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Nervous Norman Willis, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Close Call for Daisy[]

While passing through Hazzard he sits in the backseat, mixing a drink. When he finishes he takes it before commenting he don’t like it. He puts the glass away, explaining to Jake that the orange car has been on their tail for the past ten miles. He says they got to be Cutler and Monday’s boys and they are planning to make a hit before they get to Atlanta. Jake tries to assure him it’s not a hit. He insists it has to be and someone would use a car like that if they thought he was dumb enough to fall for it. He adds that he didn’t get where he was by being careless. Hearing a loud bang, he yells that they are blasting them before leaning out the window and shooting at the General Lee. He hits the radiator and they lose the car.

He turns back to Jake, commenting ‘that was close’ before trying to loosen his button up shirt. Jake says it’s okay but realizing something is wrong he tells him ‘it ain’t okay’ before explaining that he thinks he’s having a heart attack. They head to the town of Hazzard.

While he is in the car in pain, Jake stops in Hazzard to get help. Daisy Duke, who they assume is a nurse, opens the car door asking if she can help him. He puts down his little black book and reaches out for her. Daisy takes his hand and he says he thinks it’s too late. Daisy holds his hand while putting her other hand on his cheek, saying that he’s gotta think positive. She says nothing is never too late and as soon as his friend gets back he will go to Doc Appleby and everything is going to be alright. He clutches his chest as the pain becomes too much and passes out.

After Doc Appleby confirms that his heart is fine and it was just some indigestion, Jake comes in and asks if he’s alright. He confirms it and Jake adds that he hopes Norman has his little black book with him. Seeing the book in Jake’s hands, he points to it saying it’s right there. Jake says that isn’t his book and opens it to a page, saying ‘this was on the backseat’. He reads the notes in the book and says that isn’t his book. Jake says it must belong to the nurse and that means she took his book. Alarmed he says it has the names and numbers of every racket he’s running and if the feds see that it’s all over. They leave the find the nurse, darting back into the room to ensure he has his gun.

They drive over to the church and he waits in the car while Jake goes to verify the identity of the nurse. When Jake returns he grins asking if he found the nurse. Jake informs him that she wasn’t a nurse but a woman named Daisy Duke who was pretending to be a nurse for a play. Upset he grabs Jake’s shoulder saying they need to find her and Jake tells him to relax and that Daisy just left in her jeep. Grinning he asks if Jake knows where her home is and Jake says ‘and the road she’s taking’.

They spot Daisy’s jeep and follow her before they see the orange car fall in behind them. He says those boys don’t give up easy before leaning out the window and shooting out the front tire of the General. They continue to chase Daisy until she goes off road. Jake stops and he asks what he’s doing as Daisy as his book. Jake says they can’t go off road in that car. Jake reminds him that they know where Daisy is going.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and search for the book, but do not find it. He suspects Daisy still has it with her and Jake says she might have gone to the police with it. He tells Jake he hopes so because J.D. Hogg runs the county and if he’s got it then he has it. They leave to see Boss.

He smiles as they enter Boss’ office, about to talk to him when he hears Boss tell his Sheriff Rosco that the Sheriff just added to the troubles he has with Norman. Now annoyed, he asks what kind of trouble, alarming Boss who notices his arrival. Boss falls to his knees, confusing him and says not to get nervous. Boss begs him for forgiveness, saying he will get it back. Surprised and assuming Boss means the book, he asks that Boss has it. Boss tells him not yet but he’s going to, every last cent and he swears on the Sheriff’s life. Norman expresses confusion and Boss says the money he shortchanged him on. Fascinated, Norman leans over remarking ‘oh’ and Boss asks that he didn’t know. With a grin Norman says he didn’t but he knows now. He tells Boss to get up and says they just might work something out. Boss promises whatever he wants. He rips the ice pack from Rosco and asks if a little gal named Daisy Duke turn anything over to him. Rosco denies it and asks what is it. He yells it’s none of Rosco’s business and goes to slam the ice back onto his head but stops at the last moment and puts it more gently than he was going to. He tells Rosco to turn her over to him. Boss tells him Daisy is just a little gal and asks that Norman wouldn’t hurt her. He asks ‘Me? Hurt that little gal? Not on your life.’ He promises not to hurt her and says if Boss brings her to him they will square everything. Boss and Rosco leave to find her, Norman pats Rosco’s arm as he passes and Boss says they can have whatever they want at the office. After the two are gone Jake asks if he meant that and he confirms he did, saying when they get Daisy they will kill her so fast she won’t feel a thing. He adds that meanwhile they need to find the boys with the contract on him and cancel it. He adds that first they need to dump the limo as the boys know what to look for.

