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The nurse is a minor character from the series Enos.


House Cleaners[]

Seeing Chester Dade out of his room, yelling at Melissa, Enos, and Turk she approaches, scolding him and saying ‘Mr. Dade, you are not supposed to be out here.’ He says he’s out there because a nurse stole his arm to which she comments ‘the baby.’ She then puts a finger on his shoulder saying ‘tell you what’. She offers to get his arm back for him if he will get back in his bed. When he declines she says ‘oh come on’ and adds she will give him a nice massage and make him feel better. She starts rubbing his shoulders and he agrees. She comments ‘come on sweet face’ before she wheels him back into his room.

While Mr. Dade is being discharged, she hears him being rude to Enos again. She tells Enos to excuse them before wheeling Mr. Dade away saying they are going to roll into her office and she will return his arm. He asks that she hasn’t shot anybody to which she says ‘not yet’. Before they reach the office Melissa arrives. Dade starts yelling at her and the nurse wheels him into her office. Melissa comes in a few moments later and starts yelling back at him.