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Neil Bishop is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Neil is a chicken farmer from Claren County. He bought a used tractor and ten chicken egg incubators from Boss Hogg. However the tractor was broken and the incubators cooked the eggs instead of incubating them. Upset at being cheated, he decided to rob the money back.


The Big Heist[]

He pulls up to the Hazzard Court House and parks his car, checking the sign to say that he can park between 8am and 6pm. He pretend to be cutting hedges until he is sure that no one notices him before going inside. He puts a screwdriver in his pocket and goes into Boss’ office. Boss tells him not to shoot and he keeps no money in his office. Seeing all the money in front of him, Boss retracts the statement to say that the money there is for his mother’s operation. He tells Boss to fill up the sack, and tosses one at Boss. Boss quickly starts to fill it and in his impatience, he accidentally tears out his pocket with the screwdriver. Before Boss can see, he quickly covers it again with the torn fabric. Boss remarks that the liquor money was hard to come by and he tells Boss to give him the bag. When Boss does he tells him to turn and count to 100. Boss rushes and he yells for him to do it slowly. As soon as he is sure Boss is busy, he runs. As he exits the building he is horrified to see his car is being towed and then Boss comes charging after him. Seeing the General Lee driving by, he runs over and dives into the passenger seat through the window.

He sits up and points the screwdriver, still hidden, at Luke Duke and tells him he would take it real kindly if Luke would keep driving. Luke remarks he would take it kindly if he would look at Luke kindly. He moves into the backseat and when they drive by the Post Office, Bo Duke jumps in the car asking why Luke didn’t stop. When Luke tells him to ask him, Neil moves up so Bo can see him. Bo nervously asks if he’s nice and comfortable back there. Neil tells Luke to just keep drivin.

After they get out of town, he has Luke pull over. He tells them that he is truly sorry about all this but he is going to need to borrow the car for just a little bit and tells them both to get out slowly. When Luke goes to get out the driver side he stops him, saying he wants Luke to get out the other way with Bo. Luke asks what kind of thief is he without a getaway car and Neil tells them he doesn’t take kindly to being called a thief. Luke apologizes and he says he’s never done anything like this before and probably never will again. He gets in the driver’s seat and tells the boys not to worry about the car as he won’t do any harm and will even fill it with gas before he leaves it. He comments he can’t do much more than that and Bo snarks that he could get it washed. Neil agrees to do that. He then leaves.

As he drives he removes his mask. Enos Strate follows him with sirens, alarming him. Seeing a sign for the Boar’s Nest, Neil pulls in and parks the General. He then grabs the money and hides it in the bed of a nearby truck before going inside. He gets a beer from Daisy Duke and stands by the door, watching it. Daisy asks him if she can get him a refill, startling him. She reiterates, asking if she can get him another and he thanks her but says he has reached his limit. Daisy introduces herself and he introduces himself as well, saying he’s pleased to meet her. When she agrees and leaves, he goes to exit but sees Enos looking at the General. He goes back inside. He looks for a place to hide until a hand comes down on his shoulder. Daisy asks him if he changed his mind about that beer. He smiles and she takes him by the arm to the bar.

After a bit Daisy approaches him again, asking if he’s okay as he keeps looking at the door like a husband behind in alimony with a wife who’s a crack shot. Neil quickly tells her not him as he’s never married. Daisy says she hasn’t either. Neil is alarmed when Enos comes in. Enos approaches them and tells them that he’s looking for Bo and Luke as the General is parked outside by Jesse's truck. Neil nervously eats popcorn as he learns Enos is looking for Bo and Luke to arrest them for robbing Boss, chocking on popcorn when Enos says it’s armed robbery.

He watches the General Lee get towed away then continues to watch the pick up and is shocked when the pickup leaves with Bo and Luke. Daisy approaches him and asks if something is wrong. Realizing she is he best chance, he pulls her aside saying that he doesn’t have a dime to his name except the beer money. He tells her he has no place to stay for the night either and she asks if he’s down on his luck. He says she could say that before asking if she wants to dance. As they dance he asks if she knows anyone who would let him sleep in their barn for the night and he’d work off his keep. She tells him they got a barn and she has to make a call but then he can drive them to the Farm. He admits that the Sheriff impounded his car and she tells him that she has 15 bucks to say it’s out. He gets excited and tells her he will make it up to her as he’s expecting some money real soon. She fixes his jacket, reminding him he still needs a place to stay for the night. He then watches her walk away.

After getting his car, he is taking Daisy to the Farm when they see Bo and Luke in the back of a police car. When Daisy says they are under arrest he remarks it sure looks like it. He arrives at the farm to see Daisy confront Jesse Duke about what happened. He’s looking for the money in the pickup when Jesse asks about him. Daisy takes him by the arm over to Jesse, introducing him and saying she said Neil can stay in the barn. Jesse greets him and notices he tore his pocket. He tells Jesse he’s a chicken farmer from Claren County. Jesse agrees for him to stay the night and says he can stay in the boys room but warns him to not ‘sleep walk’. Neil offers to unload the truck for Jesse saying that it’s the least he can do, and if he unloads the truck then Jesse can be going right to the jail house. Daisy and Jesse agree. As Jesse leaves he sets about to unload the truck and Daisy asks if he’s hungry. He admits a little but wants to unload the truck first. Daisy protests saying it looks like he hasn’t eaten in a month. She asks if he wants scrambled eggs or an omelet before admitting they will become scrambled eggs anyway. She takes him into the house.

While eating, Neil makes the decision to return the money and confess so that Bo and Luke won’t have to take the fall for him. Daisy approaches him, concerned and asking what is wrong and she hopes it isn’t her cooking. He admits that isn’t it, and it’s something he made up his mind about and he needs to do it quickly before he changes his mind. Daisy tells him to wait and he needs to finish his food first as they don’t waste food. She says she isn’t going to fuss over him as she got work and they smile at each other before leaving.

After he finishes, Daisy asks if he’s done and he says that was great and she ‘cooks real country’. He tells her he better go unload the pick up and tells Daisy he will see her. He heads outside and grabs the money before getting in his car. He’s stopped from leaving when his car doesn’t start. As he checks over the engine Daisy calls out to him, showing him she took the distributer cap and pulls the family shot gun on him. He becomes nervous but when they hear another car he takes the gun. He quickly apologizes to Daisy and asks her to stay put. He apologizes again as Jesse comes up, hiding behind his car. He then pulls the gun on Jesse and apologizes to them both and asks for them to go in the house. When Jesse tells him not to get nervous, he says he’s not nervous. In the living room Jesse asks if it was him who stole the money and he says he’s afraid so. Daisy confronts him about Bo and Luke and he explains he never meant any harm to come to them and he was returning the money.

They hear Bo and Luke arrive and he asks them to sit still. He waits for them in the living room then pulls a gun on the boys. Jesse confronts him about lying. He explains how Boss cheated him. He explains he didn’t expect to take that much and the family explains that he is still holding a gun. He tosses the gun to Luke, the money to Bo and says they got those and him. He sits down by Daisy. The Dukes decide to trust him. He tells them he’ll turn himself in as he stole the liquor money.

Following Luke’s plan, he rides with Daisy in the General Lee, leading Rosco on a chase.

At the farm, he has a beer with the Duke’s to celebrate their victory. When the Dukes discuss the 10% reward for turning Boss in, Jesse says it belongs to Neil, which the whole family agrees and Daisy says Neil needs to return to farming.