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Newtie is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


40 years ago Newtie was a member of the Ridge Raiders, a group of moonshiners who would blow up property belonging to anyone being unfair.


Return of the Ridge Raiders[]

After learning Boss is taking money for a senior center and using it for his own 'Play Pen' he decides to take action. He and six others make up the Ridge Raiders group. They set up Boss’ Mines to blow when Jesse comes running up saying it’s not the legal way. They blow up the mine and celebrate as they leave. When Henstep doesn’t immediately follow, he goes back for him.

Later they meet up for a meeting in the Coffin Works and are doing their opening pledge when Jesse arrives. They ignore Jesse’s concerns and he says that this beats sitting in the rocking chair and he hasn’t felt this good since he got his new uppers. When Henstep charges in the wrong direction, he, Virgil, and one other stop him and point him in the right direction. They go and blow up one of Boss’ still’s.

Later they meet with Jesse at the Coffin works and Jesse says they have no reason to be taking the law into their own hands but they tell him that sometimes you got to. Jesse wants to vote and he agrees. Everyone but Jesse votes to keep going. They head out again. However before they leave they approached by Buster, Boss, and Enos. Before Boss and Buster can unmask them, Bo and Luke drop a barrel down the stairs and they all use the distraction to flee.

Later they meet up to learn that there is a truck coming with equipment for the Play Pen coming that afternoon. He remarks that should all be stuff going to the senior center. They force the truck to pull over and ambush the driver, putting a sack over his head. After he gets in the truck and drives it away, following Amos’ car.

While getting a shave at the barber shop, he gets a call about Jesse being arrested for the hijacking they did. He rushes out of the barber shop to go meet Bo and Luke.

They all gather together and he remarks that Jesse was right and they should have listened to him. Luke says this isn’t going to be easy and it will be dangerous. He comments ‘so what’ saying they are the Ridge Raiders and they aren’t letting Jesse go to prison. Amos asks him if he can get the old smoke machine going. He smirks saying ‘sure can’. Luke asks what is it and he answers that ‘it’s a dingbuster’ and offers to show him but they need Amos’ car. They laugh at Amos joke about their equipment being in better shape than them before planning the details.

He rides in the back of Amos’ car with Henstep while Luke drives and Bo sits upfront. Bo tells him to hit the smoke machine as they pass Boss’ car and he does. They pick up Jesse and run. Jesse tells them they shouldn’t have done it but he says they got Jesse into trouble and they are going to get him out. When the police start to catch up he uses his machine again. However after a moment he explains ‘I’m afraid we are all smoked out’. As they pass Amos and he causes the persuing cars to spin out, he comments that it’s quite handy to have an old fire chief around. The boys explain that the next part of the plan is for them to take the truck to Boss Hogg’s office. He protests that they will be arrested and Bo tells him they won’t if the plan works and it’s legal and law abiding. He goes to argue but Jesse tells him he trusts the boys, to which he says ‘dang it, so do we’.

They meet up with the rest of the Ridge Raiders to allow Bo and Luke to go get a reporter and them to go get the hijacked truck.

They all bring the truck to the Court House and stand together. They put their hands up when Boss and the police officers first come out but Jesse tells them to put their hands down, which they do. Enos greets him as he goes to look over the truck. Boss tries to claim innocence but Jesse says they are wise to him, which he repeats. They are glad when Bo and Luke arrive. When Boss tells Coop that there is no fraud going on in Hazzard, he goes to argue but Jesse stops him. They are amazed when Boss drops the charges, has a salute done for them, and publicly hands over the items to the Senior Citizen Center to avoid his fraud being put in the papers. They quickly thank the Duke boys.

They attend the groundbreaking for the Senior Citizen’s Center. He dances with a young woman at the celebration.


This is the second character played by Shug Fisher. The first was also a prior moonshiner named Homer in Days of Shine and Roses. That character was very supportive of Boss Hogg.