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Nelson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Miz Tisdale on the Lam[]

Slocum asks him to go to Hazzard with him to help steal the ‘Hazzard Highlands’ checks that will be arriving in the US mail and he agrees. They arrive at the Saw Mill and Boss and Rosco explain that the mail truck arrives at 8am sharp. When Slocum says they’ll be there he remarks ‘that’s right’. When Boss says they can’t show their faces, he pulls out a mask with a smile. Boss goes to tell them what to do after getting the bags but they hear someone come in. They quickly put their masks on and hide. When Bo and Luke walk past them they grab shovels and come up behind them. He goes to swing at Bo, but Bo sees him and grabs the shovel. Bo punches him over before pulling him back up but he starts punching Bo in the face. Bo manages to shove him over but Slocum gets out his gun, making Bo and Luke stop. He gets up, grabbing some rope and begins to tie the boys up. After making sure the boys are tied and gagged, they go outside.

Boss praises them before remarking they will have to change their plans a bit. Boss tells him to go get one of the boys wallets. He pulls his mask back on and goes inside. He approaches Bo, shoving him aside to look for his wallet. Confused Bo asks what he’s doing through the gag. Finding Bo’s wallet, he pulls it out and shows it to Bo before going back outside. He hands it over to Boss. They then head over to the General Lee and start pulling out all the wires and anything else they can pull free. After they head to town.

They arrive in town and he asks Slocum if he’s got the Duke’s wallet. Slocum says he does and he puts his mask on, waiting in the car. When Slocum waves him over, he drives up to the curb and allows Slocum to get in with the mail bags before driving away for the saw mill.

As they go to the hideout, they see Bo and Luke pass them before the boys turn to chase after them. Slocum tells him to step on it and he jumps a creek in an effort to lose the boys. As he continues to drive he sees a bike coming toward them and asks what is that. Slocum tells him it’s the post office lady. They crash to avoid an accident. Bo pulls him out of the car, putting him on the hood of the General. After Luke blackmails Boss he is arrested for mail fraud.