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Nelson is an antagonist from the series Enos.


House Cleaners[]

While in the hideout with Burton, he listens to the police scanner. He is surprised when there is a knock at the door, but Briggs confirms it was his partner with the last of the silver they stole on their last run. Hearing and ambulance call, he alerts the others saying he got a hot one at ‘912 Sunverse Lane, possible heart attach, ambulance responding’ while writing it down. Burton says to pass on it and he takes off the headset, crossing out the address remarking ‘you’re the boss.’ He asks if there is any chili left and is told it’s on the hotplate. He goes to get some, telling one of the others to cover the radio for him. As he eats the chili, Burton suggests for the others to go back for Chester Dade’s safe.

While monitoring the radio he hears a call for a ‘cardiac emergency’ at 51796 Los Cencion Way and Burton tells them to hit it.

As he and Burton are loading the van, Briggs returns to tell them it was a set up. Briggs says he and his partner will run decoy and for them to get the van loaded and get out of there. Burton calls Nelson back, saying he heard him and to help him get everything loaded.

They finish loading to hear sirens and Burton informs him that the cops are there. He says it’s going to be close and Burton tells him to drive. They are quickly cut off and apprehended by Enos, Turk, and Broggi.