After getting a new car, they drive around looking for the General. Jake spots the General and points it out and he grabs some dynamite. When the boys drive by, he lights it and tosses it in the back seat as they pass saying ‘I got a surprise boys’. When they hear the dynamite go off, they assume the boys were killed. He laughs before saying now all they need is to wait for Hogg to come with Daisy and the book. Jake warns him that Boss is likely to read the book and he says he’s been giving that some thought. He says Hogg would love to have something to hang over his head and they better finish him off too.

They next morning they go to see Boss, trying to figure out what to do next when Rosco comes in and informs them that Daisy is at Enos’ house. Boss says they will go get Daisy but he says he and Jake will do it themselves. Boss says he promised no one would get hurt and he reminds them that he gave his word. They leave to get Daisy.

They turn around the corner and see Daisy standing outside. He gets out of the car and grabs Daisy’s arm, pulling her toward the car. He puts her between him and Jake and they drive away, the boys following. He tells Daisy to hand over the book which she says she doesn’t have. When Jake points out the General he says those boys must have nine lives. When Jake asks how the boys knew where to find him, he says Hogg must have set them up and sent the boys after them, adding Daisy is in on it with Hogg, Cutler, and Monday. Daisy explains to them that the car behind them are her cousins Bo and Luke. He says they are working for Cutler and Monday.

Luke Duke calls for him on the CB and he responds, telling Luke to speak his peace and to remember they got the girl. Luke says they got the book so maybe they can do business. He asks how does he know they aren’t Cutler and Monday’s boys as they fired on them before. Luke says they never fired on them and it was the car backfiring. Jake says he gets too nervous and the boys could be legit. Daisy says he can call Boss Hogg and check it with him or anyone in Hazzard. He agrees to check it out and tells Luke he will look into them and if they are telling the truth they will deal. He says in the meantime they are to back off. The boys stop.

He calls Boss Hogg on the CB and Boss responds saying he’s waiting. He asks if Boss knows two boys named Bo and Luke Duke who drive an orange car. Boss confirms that they are the Duke boys and asks why he wants to know. Norman says they got the girl but the boys got what they thought she had. Boss says for him not to worry and they will get the boys. He snaps that he just wanted to know who they were and they will find the boys themselves.

He calls for Bo and Luke over the CB and Luke answers. He says for them to meet at the junction of Old Post Road before showing the map to Daisy and she tells him the other road is County 27 in 30 minutes. Luke agrees.

They wait at the meeting spot when he hears a report on the CB that Cutler and Monday are believed to be in the area. He becomes frantic but Jake says they can’t leave without the book. Bo and Luke arrive and get out of the General and they move over to the boys. He demands for them to hand over the book and Luke says to give them Daisy first. Bo says they won’t have much use for it and he asks what he’s talking about. Bo says to take a look and they turn to see a limo. Assuming Cutler and Monday found them he snatches the book from Luke and gets in the car as he and Jake flee.

They see Enos coming at them from the front and turn, driving into a steel plant. Unable to drive any further they stop and get out, running on foot. When they reach a hill top they see Bo and Luke are chasing them on foot and stop to shoot at the boys. Having chest pain again, he tries to adjust his collar before they run again. They run across train tracks before shooting at the boys, then run through the plant before reaching a staircase and stopping to shoot again. Reaching the first landing, he starts to have intense pain and Jake stays behind as he continues. He reaches the next landing to find it’s a dead end. Luke catches up and he attempts to shoot him but the chest pain becomes too much for him and he is captured.

He is turned over to the FBI along with his book.