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One Armed Bandits is the pilot episode of The Dukes of Hazzard TV series.

Sheriff Coltrane sets up a slot machine operation to fund his re-election, but a pair of two-armed bandits – Bo and Luke Duke – find a way to give the proceeds to charity and save the local orphanage.


A Sheriff's car is speeding down the road with the General Lee behind it. The Sheriff’s car hits a bump and jumps on the road, the General Lee following with the Dixie Horn.

Balladeer:  “Welcome to Hazzard County. You Probably noticed there’s something different here. Well This is Hazzard County, they do things different here. This is Bo Duke and Luke Duke, they’re cousins, they fight the system.

The General continues the chase the sheriffs car down the road. Bo and Luke are grinning to each other in the car. Bo swerves on the road to pass the sheriff’s car, but the sheriff’s car serves as well to cut him off. Luke and Bo talk, about how they went from hunting to chasing the officer. Bo tells him to pay up and Luke asks, annoyed, if he minds waiting until it’s over. They chase the sheriff down a dirt road and Luke teases Bo about his driving. Bo says that if Luke had tuned the car instead of chasing women the night before they would have already had him. Luke says not with Bo asleep at the wheel. They approach a man with a ‘Caution, Open Ditch’ sign and the man attempts to move it off the road as the Sheriff’s car passes by. After watching it go, the man goes to move the sign to the center of the road again. Bo tells Luke to grab the sign and Luke tells him to grab it. Bo snaps that he can’t as he is driving. The man rushes off to the side as the General passes him and Luke asks if that is what Bo calls it. The sheriff’s car moves between a tractor and a truck on the road as the General follows. Luke tells Bo to try not to loose him and Bo says it wouldn’t be much of a chase if they do.

A man is getting his mail from a set of mail boxes and notices the sheriff’s car and the General Lee coming up on him. He shields his face as the cars kick up a bunch of dust. The General moves in front of the Sheriff’s car and cuts him off. The Sheriff’s car turns around and continues driving the way they came from with the General following. The man watches them return before rushing out of the way as Bo slides in the turn, taking out all the mailboxes. Luke comments ‘Bo you drive like my fanny whips apple butter’. The Sheriff’s car continues to drive down the road, seeing the construction workers had set up a road block. The two workers rush to get out of the way as the cop car approaches.

The Sheriff’s car veers off to the side, going up on a bank and crashing. It flips before landing on its side. Bo and Luke drive up to the wrecked car, Bo commenting that he kind of admires how ‘he handles that thing’. As the boys get out of the General by climbing out of the windows, the driver in the police car starts laughing. Cooter Davenport climbs out of the driver’s window, expressing joy at what happened. Luke reaches him as Bo finishes getting out of the General, commenting that Cooter doesn’t have the sense the good lord promised a turkey. Cooter greets both of them as the construction workers come over to look at the car in annoyance. Bo asks Luke if he had seen what Cooter did to his car. Upset Luke turns to Cooter saying that Cooter borrowed his car that morning and asks what Cooter did with it. Amused Cooter explains he used it to run the Sheriff off the road that morning to make him mad. He explains when the Sheriff got out of the cop car, Cooter took it to Bo’s amusement and Luke’s annoyance. Bo asks why he stole the Sheriff’s car and Cooter explains that his car was impounded and it seemed only fair to take the Sheriff’s in return. Luke is upset and Bo tells him that he told Luke not to lend Cooter his car while leaning on Luke’s shoulder. Luke asks Cooter if he realizes what it’s gonna take to straighten all this out. Cooter shakes his head before saying ‘no’. Bo looks down to see a slot machine had fallen out of the back door of the Sheriff’s car. After pointing it out, Bo and Luke crouch down to look at it as Cooter moves down to the bottom window of the Sheriff’s car, coming out just over the ground. Bo asks what it's doing there and Luke tells him there are no slot machines in Hazzard. Cooter explains that there will be now as ‘he’s bringing them in’. Luke asks who and amused Cooter tells him ‘Sheriff Rosco Coltrane’.

Boars Nest

Balladeer: That’s him, Sheriff Rosco Coltrane. After 30 years as a fairly honest lawman, most of Rosco’s pension got defeated in the last bond election. Now this left Rosco to face retirement on a bad case of hemorrhoids. And about 2 years left in office to grab all he could. So overnight Rosco became the best lawman that money could buy. He got a rake-off from moonshine, contraband, and even portable prostitution in 2 cruising RV campers. Now old Rosco is up for reelection. That means the one man he’s got to see is Boss Hogg. If Sheriff Rosco runs the county, Boss Hogg runs Rosco. Now Boss eats at the Boar’s nest because his wife Lulu is a lousy cook. You can tell a lot about a man by what he eats for breakfast. Boss usually has coffee and raw liver. Well, at least he don’t dunk it.

