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Nurse, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


How to Succeed in Hazzard[]

They head to Hazzard in an ambulance and in the back she opens a bottle of champaign. She pours herself and Dewey a glass before drinking it. She grins as Dewey comments he is about to steal Hazzard blind.

They arrive in town at Boss Hogg’s home and help get Dewey out of the ambulance in a wheel chair as two people, Daisy and Cooter, come over to investigate. Dewey pretends to be sick and dying. When Dewey tells Daisy he is dying and starts coughing, she yells ‘please, save your energy Mr. Hogg’ before moving him up to Boss’ house.

Boss answers his door but is furious to see Dewey and pushes them out. However after Dewey says he is dying, Boss opens the door and she pushes her and Dewey in, watching Dewey lay out his scam for his Uncle Boss. Boss asks her what is really wrong with Dewey and asks if it’s catching. She says medical science just doesn’t know yet.

Dewey and her head to the fake grave site with Boss in Boss’ Cadillac. While Boss and Dewey look at it she stands by the car, filing her nails.

They return to town and the driver helps her put Dewey in his wheelchair. Rosco arrives, announcing he is going to arrest Dewey but Boss stops him. The Dukes question how sick Dewey is and Dewey pretends to stop breathing. She yells to get him on life support fast. She wheels him back to the ambulance.

The next day Boss calls a town meeting and she attends by the Gazebo. As the meeting occurs she notices Luke standing with Daisy and Cooter and smiles at him. Luke smiles back before waving and making his way over. She greets him, asking if there is something she can do for him. Luke asks if she wants to check his blood pressure and she says gladly before asking if he wants to feel her pulse. Luke takes her hand and they walk away. During their conversation, Luke asks who Dewey’s Doctor is and she gives him an alibi. After she goes back to Dewey and when he asks if Luke took the bait she confirms he did.

Later they have a town meeting to celebrate reaching the goal of $50,000 from the people of Hazzard. After Dewey says he needs to rest and the driver and nurse take him to Boss’ house. While Daisy visits him, the nurse and driver stand by the ambulance, having hot dogs and soda.

Boss and Rosco arrive at the house, asking what are they doing outside while his nephew is dying inside, confused they go inside to see the house a wreck and Daisy, Cooter, and Luke all explain Dewey was chasing Daisy around. They help Dewey in the chair as he says Daisy attacked him. They take Dewey out to the ambulance saying it’s rest time. Dewey tells them it was close and they need to move onto the bank.

They leave town and circle back to allow Dewey to steal the money. After she pushes Dewey in the wheel chair in the back alley to provide a cover. Daisy and Luke are walking by when Daisy ‘falls’ across Dewey’s lap and Luke ‘helps’ her by checking to see if a wheel was knocked loose. Boss and Rosco come over and Dewey says the money is gone as he can feel it in his bones. They go into the bank and confirm Jesse no longer has the money. Dewey accuses Jesse of stealing the money and she nods along with him. Boss orders the Dukes’ arrest and when the Dukes make a run for it, she pulls Dewey back from the doorway.

After Dewey is tricked into retrieving the money, they attempt to flee Hazzard in the ambulance. Thinking they escaped, her and Dewey toast their future trip to South America. When Enos follows the ambulance, her and Dewey bail out and they go to an emergency get away vehicle they stashed. She carries the money, promising she is behind them. After getting strapped in Dewey drives off.

She is shocked when the Dukes catch up to them. Dewey attempts to take a new path to avoid the Dukes but ends up driving into the pit dug for his grave, stopping them and allowing them to be caught.

The nurse is forced to walk out of town with Dewey and the driver, Rosco following them to ensure they leave Hazzard.