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Natasha, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


As a child, her mother used to read her letters from her mother's cousin who moved to America. She says she is the only one in her family in Russia left, implying the rest of her family has since died.

A member of the Russian Gymnast team, having lived at the 'Academy' since she was 11 and being fully dedicated to the sport. While on tour in 1983, she planed to go with them on a trip to the United States before defecting and running away to live with relatives in Detroit.


Comrade Duke[]

While in Georgia, they stop for repairs on the bus at the Hazzard Garage. After looking around to ensure no one is watching, she climbs out the back window and sneaks into the back of a nearby truck, hiding under a tarp.

She rides in the back until the pickup stops and the tarp is revealed by Vance, Coy, and Daisy Duke. She gets up, pleading with them, saying she meant no harm. She explains that she saw the truck and knew it was her last chance to escape. Daisy asks who she is escaping from, Coy adding that she doesn’t seem to be the type to run from the law and she explains it was the men by the bus. She says the men watch every move they make. Coy and Vance help her to her feet and she introduces herself, saying she is, rather was, a member of her country’s gymnastic team. Vance says he thought the letters on her clothes looked familiar. He helps her out of the truck while introducing them all to her. She shakes Coy’s hand, saying she is happy to make his acquaintance before hastily adding that she is happy to meet all of them. She tells them that she can't stay there, afraid of what will happen if the men find her. Coy says she is defecting and she says it is up to them, adding that if they were to turn her in. Daisy quickly says they aren't going to do that and Vance says they are going back to the farm to meet Uncle Jesse and figure out what to do. She quickly tells them she cannot involve their family in her trouble. Coy insists they talk about it on the way back to the farm, leading her to the pickup where she gets in and he drives them. She comments that ‘Coy’ is a pretty name and he says she is a beautiful girl.

After arriving at the Duke Farm and meeting Jesse, she sits on the couch with him and Coy, and tells all the Dukes her story. Vance tells her it took a lot of courage. Daisy says it is all behind her now, and from here on out she will have clear sailing while offering her a cup of tea. Daisy asks what she takes in it and Natasha says that back home they drink the tea from a glass with a sugar cube. She adds that she will learn the American way and Jesse says she has a lot to learn about American’s but she will, like those who came before her. He says it’s like an adventure and he sort of envies her but it would be easier if she had some friends or kinfolks to help. She tells them she doesn’t understand that word and Coy tells her it means family. She tells them that she does have that, her mother’s cousin in Detroit. She says as a child her mother read her the letters and she was always invited to America. Natasha says since she is the only one of her family left, she knows her cousin will take her in. Coy says she has nothing to worry about.

They are surprised when someone arrives, being Boss, Rosco, Borov, and Sergie. When the Dukes are ordered to hand her over, Vance says they will sneak her out the back. She protests, saying she has caused them enough trouble but Vance and Coy each take one of her hands, pulling her off the couch as she tells them they should surrender. Coy says not while he’s around and they get into the General Lee. As they speed away, she says they are coming after them but Coy assures her that Vance will ‘shake ‘em’. Vance comes up on a crane and she closes her eyes and hides in Coy’s shoulder as they go under it. Vance stops and she turns to watch their pursuers get stopped. She comments that she is amazed and asks if most people can drive this way. Coy says no, only Hazzard and asks about Russia. She tells him no one drives like that before adding that few people have cars.

They hide out in a barn until Jesse and Daisy arrive. Daisy runs to her, asking if she’s alright and she takes Daisy’s hands, saying she is a little less frightened but she feels guilty. Daisy asks why and she because of them they are in trouble with the police. Coy specifies they are in trouble with Rosco, and they are always in trouble with him. He adds that this time it will be worth it before putting an arm around her. Jesse says the men are looking for her and Coy says they won’t find her. She says they not sleep until they find her and Vance assures her it’s a long time before that. Jesse suggests taking her to the FBI in Atlanta so she could hide there while she waits for asylum. Vance says it might be safer to call the FBI and Coy says while they wait, he and her can get to know each other better. She hurriedly says she would like that, before becoming embarrassed and adding ‘very much’ a little more subdued. Jesse leaves to take care of the farm and she thanks him, calling him Dyadya Jesse to his embarrassment.

