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Nancy is a character from the series Enos


One Daisy Per Summer[]

Jamie Cooper invites her to the Racin’ Crude Turbo expo. After introducing their new low-friction formula and Daisy Duke, she takes a note before giving Daisy a skeptical look. When Jamie says Daisy and her cousins won the Hazzard-Choctaw 200 she asks ‘Did you drive Miss Duke?’ Daisy confirms it, saying she wore the rubber right down the rims. She notes down what Daisy said and when Jamie says he figured Daisy would give them some nice photo coverage too, she tells her photographer Charlie ‘I think that’s a hint’ and has him take pictures of Daisy on the car.

As they take pictures, Jamie hands Daisy a can saying to be sure they get a shot of that, to which she comments ‘don’t worry, they will.’ Daisy suddenly yells someone’s name, running off to hug a fiend and accidentally getting a waiter caught between them, all three falling. She watches in amusement saying if Daisy drives like she walks he’s in big trouble. When Jamie scolds Daisy, she says thinks like this always make the papers. After a few moments Jamie has Daisy officially meet her and she starts to interview Daisy.