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Nancy Lou Nelson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Nancy Lou was born around 1965 to Beverly Hibbs. She lived with her and Beverly's second husband Mr. Nelson. On her 18th birthday she learned her father was Cooter Davenport and her mother described him as a wild man who always was getting into fights. She decided she wants to meet him for herself and goes to Hazzard County.


Cooter's Girl[]

While entering Hazzard, a white pickup runs a stop sign and runs her off the road and into a ditch. She gets out of the car, watching the pickup leave. A few minutes later the General Lee pulls up and Bo and Luke get out. Luke greets her, asking if she needs help. She says she does and thanks them, saying she can’t budge the car and she needs to get to Hazzard. Bo says they’ll get her out of there and introduces himself and Luke. She introduces herself, shaking their hands and Bo remarks that her name is as pretty as her hair and her. Luke says she has Alabama plates and she says she is looking for someone. Bo says if she tells them who it is they might be able to help her out there too. She asks if they know Cooter Davenport and Bo says he’s their buddy. She asks if they know where she can find him as she has to see him and it’s real important. Luke says it’s break-time so he should be at the Boar’s Nest. Luke tells her to get in the car, saying they’ll push her out and she can follow them to the Boar’s Nest. She agrees. After the boys get her unstuck she follows them.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and they go inside to see a fight going on. She watches Bo and Luke try to help break it up but also fight a little too. Bo helps one of the men who was fighting up, asking if he’s alright and addressing him as Cooter. Shocked, Nancy Lou asks if he is Cooter Davenport. He confirms it and when he asks what he can do for him she says he’s her father. Cooter asks ‘Nancy Lou’ and she confirms. He asks when she found out. She says she turned 18 last week and her mom told her everything. She says she heard about how they got married and how her parents broke them up because he was so wild and always fighting and getting into trouble. Cooter says they were kids and she snaps that her mama was right, she never should have come because her mom said Cooter probably hadn’t changed.

As she goes to storm out, Daisy grabs her and says she is making a mistake. Daisy says that Cooter didn’t start that fight and she says she didn’t want to believe it. She says she came there because she had a dream, that she was hoping she had a father she could look up to and maybe even love. She storms off and Cooter tries to follow her. She gets in her car and drives away, ignoring Cooter calling after her.

Bo, Luke, and Jesse catch up to her and stop her. She talks to the three of them as they tell her about Cooter and Luke says it wasn’t fair for her to leave without hearing anything from Cooter. Bo says it isn’t fair to her either after all the distance she traveled. Luke insists that things aren’t the way they seemed and Bo reminds her he and Luke got into a fight too. Jesse says it wasn’t Cooter’s fault and Cooter has changed and he is an honest, hard working, peace-loving man. Bo practically begs her to come back to town and Luke says he bets she will be glad she did. She says they sure must like her father and Jesse says they love him. She agrees and the three cheer. Jesse asks if he can ride with her as he’s too old to be getting in and out of the General.

They arrive in town and she sees Cooter fighting with the same two men from the bar. She gets out of the car, running over and telling them all to stop. The two men leave. She is upset and Jesse suggests that the two of them go over to the farm and fix up a big lunch. He says meanwhile the boys will get everything straightened up and come join them. She agrees and leaves with Jesse. Before she gets in the car, Cooter calls out to her and tells her that there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that he hasn’t thought about her and he’s sorry that things weren’t different out there. She nods and he gets the door for her.

She walks around the farm with Jesse and Daisy.

The boys and Cooter arrive and they all have lunch at the picnic table. The Dukes all head inside to clean the dishes, leaving her and Cooter. They sit side by side, looking at each other before Cooter says they can’t change the past and he wishes things could be different because he would have loved to see her grow up. She tells him that she just doesn’t understand and asks why he never tried to get in touch with her or come see her. Cooter says that back then, with things the way they were they just figured it was best he wasn’t around. She says when mama told her about their relationship all she could remember was the bottom dropped out of everything and Cooter was even in trouble with the law. Cooter admits that was true and he was in trouble but he never hurt anyone but himself. He says he wasn’t bad, just wild.

She is surprised when Enos and Rosco arrive. Rosco announces that he is arresting Bo and Luke and Cooter refuses to allow it. Rosco decides to arrest Cooter too and the boys flee. She is disappointed and upset and when Daisy says the boys will be back, she says she doesn’t understand. She tells Jesse and Daisy that she thought they were such nice people but she heard the Sheriff, and Bo and Luke are criminals just like her father. Daisy tells her that isn’t right and she saw the fight and knows those charges are wrong. Jesse says the law is different.

She sits in the farm house with Daisy and she apologizes to her saying she knows they mean well and she appreciates everything they have done but she’s leaving and going back home. Daisy tries to stop her, saying she’s upset and it’s a long drive home. Daisy suggests she says the night and she insists no saying her coming there was a big mistake before running out toward her car. Hearing Daisy and Jesse following her, she stops and turns to them, saying she never should have come. She says she came because she had a dream what her real father was like but she was wrong. Daisy gets upset, telling her to hold on as she doesn’t know what Cooter is like. Daisy says Nancy Lou hasn’t been there on a Sunday when Cooter picks up all the kids from the orphanage and takes them on a picnic, or the times Cooter has helped them save the farm when they couldn’t make the mortgage payments. Daisy snaps that Cooter keeps everyone in Hazzard on wheels whether they can pay for it or not. Daisy tells her that she doesn’t know who her father is and if she wants to leave then to go ahead because she isn’t going to stop her. Jesse scolds Daisy and she turns away, thinking. After a moment she turns back to Daisy saying she’s right. Nancy Lou says she can’t go as she doesn’t know what Cooter’s like but she knows he has a lot of loving friends. Jesse agrees and Daisy hugs her as Jesse says they are going to go see ‘J.D’. She gets in the jeep with Daisy and Jesse as they head to town.

They arrive in town and Daisy pulls up to Boss Hogg. Daisy explains the boys aren’t guilty of assault and she nods saying neither is her father. Boss asks who that is and she says ‘Cooter Davenport’ which shocks Boss. Boss announces he’s adding trespassing to the charges before leaving. Daisy says they haven't caught the boys yet and Nancy Lou says now they are adding a charge and this just keeps getting worse. Jesse says it isn’t, that like he tried to tell her that is just Hazzard law. He says it seems like it’s getting worse but it ain’t. Jesse calls the boys on the CB and she asks if she can speak to her father. Jesse gets Cooter on the CB and she says it’s her and Cooter apologizes for running out and says they have a lot to talk about and he can’t wait to see her again. She says she can’t either and to please be careful. Cooter assures her they will.

While riding with Jesse and Daisy, they hear Bo tell Cooter on the CB that the men are trying to dump toxic waste in Hazzard, that there are trucks 30 minutes out and they need to get in the air so Cooter has to jump the fence with the General Lee to get them. Nancy Lou, upset, asks Daisy that Cooter has to jump a fence with a car and Daisy tells her not to worry and Cooter is a great driver. She says the General Lee is a great flier as well.

They catch up with the toxic waste trucks as Luke destroys a bridge and she sees the drivers all get arrested. Cooter arrives and she happily smiles before getting out of the jeep and running over to him. They hug and she kisses his cheek.

Later they are at the Duke Farm and Cooter is reading a newspaper article that covered the story. Jesse approaches them with a packed picnic. She giggles and her and the Dukes suggest they go have a picnic together. Cooter asks what she thinks and she says nothing would make her happier, addressing him as daddy. They go off, arm and arm.