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Norris, originally credited as Wayne, was a reoccurring character in The Dukes of Hazzard and a typical companion of Hughie Hogg and is usually partnered with Barclay.


Season 3[]

The Return of Hughie Hogg[]

He drives a fire truck with Hughie to Hazzard. When they arrive, Boss Hogg makes a large show of their donation of a fire truck to Hazzard County. When Bo and Luke arrive, he readiness to intervene if needed.

As part of Hughie’s plan, he, Boss, and Barclay head over to Zach Wheaton’s farm where Boss had him set a fire and call out all the volunteer firemen, including the Dukes.

While Hughie meets with his conman, he waits in the bushes when Bo and Luke arrive. When Bo and Luke go to confront Hughie, he comes out with a gun pointed at them saying all they are about to do is spend time in the federal pen. When Bo asks what for she says moonshining. He then tells them to go and pushes them toward Hughie.

They take the boys back to the County Jail to watch Rosco put the boys in a cell.

Hughie hires them as deputies now that he has taken over Hazzard. When Boss writes a check to bail Bo and Luke out, they go into the police station with a gun on all of them, stopping the boys from leaving.  He tells Bo and Luke if either of them take one step out of the jail it’ll be the last walking they ever do. Bo says Boss just bailed them out and he tells him that Boss’ account belongs to Hughie now along with everything else Boss put in his name. They take Bo and Luke back down to the cells.

Under Hughie’s order, he, Barclay, and Roy rename Hazzard to ‘Hughie Town’, nailing up a sign.

When Bo and Luke attempt to escape, they spot them. He grabs Bo, throwing him down the stairs and against the wall. He tosses Bo back into the lower room and Bo hits him hard in the face, knocking him down. He manages to get his gun, stopping them yelling ‘freeze or I’ll shoot’. As the boys bicker he shoves them into the cell and pulls Cletus out by his tie telling him to get out of the whole building as he just got fired for stupidity on duty. Cletus reminds him that he wasn’t the one just got beat up.

The next day he helps toss out the owner of Joe’s Hardwear and collect a higher rent from the barber shop. When Rosco comes into the police station to confront Hughie, they come up behind him. When Rosco threatens to hit Hughie, Hughie tells them to book him and take him away. As they take Rosco downstairs to lock him up they are grabbed by Bo and Luke. Bo shoves him into the jail cell, taking his gun and putting it in the other cell as Rosco locks the door. All three flee as Bo yells ‘bye’ to him.

Barclay frees them and returns his gun. They go outside and he says the boys got to be nearby and to look at the garage. They approach Cooter and he calls him Mr. Goodwrench saying they know the Dukes are hiding there. Cooter tells them to check wherever just stay away from his truck. Barclay points out an oil drum that is shaking but when they kick it over they don’t see anyone. They spot Cletus and pull him out from under a car, asking for the Dukes. Cletus says they went south and he and Barclay leave to chase after them.

After being unable to find the boys, they return to the Boar’s Nest and change prices on alcohol. He, Barclay, and Roy play cards after Hughie leaves with Daisy. After a bit he hears a strange noise and remarks it sounds like something is wrong with the air conditioner. Barclay says there isn’t one and they send Roy to check it out. After a moment he comments it’s giving him a headache and tells Barclay to go see what is taking Roy so long. He then hears noise going on in the office. Realizing the Dukes are up to something, hearing Luke’s voice, he goes outside to see Bo. He pulls a gun on him calling him ‘sod-buster’ to Bo’s offense. Bo tells him that he wouldn’t try nothing with the gun as there is someone behind him with the same one. He asks if Bo thinks he just jumped off the tater truck but Rosco brings a tire down around him and he drops the gun. Bo helps secure the tire and Rosco rolls him down the hill.

He manages to get up and the three of them run up the hill and into the same car. They pursue Cooter’s truck and the General Lee. They catch up to the General and Bo swerves all over the road. They follow the boys down to the creek bed, bumping into Hughie before following the boys along the top of the creek. Hughie tells them to take the bridge but they learn too late the bridge is out. Their car crashed into Hughie’s in the air.

Later they are taken out of town by Cooter.

Season 4[]

Hughie Hogg Strikes Again[]

While on their way to Hazzard, he plays cards with Barclay in the back of the RV, drinking a beer. He is informed that they just spotted the Dukes. They laugh after Hughie runs the boys into a pond before returning to their game. After he stays in the RV while Hughie goes to talk to Boss Hogg.

Later, while Hughie is disguised as an old man, he is walking through Hazzard square with him and Barclay. After they hear tires screech, Hughie tells them they got company, pointing out Bo and Luke in a brown car. He asks that they are the ‘two sod-busters in the orange car’. Hughie says they need to go into the act right now and the three quickly move into the movie theater. He helps change Hughie’s disguise into an old farmer. After he and Barclay go their separate ways from Hughie.

During the night he goes to the Garage with Hughie and Barclay. They set up a container of moonshine while Hughie connects it to the gas pump. He hides the container with tree branches.

The next morning they arrive at the garage and Barclay and Norris get out pf the RV. Barclay has him pump ‘gas’ for them. As Jesse unknowingly pumps moonshine into the tank they see him call over Daisy and give her directions before telling them he likes to keep a neat filling station. When Jesse explains that he has to fill the tanks slow, he asks if Jesse is sure it’s the ‘special stuff’ that he’s selling. Jesse says he is sure and he filled it himself. When Jesse finishes filling the can, he hands it to Norris and tells them the price. He remarks they got all they need and puts in the truck. After Barclay pays, they drive off.

