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Ned Beemer, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


High Flyin' Dukes[]

After getting a call from Percy and Hector, informing him that they are coming to his farm at two to collect a protection payment to keep from spraying his farm with lye, he calls Jesse Duke. Jesse, Luke, Bo, and Daisy arrive. As they cover up the General, Luke tells him that the men have never seen Jesse and he can pretend to be Ned. Ned expressed doubt, asking if they really think this will work. Bo says it will and Daisy says all they need is for Jesse to make them confess. He agrees to the plan, saying he is going to get his shotgun. Jesse tells him to hand over the pitchfork, which he does.

After getting his gun down, he listens to Jesse talk to the two men. When they confess to everything, he comes out of the barn quietly, pointing his gun at their backs. When the men laugh at Jesse, he remarks that Jesse is right. They turn to him and he has the two move over to the side. Boss and Rosco arrive and he turns them over to Rosco for custody. He then returns to work.