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Norman Scroggs is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mrs. Daisy Hogg[]

While at work, he gets a call from Luke Duke. He asks about Jamie Lee and despite Jamie Lee supposing to be a rick successful hot shot in Atlanta, he never heard of him nor could he find anything written about him in Atlanta. He went through the news desk and the business editors as well as the society editor but no one else knows either. Luke thanks him and says ‘Bo says hey and give our best to the kids’.

10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1[]

Luke calls Norman and asks him if he’s ever heard of Jason Steele. He tells the Luke that the talk around Atlanta is that he’s some kind of bounty hunter and gets paid to get people out of his client’s way. He says he scares some away and scams a few in prison saying he’s a ‘lovable cuss’. Luke says he might be after him and Bo and asks if Norman can get a picture. He says he’ll check into it and get back to them. He says for them to be careful as Steele is a real bad dude. He says for them to watch themselves and he’ll check back with them later.

The next day he calls Luke back at the Hazzard Garage. Cooter answers the phone and he has him give it to Luke. He tells Luke he’s got bad news and there isn’t a single picture of Steele in his paper or the other nearby ones. Luke says from what Norman has told him he can’t hardly believe that and it doesn’t sound possible. Norm says he does have something that could help as he has a clip about Steele that he was the one to arrest an old moonshiner named Wilkenson. He says Wilkenson claims his home address is Hazzard. Luke says he knows him and that he can give them a description. Luke thanks him before hanging up.