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Norton is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Hazzardgate Tape[]

Sharkey, Hopkins, and Bowman debate about Boss’ future as Norton and Janco listen while Norton plays with some rope. After the Boss’ decide to kill Boss Hogg, they hear a loud clatter and a yell and rush outside to investigate. They go out the door and run around the barn, catching sight of Vance and Coy as they get in the General Lee and drive away. Sharkey and the other’s conclude they may work for Boss. Sharkey tells them to get the boys and they give chase, driving the blue car. While chasing the boys down a dirt road, he hits a stack of crates a local has. He keeps the car straight to allow Janco to shoot at boys. After Janco runs out of ammunition he attempts to pull up alongside Coy but is forced to jump the car to keep up. As they pass Wilton’s Crossing, a pickup moves between them and the General and he honks his horn in annoyance. He is told to go around and when he says he can’t as the road is too narrow, he is told to run them off. He rams into the back of the pickup. In the attempt to run them off the road, he goes off a small ravine, losing the Dukes.

After getting the car on the road, they return to the Hadley farm and inform the three bosses that they lost Vance and Coy. Sharkey orders Norton and Janco to get rid of Hogg, and they leave to do so.

They arrive in town to see Boss stretching in the road and the Dukes nearby. Janco tells him that the Dukes must have warned Boss and to get him. Norton attempts to run him down but the Dukes save Boss. He goes down the road and turns around, coming back just as Vance and Coy speed off with Boss in the General Lee. They follow. He turns a corner to see Rosco and Enos between him and their target. He curses, saying first it was a farmer and now it’s cops. Janco says they need to hold off on hitting Hogg and he stops the chase, heading back to the others.

They return to the Hadley Farm and explain to Boss Sharkey what happened. Sharkey says that Boss is going to hide somewhere for now. They are instructed to find the orange car for now.

They track the General Lee to the Duke Farm and watch the Dukes from on top of a nearby hill. Janco says they need to get everyone outside and when Norton asks how will they do that, Janco suggests they smoke them out. Janco then shows him a smoke bomb. They sneak down to the Farmhouse and get past Enos before approaching an open window. He covers Janco while the man tosses the smoke bomb into the house. They move to the front door of the house, pointing their guns at it but Enos runs up, telling them to freeze and drop the guns. Boss comes out and knocks over Enos, and they take the chance to grab their guns and flee. As he drives he sees the Duke boys chasing them. The boys give up and he tells Janco to let them go as the law is probably behind them and he doesn't want to mess with the officers right now.

After Boss calls Sharkey to meet, he goes with the three county Boss’s and his partner to Boss’ house and listens to them negotiate. Boss offers a toast and heads outside to get his ‘finest shine’ and they begin talking about him. When Sharkey notes that Boss has been gone too long, he and his partner head to the kitchen to find him. They go out back to see the Dukes, Rosco, and Boss. They point a gun at Boss, remarking they all got trouble now. They take all four men inside and explain that the boys recorded everything that was said. He hands over the tape to Sharkey. He is suddenly knocked down by Coy. They are all held by Rosco at gunpoint while Coy takes the tape and leaves with Hogg and Vance for the State police.

They hold out their hands to allow Rosco to arrest them, but Enos comes in and when he sneezes, he captures the deputy. He covers both men as Janco puts them in a closet one by one. They return to Sharkey, and he says they need to get Hogg and the tape, and there is an extra $10,000 apiece for them if they do it. He agrees, saying there is only one road the boys can take to get to Capitol City.

He drives the car with Janco and Sharkey when he sees the Dukes. Sharkey tells him to cut cross-country. They get ahead of the General and try to cut it off by the General gets around them. He turns to continue the chase. When the Dukes hand the tape over to Jesse in his pickup, he turns the car to chase the pickup. When Jesse hands the tape to Daisy, they turn to follow Daisy. When Janco shoots out Daisy's tire, he stops so Janco can shoot her. However they are hit from behind by Coy and forced in the back on a truck's trailer. The boys then lock them inside.

They are arrested and handed over to the State Police.