After Hughie drives them to the other side of town, he get out telling them to go to their meeting place and listen to the C.B. in case he needs them. He rides away. After parking the RV in a barn they move away from it until they see Bo and Luke sneak in. They follow the boys inside as they find out that Hughie is behind it.  He pulls a gun on both Bo and Luke and approaches Bo. He tells Barclay to get something to tie them up but Bo knocks the gun aside, causing him to shoot the CB. Luke shoves them both out of the RV. Luke tackles him to the ground and he gets off a shot before Luke takes the gun away. He manages to overpower Luke but then Luke gets the upper hand, knocking him down before Bo throws Barclay on him. The boys flee. They get into the RV to see the CB is shot and decide to go to a phone.

After they find a phone, he waits beside it as Barclay fills Hughie in on everything that happened. After they head out to the County building. Upon arrival he gets out to help Hughie get the evidence into the RV. Once loaded, they leave for Capital City.

As they head to Capital City, Norris and Barclay play cards in the back. When Hughie dumps glass in the road to try to lose Bo and Luke, Boss yells over the radio about how he almost fell for the glass and they all laugh. He sits in the back as Barclay and Hughie try to handle the Dukes. Luke throws a beehive in the RV and they are all attacked by bees. They try to flee when Hughie stops the RV but is tackled by Luke. He gets up to find Bo and they fight, Bo knocking him out.

Later he is escorted to Hughie’s car by Cletus and shoved in the back with Barclay. They leave with Hughie.

Season 5[]

The Revenge of Hughie Hogg[]

Hughie, Barclay, and Norris return to Hazzard, intending for Hughie to run for Sheriff against Rosco. They watch Boss Hogg make an illegal business deal and record the entire thing with Hughie. When they complete their job, Barclay says Hughie is one of the most parasitic people he ever met, the Norris’ amusement and Hughie’s pleasure. He agrees, saying Hughie is the absolute pits to everyone’s amusement.

As they head to town, the spot the General Lee with Coy, Vance, and Daisy. They are amused when Hughie tries to run the Duke’s off the road. However he is alarmed when the plan backfires and the bug is the one run off.

They go to Boss Hogg’s office and watch him reunite with Hughie. He listens to Hughie change gears, threatening Boss to turn the evidence he gathered over to the police unless Boss backs Hughie in the election for Sheriff.

Under Hughie’s orders, Barclay and Norris go around town, pulling down any support for Rosco and replacing it with Hughie’s campaign.

While doing the campaign for Hughie, Barclay and Norris overhear the Dukes tell Rosco at the Hazzard Garage that they will be backing Rosco for the election.

They run into the Police Department and when Barclay says they have news, Hughie says he loves a surprise. He says ‘not this one’ before telling Hughie that the Dukes are supporting Rosco. Hughie orders them to get rid of the Dukes until after the election.

Norris and Barclay wait by the road with ski masks on until Coy and Vance come around to hang a poster. They come out of the bushes with a gun, telling Coy and Vance that they will not be putting up anymore posters as they are going on a little ride with them. When Vance tosses a hammer to Barclay, Coy suddenly attacks him, knocking the gun away and sending Norris down. He gets up as the boys flee in the General to give chase. He suggests they take a different road to cut off the Dukes but the road suddenly ended, forcing them to jump and lose the boys.

They return to Hughie, informing him that they tried to snatch the Dukes but the boys got away.

They go over to the Garage to see the Dukes campaigning. When Rosco refuses to arrest them, Boss swears in Hughie who simply says ‘I do’ and takes the badge. He turns to Norris and Barclay saying ‘Boys’ and they respond with ‘we do’ to which Hughie says they are now sworn in. He is then ordered to arrest the Duke Family. As he goes to do so, he is tripped into a stack of tires. He manages to get up and chase after the Dukes. They go around Hazzard square and he tells Barclay not to lose them before continuing the chase out of town. They come to an intersection where the Dukes split up and they stay with Vance and Coy. When the General slows down, he assumes they are out of gas but it turns out it was a trick to allow a crane operator to seize the car and lift them in the air. The Duke boys escape.

While Barclay and Hughie attempt to arrest the Dukes, he tries to set up a road block. However Vance and Coy slip by. They return to the station and Hughie asks him to go check on Daisy and make sure she is comfortable along with delivering her a set of flowers. He finishes the task and returns to Hughie, who asks if they ‘hear that’. Barclay says he smells something to which Norris says it’s not him. They conclude it’s a skunk and flee. After they find the prisoners are gone.

Hughie, Norris, and Barclay get a call from Vance at the Police Station, playing a tape of the crimes Hughie confessed they did to Daisy. Hughie agrees to a swap but then they leave the station, intending to arrest the Dukes and get the tape before the meeting.

Hughie, Barclay, and Norris set up the three women with Hughie’s campaign on the side of the road and wait in the bushes. When Vance and Coy stop for them, they come out to confront the boys. After Coy hands over the tape, they move to arrest them but he is knocked down by Vance. The boys then flee. He asks if Hughie wants them to chase the boys, but Hughie says it’s a waste of time.

As they drive back to town they discover the tape given to them was blank and Vance calls them on the C.B. At Vance’s demand, they head to Morgan’s Glueworks.

They hide in the glueworks building until Vance, Daisy, Boss, and Rosco show their hands. They come out and take both tapes before he takes Hughie’s gun and informs him that they are double crossing him as well. Coy drops down from the loft and he is splattered with a barrel of black goo. Vance attacks him, but he overpowers Vance and they run. After getting in the car they drive away with the General chasing after them. Coy forces them down a closed road and they run into a pond before they are captured by Vance and Coy.

Enos leads them out of the jail later and they are forced to leave Hazzard.