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Norman is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Big Brothers, Dukes[]

He waits outside of the Bank of Capitol City with a gun folded in a newspaper. When two guards come out, he moves up behind them and informs them that the has a firearm trained on them and to move between the two cars. He directs them to toss the weapons and money into his car and moves them away before driving off.

He calls Boss Hogg at the Boar’s Nest, saying he just withdrew some money from a bank and is looking to sell it. Boss says if he means a Bank that isn’t in Hazzard County then he might be interested before asking what the deal is. He says fifty cents on the dollar. Boss says he has a hole in his screen door before refusing and offering ten cents. He demands twenty five but Boss insists on ten. Frustrated he demands fifteen and Boss tells him ten and to take it or leave it. Norman agrees saying only because he’s pressed and needs to make tracks fast. Boss asks where he is and he says at a bus stop by Johnson’s Creek Bridge. Boss tells him to come to the Boar’s Nest and he’ll give him the money.

He goes to the Boar’s Nest and Boss counts out the money before fanning out their agreed amount and asking how it looks to him. He checks it before leaving.

He gets pulled over at a road block and searched by the FBI. They confiscate the money he is carrying and he is arrested.