Rosco gets out of a police car and goes to the passenger side where he pulls out a number of posters that say ‘Re-elect Rosco Coltrane for Sheriff’. Rosco walks up to the Boar’s Nest with his posters and moves in front of a poster that reads ‘For Sheriff. Honest John Ledbetter’. Rosco tears down the poster before putting his own up where it was. He grins before heading to the bar door. He opens it before seeing Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg’s car parked and being cleaned. He shakes his head before going inside. He approaches Boss who is sitting in a booth eating a plate of raw liver. Rosco goes to sit down but before he can Boss gives him an annoyed look. Slowly Rosco stands back up while the two continue to look at each other. Boss looks up at his hat and Rosco looks up before taking it off. Boss then looks at his re-election posters. Boss returns to his breakfast. Rosco tells him that the slot machines is coming in today. Boss says that is good and asks if the police got Rosco’s car back. Rosco looks away, a little nervous before deflecting and saying he doesn’t think he’s getting enough rake-off from the slot machines. Boss gives him an offended look and Rosco nervously tells him he’s got a lot of expenses with the election coming up. Boss continues to stare at him and Rosco trails off. He tries again saying he is taking all the responsibility of putting the slot machines in and Boss owes him. Offended Boss asks that he owes Rosco, which Rosco agrees. Boss tells him that he has overpaid any debt that he will ever have to Rosco, to which Rosco says ‘because you married my fat sister’ which Boss repeats. Rosco hesitates before trying to talk about the election and Boss says he better win as Ledbetter can’t be bought. Surprised Rosco asks if Boss means to tell him Ledbetter is honest. Boss gives him a surprised look before saying Ledbetter is so crooked he makes Rosco look straight, but he’s clean ruthless and Boss will take dirty ruthless any day. Rosco grins and agrees before telling Boss that he’ll beat Ledbetter. Boss gives him a disbelieving look before saying ‘Rosco, with your image right now, if you were the only man running’ to which Rosco responds ‘I’d come in second’ and Boss agrees. Rosco agrees with a smile before realizing what they said. Boss continues to stare at him as he eats.

Duke Farm

Balladeer: Jesse Duke is the Clan Patriarch. Now, you’re gonna love old Jesse, he’s quite a study. Jesse’s a retired moonshiner and he’s very religious. Although he’s well-read, he’s rough as a mouthful of bark when he’s riled. Bo and Luke always have breakfast with Jesse except on Saturdays, where they eat at the garage on doughnuts and beer.

Luke and Bo sit at the kitchen table while Jesse makes a plate of food. He brings the plates to the table, putting one down in front of each Bo and Luke. They all three prepare to say grace and while Jesse starts talking Bo takes the opportunity to reach for a biscuit.  Bo breaks off a small piece and goes to eat it when he looks up to see Jesse giving him a stern look. Bo quickly puts it back before folding his hands again to allow Jesse to finish praying. Jesse goes to get his own plate as the boys start to eat and Jesse asks if Luke got his car back from the sheriff yet. Luke comments ‘that dumb Cooter Davenport’ as Jesse serves himself asking ‘dumb Cooter’, pointing out Luke was the one to loan him his car and says the next time Luke wants to loan his car to an idiot like that just drive it off a cliff and save the gas. A woman walks in calling Jesse and Bo looks up at her in shock. She asks if he remembers her, introducing herself as Jill Dodson with the orphanage fund. Jesse smiles saying ‘sure sure’ and says he got some money ready for her. She thanks him, coming further into the kitchen and asking the boys to excuse her as she says she appreciates all he has done. Luke goes back to eating and Bo turns to look at her as Jesse goes to get the money. Bo asks that she is ‘little Jilly Rae Dodson’. She tells him it’s just Jill now. Bo says he hasn’t seen her since she ran off to college, excited. She is much less enthused as she says it’s been a while. Bo turns back to Luke asking ‘ain’t it wonderful what hormones can do?’ and she walks away as Luke just nods, not really invested. Bo turns back to her as she heads toward the door, asking what is she doing now. She explains that since she got back she’s been working on the orphanage project and the Health Department is going to shut it down if it is not completely renovated. Surprised, Bo asks what about the county funds. A little sad, she explains that unfortunately it’s not eligible for county funds. She explains it was privately endowed years ago and the money just seems to have run out. Luke turns to her asking that she’s gonna save the old place all by herself, a little in disbelief. She tells him that she was raised there. After a moment Bo says that he and Luke would be glad to help out asking ‘wouldn’t we?’ and Luke smiles before shaking his head and saying ‘nope.’ Jill watches them as Bo asks what does Luke mean by nope as ‘it’s your civic duty. At least 2 of them kids at that orphanage could be yours’. Luke looks up at Jill saying that Bo is always bragging on him. Luke shakes his head before going back to eating. Bo turns to Jill again and comments ‘you know what I remember most about you Jill?’ before getting up and approaching her. When she asks what he tells her, her crush on him. She chuckles before asking ‘isn’t it funny how our tastes change when we mature?’. Luke bursts out laughing and Bo gives him a confused look before asking Jill if that was a compliment. She tells him he probably will think it is and Bo turns an unamused look to Luke.

