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Officer Daisy Duke

"Officer Daisy Duke" is the seventeenth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Bo and Luke unintentionally get Daisy fired from the Boar's Nest by helping her ask Boss Hogg for a raise. Boss hires a new temporary acting sheriff, Grady Byrd, who has been the night watchman at the Hazzard County Gravel Pit for 20 years. Boss Hogg tells Grady that the Dukes are the enemy, and to keep the Dukes out of his hair. Daisy cannot find another job, so Enos suggests that Daisy apply for a position as a Hazzard County deputy. Jesse is all for it, but Boss Hogg is against the idea of having any Duke work as a deputy. Enos spots Floyd Baker and Molly Harmon, a pair of wanted bank robbers. Enos contacts Grady, who finds the robbers and chases them. Grady stops their car and takes them to the Hazzard jail. Later, Grady gives Daisy and two other female candidates a written and physical test. Daisy is the only one who passes, and as much as Boss Hogg and Grady hate it, they have no choice but to make Daisy a deputy. Bo and Luke get overprotective of Daisy, and Daisy makes it clear that she does not want any help from Bo and Luke, because they got her fired from the Boar's Nest by trying to help her get a raise from Boss Hogg. When Daisy gives Boss Hogg a ticket for parking in a red zone, Boss Hogg tells Grady to make sure Daisy does not patrol any more beats. Boss tells Grady to make Daisy do the kind of jobs that would make her quit her job as a deputy. Later, at the jail, Floyd and Molly knock Daisy out, and escape in her patrol car. Enos sees them leaving, but they get Enos off their tail. They even get Bo and Luke off their tail. Daisy comes to, and Boss, who wanted the $10,000 reward being offered to whoever gets Molly and Floyd, tells Grady to fire Daisy for letting Molly and Floyd escape. Grady fires Daisy, and outside, Bo and Luke want to go with Daisy to get Molly and Floyd, but Daisy tells Bo and Luke to stay out of the way, and then Jesse tells them to leave Daisy alone. But Molly and Floyd have Daisy's gun. Will Daisy and Enos be able to find Molly and Floyd, and will Daisy get her job at the Boar's Nest back?

Balladeer: Now usually the road to Hazzard County’s favorite watering hole, the Boar’s Nest, is deserted at this hour of the morning. But Bo and Luke and Daisy Duke have some pressing business with Boss Hogg. Y’all know that it takes the early bird to catch the worm, which is a pretty good description of Boss Hogg. Well one thing about Luke, he didn’t beat around the bush none when it came to asking old Boss to raise Daisy’s salary. And this is what happens when you shake Boss’ money tree. Well when you sell pigs to buy pig feed, you ain’t gonna have to be in the pig business for very long.

Boar’s Nest

Luke drives Daisy and Bo to the Boar’s Nest, saying Daisy has been thinking of asking for a raise since her second week. Luke says he’ll ask for her and that Boss has been paying her so little for so long and he hadn’t noticed. Luke goes to talk to Boss with Daisy. Luke says he needs to do better. Daisy becomes alarmed and Luke threatens for Daisy to quit if she doesn’t get a raise. Boss fires her. Daisy starts yelling at him as Luke tries to fix it.

Police Department

Balladeer: Now when Boss decides to hire a new Sheriff, first thing he’s got to make sure about is that the man is courteous, courageous, and corrupt. Mostly Corrupt.

Boss interviews Grady Byrd for the job of Sheriff. Enos is hanging a wanted poster of a couple wanted for armed robbery when Grady and Boss come out of the office and announce Grady is the new Sheriff. Enos tells them they have a new directive under the Equal Opportunities Law and asks them about it but Boss is more distracted by a reward for the bank robbers, despite the fact that they probably won’t even be in the state.

Outside Bo and Luke are helping Daisy look for a job when Enos tells them about the Equal Opportunities Law after learning Daisy got fired. The Dukes all laugh about it at first and Enos insists it would be a good idea for Daisy to try and join the police department. The boys tells him it was a nice try.

Duke Farm

While Jesse, Bo, Luke, and Cooter are working on the tractor, Jesse asks them what is wrong with a Duke being a police officer. Jesse says he didn’t raise the kids to be against police, just the crooked ones and with Enos being the only good officer they could use another one. Daisy asks about the chores and Jesse says they will figure something out. Bo offers to have Luke take care of it for her, and since Luke was the one to get her fired Luke agrees to everyone’s amusement.

