bo tell off the face of the earth. Cooter says Bo will show up. As Rosco and Boss enter town, Rosco sees Bo and stops the car, making Boss question what he’s doing. Cooter and Jesse see Bo and go to talk to him but Bo runs, confusing them. They chase after Bo and Boss tells Rosco to stop Bo as they got to get him out of there. Boss and Rosco get out of the car and ask Bo what he’s doing in town. Bo explains about the keys and when Jesse and Cooter arrive Boss puts Bo in the car. Jesse says he wants to talk to Bo and Boss says he doesn’t want to talk to Jesse. Bo argues to talk to him but Boss hushes him and they drive away. Jesse and Cooter yell for Bo. Luke and Daisy arrive and they tell each other what happened. Luke suggests Bo banged his head and had an accident. Cooter suggests that is why Bo is acting air-headed. Jesse asks that Boss is taking advantage of Bo and is furious. Luke says they are just guessing and they’ll trail Bo. As Luke and Daisy leave Jesse asks what is going on and Cooter tries to sooth him.

Boar’s Nest

Boss tells Bo that if they are going to get along Bo needs to remember that when Boss tells them something he means it. Bo apologizes to them both saying he was just trying to help them out and he’ll take the nap now. Boss tells him to forget about that as he has something important to do, shutting the door on Rosco. Luke and Daisy arrives and sneak into the Boar’s Nest. They hear Boss talk to Bo about running a load to Chickasaw and Bo doesn’t remember it. Luke says that confirms the amnesia and when Boss and Rosco fight about the load being sorghum or fertilizer, Luke says it’s got to be shine. Cletus arrives. Luke and Daisy say they need to drag Bo out but before they can Cletus comes in and they all see Luke and Daisy. Rosco and Cletus are on either side of Luke and Daisy while Boss tries to talk to Bo in his office. Bo wants to go help Rosco but Boss assures him everything will be fine. Daisy shuts off the lights and Luke and Daisy mess with Cletus and Rosco before escaping. Rosco and Cletus chase after them and Boss takes Bo to get ready for the drive.

Balladeer: Now down Hazzard and Chickasaw way, news travels faster than a turpentine can. Fact is right now, Sheriff Little is getting wind of Boss’ shine shipment. And he ain’t even started it yet. It’s a low down shame for old Bo but the only ones that can save him right now from driving into that trap are on the run themselves.

Chickasaw County

Bubba, the Armored Truck Driver, stops to tell Sheriff Little that a shine shipment is coming through. After Little finds a can on the ground and shoots it into a trashcan.

Hazzard County

Cletus and Rosco continue to chase Luke and Daisy. Luke jumps a riverbed and Rosco and Cletus decide not to attempt it, stopping. Cletus knocks Rosco off the edge. Daisy calls Jesse to meet them at Pine Ridge Crossroads and they leave. Bo looks over the van’s engine while Boss has the truck loaded. Rosco informs Boss that Luke and Daisy escaped. Bo tells Boss he can count on him before leaving. Boss and Rosco decide to follow him but Boss says to make sure Bo doesn’t know they are there. Bo takes Highway 3.

Jesse meets up with Luke and Daisy and they tell him that Bo is running shine for Boss and that Little will be there waiting. Luke says there is two ways into Chickasaw and for Jesse to take 3 and he’ll take 16. They split up. Little waits at the county line. Jesse sees Rosco and Boss and tells Luke and Daisy what he spotted. Boss and Rosco are talking about the money they are going to make. Jesse drives along Rosco and Boss and Rosco greets him as does Boss before they realize what that means. Rosco tries to pull over Jesse and Jesse calls Luke and Daisy to tell they he saw a van that would be Bo on Highway 3. He runs Rosco and Enos off the road. Daisy and Luke pull up along Bo and Daisy tries to get him to pull over but Bo says he doesn’t want to talk to them and for them to leave. Luke comments they are almost to the County Line and Daisy says if Little is waiting there, then Bo is gone. Luke takes the C.B. and pretends to be Boss, informing Little that a shine run is going to the county on highway 16. Boss tries to inform Little it was a trick, but accidentally rips out the CB. Little agrees to go to 16. Luke forces Bo to pull over.

Bo gets out of the van asking what are they doing and Daisy demands to know what he’s doing. She calls him Bo Duke and Bo corrects her saying he is Bo Hogg. Daisy says he lost his mind and Luke says it was his memory and he has amnesia. Luke tries to explain that they are Bo’s family. When Luke puts a hand on Bo’s shoulder Bo shoves him off and says he has a delivery to make. Luke says he thinks Boss brainwashed him. Luke tries to explain Bo can’t do this and Bo swings at Luke. Luke hits him and throws him in the truck where Bo bangs his head and falls unconscious. Luke and Daisy check on him and they realize they can’t be found there. Luke carries Bo back across the line into the woods and Daisy drives over with him.

Boss and Rosco find the van as Jesse arrives. Boss and Rosco find the shine but Rosco asks about where Bo is and what happened to him. Little arrives and comments that he finally caught him with his hand in the whiskey jar. Little takes a shotgun and destroys all the shine. Boss sobs at the loss of the money.

Balladeer: And so Boss Hogg’s dream of making a financial killing came to an inglorious end. As for Bo Hogg.

Bo wakes up to see Luke, Daisy, and Jesse all around him. Jesse asks how he’s feeling and Bo says he doesn’t know what he’s doing with them as he was going boar hunting. The family smiles in relief and Daisy says he did and he caught the biggest boar in the whole county. Confused Bo asks that he did and they help him up, promising to tell him about it later before hugging him and welcoming him back.


Main Characters[]

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Hazzard County[]

Unknown County[]

  • Tri-County Emergency

Chickasaw County[]

  • C.V. Gumble's


  • This episode is one of two times a character gets amnesia
    • The other time is Boss Hogg
  • This episode introduces Sheriff Little
  • Bo Duke is admitted to a hospital in this episode
    • This is the first time a main character was admitted to a hospital in the series
  • Rosco takes a number of Bo's items to the Boar's Nest
    • Among those are a checkered flag, a handful of racing trophies, car pictures, a poster from the Carnival of Thrills, a banner for the Hazzard Derby, and a family picture of the Dukes.


  • Unlike future episodes, the character of Sheriff Little has a friendlier relationship with Boss Hogg. Hogg is well aware of Little's no-nonsense attitude and knowledge of the terms of Bo and Luke's probation, and hopes to use him to accomplish what his own deputies have failed to do. Future episodes depict Little as having little to no tolerance for Boss' antics, and while always posing a more dire threat than Rosco, he also similarly fails to either capture Bo and Luke or successfully keep them in custody.