They drive up to a payphone to call the FBI but Coy says it’s dead. She admits she’s frightened but Coy says it happens all the time. She asks what will they do now and Coy says they will go into town and call from there. She asks what if they are seen and Coy holds her saying he won’t let anything happen to her. He asks if she believes him, and she says she does. They get in the car to go to town.

As they head to town, she tells Coy and the Dukes more about her childhood. Coy says it sounds like a prison and she says she loved every minute of it for the first few years but as she got older it became more demanding and she found herself wanting to be like the girls who could form their own friendships. Daisy says when she gets squared away the men will flock to her. Vance teases Coy saying Coy will chase them away. They spot Enos ahead of them and Vance speeds off to avoid him. They notice Sergie in front of them and she comments they are now between the cars. Vance says not for long and jumps off the road, causing the cars behind them to crash.

Coy and Natasha sneak in the back of Cooter’s garage where he is welding. Cooter greets them, saying she must be the dangerous criminal everyone is looking for since they wouldn’t have snuck in otherwise. She laughs and Coy officially introduces them. She asks how he and he is says he’s hanging in there, confusing her. Cooter asks how she got into so much trouble and Coy says they need the phone. Coy tries to call out and informs them that none of the outside lines are working. She says that one line would be an accident but not all. Coy says they need to go and they go back out the back to the General.

They walk hand-in-hand to Vance and Daisy, telling them what they learned. Vance says that Borov probably got all the road’s closed. Vance suggests the airport. Daisy calls for Darcy but he’s out so they decide to hide out until Darcy returns.

After they get to the barn, she spends a half hour talking to Coy. Coy tells her about his time as a test driver. She says she wouldn’t get such a choice and Coy says he is glad she’s in his county. He grabs her hands but she pulls back and he apologizes for coming on too fast. She tells him that it isn’t that, its just everything is so new, like where she live and how will she support herself. Coy suggests she marries a good old country boy and solve those problems that way. She laughs saying she knows he is teasing her. She suggests she could be a translator or a gymnastics teacher. Coy says if she becomes a teacher he could be her assistant and demonstrates a black flip. She claps, telling him it was very good. She gets up, saying it’s her turn before flipping down half the barn and cartwheeling back. Coy says that was great and moves in kiss her. Vance and Daisy interrupt by clapping and she gives a small bow before hiding, embarrassed, in Coy’s shoulder.

She listens as Darcy calls Daisy on the CB, trying to return her call. They decide to try and get to the airfield before anyone else.

When they arrive, Coy shows her the plane saying there is her one way ticket to Atlanta. She looks at him as he comments that he figures this is it. She says it’s strange as they have only known each other for a few hours but she wishes it could be more. Coy agrees and says she was a gift in his life. She tells him she has so much to be grateful for, to him and the others. She then kisses him and they go into the hanger. Daisy attempts to introduce her to Darcy but Borov’s men arrive. Borov approaches her, saying he’s disappointed in her but Daisy suddenly leaps on him and Darcy pulls her away from the fight. She is quickly captured and orders the others to stop as it would be foolish to keep fighting now. She is taken outside and put in a car, driven away from the airfield.

She is taken to the police station and Enos is told to lock her in a cell. Enos says they don’t have any legal right to do that, but Boss and Rosco come down and say that they do. Borov tells her it’s not for long, just until arrangements can be made to take her to the consulate and Boss says to make her comfortable in the meantime as she is a guest. Enos puts her in the cell and she starts crying as the others leave. Enos begs her not to cry, reminding her the Dukes are on her side. She thanks him for his kindness and says she hopes they are right. Enos says they are the Dukes after all.

At three o’clock she is taken to Enos’ patrol car by Borov and Sergie and put in the back with Borov. Down the road she is surprised and happy to see Vance in Jesse’s pickup as he uses metal teeth on the side of the vehicle to pull apart the police car. The police car is stopped when Daisy flies overhead in a plane and blinds them with pesticides. Borov tries to pull her out but Coy and Jesse arrive. Coy knocks Borov out and puts her on the trunk of the General. He tells her to grab the rope, which she does. As Jesse drives, her and Coy switch sides. Daisy flies by but Coy misses the ladder on the plane. Daisy does a second pass and she grabs the ladder. She holds onto it as Daisy flies off with her. She blows a kiss back to Coy as she climbs into the plane.

After getting to Atlanta she is granted asylum and eventual citizenship to the U.S. She moves to Detroit with her relatives.