Police Department

Luke and Enos put in Daisy’s application to Grady and force him to accept it saying that the new directive doesn’t allow him to refuse. He says Daisy will have to pass a few exams and physicals and Luke says she will do it. Luke and Daisy leave to brush up on a few laws. Enos says she would make a good deputy. Luke and Daisy greet Boss outside, alarming him and causing him to go inside to protest to Grady, who tells him Daisy has to be allowed a fair chance.

Duke Farm

Daisy starts working out, running with the boys in the General, practicing firing with Luke, Bo, and Cooter and hitting every can on her first try. Bo and Luke attempt to cook and clean but Jesse comments that they aren’t good at it. Daisy studies from the books while Grady watches Daisy.

Police Department

While Enos is getting a cup of coffee, he notices the bank robbers. Enos calls in Grady and tells them about the two bank robbers headed out on State 30. Grady heads after them and tells Enos to come back him up. However he emphasizes that Enos must stay far enough back that it will be no question that the arrest is Grady's. Grady arrests the two bank robbers and locks the two up.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke start bickering on the farm about the chores.

Police Department

While Daisy and two other women are taking the written test, Luke and Cooter try to help by writing answers but Daisy sends them away and passes the test. Enos is helping one of the other females and Luke watches as Daisy disarms a suspect who Grady hadn’t expected her too. Grady and Enos pull her off the 'suspect', passing her. Luke tells Cooter he’s glad he isn’t the one Daisy took down. The three women do the shooting test, this time Bo is watching instead of Cooter. Daisy gets all her shots in the same hole while one woman gets two, and the other woman, Mary Ellen, gets three. Grady pins Daisy as a deputy sheriff.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke continue to bicker around the house before heading to town intending to look over Daisy. Grady tells Daisy to break up a fight at the Boar’s Nest and Bo and Luke head there.

Boar’s Nest

A large brawl had broken out at the Boar’s Nest. Bo and Luke come in and tell everyone to stop. When they don’t the cousins join in. A few women cheer Bo on as he throws one over the bar Bo and Luke start dumping the unconscious men behind the bar to Jimmy's displeasure. Daisy arrives and looks around but doesn’t see any fight. The boys greet her and confused she leaves. Bo and Luke continue to help her through the day, including removing a ladder from a peeping tom and running a speeding driver off the road. The driver reveals to Daisy that Bo and Luke have been helping her.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke are doing chores when Daisy charges in and yells at the boys to back off. Jesse takes Daisy’s side.

Police Department

Enos goes down to check on the two prisoners and take the copy of the keys from them. Outside Daisy writes a ticket for Boss Hogg for illegal parking. Boss says it was his driver’s fault and he warns Daisy but Daisy writes him a ticket for threatening a police officer. He tries to bribe her and she writes him another ticket before leaving. Furious Boss tells Grady to put her in another job 'fit for a woman'.

While Daisy is cleaning floors downstairs, Enos checks on her and Daisy vents about the unfair treatment. Enos says it’s like the army and everyone does KP every so often. Floyd asks Enos to make his one phone call. Floyd calls his friend Harry to organize an escape.

Duke Farm

The next day Luke decides to go check on Daisy anyway and Bo argues that Daisy will be fine.

Police Department

Daisy goes to bring Floyd and Molly breakfast but Molly seems to be hurt. Daisy tries to check on her but Molly knocks her out and Molly and Floyd flee. As they leave they are spotted by Enos. Enos calls for help and Bo and Luke hear it on the radio. They are worried thinking Daisy was taken along and chase after the bank robbers. Enos wrecks into a few locals and tries to call Grady. He takes a car that belongs to a local named Andy, who tries to warn him he has been running on empty but Enos leaves.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Grady talk about the reward and Boss says he will be claiming 2/3 of it and Grady will get 1/3. While Grady is in shock, Boss is informed that the bank robbers have escaped and they head out to join the persuit. Daisy wakes up and realizes what happened. Bo catches up to Molly and Floyd and chase after them but Bo crashes into a tree limb. The two get away and steal a new car.

Police Department

Boss and Grady arrive and Daisy explains what happened. Boss and Grady fire her and Grady tries to call the Highway Patrol but Boss doesn’t allow him and they go to leave. Daisy comes outside to see Bo and Luke, who just got brought in by Cooter. They say they are going with them and Daisy says no, it’s her problem The boys insist but Jesse and Cooter walk over. Jesse tells the boys to wait and Daisy is a deputy sheriff and they need to let her go. Daisy thanks him and leaves. As soon as Daisy is gone however Jesse tells the boys to go after her but not to let her know and to take the jeep. Cooter waits until the boys are gone and asks who is going to keep an eye on Bo and Luke. Jesse asks who does he think and to get moving. Cooter laughs and asks who’s going to watch them. Grady and Boss need to follow and since Alex isn’t there Grady has to drive.


Daisy drives after the crooks to find Enos stranded. Daisy refuses to team up with him at first and Enos pleads his case so she lets him come.  Bo and Luke meanwhile meet the owner of the car that was taken who tells them he saw Daisy and Enos going the wrong way. Luke puts a call on the C.B. pretending to be the state highway patrol, telling Daisy and Enos where the car is going but everyone else hears it too.

Daisy chases after the crooks down Choctaw Trail but Bo and Luke choose Swamp Road. The boys find the road is a dead end and they head back toward Choctaw Trail. Daisy and Enos find the crooks car but the two had fled on foot. They head to the air field and despite Enos wanting Daisy to stay behind she refuses. Cooter and Jesse reach the crossroad and Jesse decides to head toward the swamp. Boss and Grady arrive and take the Swamp Road as well. While Daisy and Enos try to go down a ravine, Enos falls and hurts his ankle. Unable to get up, he gives Daisy his gun and tells her to go and get the prisoners. He says they are police officers and she has to leave him there. Enos tells Daisy he really cares for her and Daisy says nothing is going to happen to them before kissing Enos and leaving. Bo and Luke find the cars and head toward the airstrip with their bows. Daisy is found by Floyd and Molly. Floyd tells Enos they have Daisy.

Cooter and Jesse realize they are on the wrong road and turn around. Bo and Luke find Enos and he tells them about Daisy being a hostage. They pull him up the hill and take him back to the cars. Molly and Floyd see Hary arriving and have taken Daisy with them. Bo notices the plane and they realize that it’s an escape plan. Bo and Luke head to Morgan’s Airfield in the jeep as Enos tells everyone else over the c.b. what is going on. Jesse, Cooter, Boss, and Grady all decide to cut through Bobcat Flats. Harry lands and picks up Molly, Floyd, and Daisy. He tries to take off. Bo and Luke get on the airstrip and Bo drives to the plane to allow Luke to shoot dynamite arrows. The boys are willing to ram the plan but Daisy drives it into the ground and arrests all three. Cooter and Jesse arrive as does Boss and Grady. Grady and Boss try to take the credit but Cooter points out Daisy just made the arrest.


Balladeer: Now old Grady and Boss wasn’t about to let Daisy get the credit for capturing those prisoners. Not layin’ down anyway. No Sir. They stood up alongside everybody else to watch the FBI decorate her for her bravery and hand her a check for $10,000, which Daisy donated to the Hazzard Children’s Orphanage, after deducting the repair bill on General Lee. Well Daisy may have proved without a doubt that when it comes to action she can hold her own with any man but when it comes talking she can’t get a word in edgewise with the men of Hazzard County.

Daisy quits being a police officer to return to her job at the Boar’s Nest. Luke insists about giving Daisy a raise and Boss says she gets 10% of her tips. Luke and Jesse debate with Boss, to Daisy’s shock and Bo, Cooter, and Enos’ amusement as Boss accidentally agrees to give Daisy 100% of her tips.

Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


  • Nick Dimitri as Defense Instructor
  • Glenn Morshower as Roadside Victim


  • As of this episode, all three of the main Duke cousins have been Deputies for Hazzard County, due to Bo and Luke's temporary stint in Deputy Dukes
  • Boss hires Grady Byrd as Temporary Sheriff in this episode due to Rosco still being gone for an unknown amount of time
  • Despite Jesse being stated to dislike police, he encourages Daisy to be a police officer
    • Jesse had been furious with Boss and Rosco for hiring Bo and Luke as deputies but it was due to them forcing the boys into it and sending them to pick up a dangerous criminal without any way to protect themselves. In this case, Daisy actually wanted to be a police officer and Jesse didn't see any immediate danger
    • Jesse also explains that he didn't raise the kids to be against the police, only the police officers who are a disgrace to their badge.
  • This episode is Daisy's first experience in a plane. She would later get a pilots license and learn how to be a crop duster in the show.


  • Daisy Duke fires a gun for the first time on screen