Boars Nest

Balladeer: Now all this romance does eventually fit into Rosco’s election, so y’all stick with us. The Boar’s Nest, owned by Boss Hogg, is the slickest club in Hazzard. All the elite go there. It has a dollar cover charge to keep out the riffraff.

Bo and Luke are in the General Lee again, Bo driving down the road. They turn off into the Boars Nest parking lot. Bo parks and the two climb out the window. Bo comments that he just doesn’t understand Luke, saying he doesn’t see why Luke won’t help Jill as they got nothing else cooking. Luke says she doesn’t ‘do nothing for me’ and he hates skinny women. Luke starts walking toward the bar and Bo follows saying he just ain’t got any taste. Luke moves towards Rosco’s poster as Bo says if women were birds Luke would probably date a buzzard. Bo opens the door as Luke turns to him saying that Bo would date a crane ‘no meat’. Luke pulls down the poster saying he’s collecting them. Bo asks what for and Luke tells him lining the rabbit’s cage. He moves around Bo to go inside before stopping and saying ‘face up’, making Bo burst out laughing and following him.

Balladeer: Daisy Duke is Bo and Luke’s cousin. She drives like Richard Petty, shoots like Annie Oakley, knows the words to all of Dolly Parton’s songs.

Inside the busy Boars Nest, Daisy is picking up glasses. As she moves by a customer he grabs her arm and pulls her into his lap saying he wishes she was on the menu. Unamused, Daisy pulls free of him and careful not to spill the beer on her tray, moves toward the bar. She talks to the bartender as Bo and Luke come in, greeting a few of the patrons as they do. Luke talks to Jerry, the bartender, as Bo hugs Daisy commenting that if they weren’t cousins he’d marry her. At first surprised, Daisy smiles before laughing and joking with Bo saying it never stopped anyone in their family before. Bo says she got a point there before she leaves for her rounds and Jerry gets the boys a beer. Daisy goes back to the table where the man grabbed her. He grabs her wrist and tells her not to forget they got plans later. Annoyed, Daisy tells him to take his hands off her. He says that now he’s got ahold of her he’s going to just hang on. His friends laugh in encouragement and Bo and Luke make their way over, concerned. Bo is behind Daisy and Luke is behind the man. Daisy warns him to let go and he refuses. She stomps on his foot with her heel. He jumps up and Daisy punches him in the stomach as Bo and Luke move to help. The man falls back into his chair, bumping into Luke behind him, who is knocked back into a pool smacking his head. Luke slides down to the floor, holding his stomach as another man stands up. Bo moves to help just as the first man goes to get up and Daisy pulls her hand back with a pitcher, smacking Bo in the head with the glass and knocking him to the ground. Everyone in the bar laughs and cheers as Daisy looks in surprise before waving to everyone. Luke and Daisy help Bo up and Luke checks on Bo by tapping his face and they all laugh. Daisy asks if Bo is alright and Bo says he’s alright. Luke laughs as Jerry hands him a towel and he wipes off Bo’s face. Daisy asks why did he step in like that because now she is going to be charged for two beers. Bo tells her he’s not going to do it again. Luke asks Daisy if she is really going out with that guy and offended Daisy says of course not. Jerry asks Daisy if the man is bothering her, as the man listens in from his nearby table. Daisy says the man thinks he’s just some big shot because he is helping unload some slot machines from a fertilizer truck. Offended the man stands up and yells for Daisy not to put his business out there and Jerry tells him to sit down or he will have a problem with him. The man says he’ll deal with Jerry, but just sits back down with his friends.

Bo and Luke are surprised and listen as Daisy tells Jerry that the man wants her to go to a motel with him and offered to take her out to the Grand Ole Opry. Bo asks Luke if she means the slot machines Rosco is bringing in, which Luke nods. Daisy tells Jerry that she’s never wanted to see anything bad enough to go out with that man and starts to say ‘not even Dolly Parton’ but Jerry says it first and Daisy smiles before leaving on her rounds. Bo drinks his beer again and Luke leans on his shoulder before asking if Bo can imagine the look on Rosco’s face when he opens up the fertilizer truck, to which Bo cuts him off saying ‘and all he sees is fertilizer?’ Luke nods and Bo laughs.

Junk Yard

Bo and Luke pull into a junk yard where Cooter is with his car, the hood up. Two more cars pull up as Cooter runs over to them to greet them. Cooter asks if they are still driving that car and Luke says ‘yup, no you can’t borrow it’. Luke asks where is his share of the money that Cooter owes him. Cooter turns to Bo saying he gave it to Bo. Luke asks how come and Bo turns a nervous look to Luke and Cooter says he owed Bo $50 and since they were kin he figured they would be even, to which Luke shakes his head no. Bo laughs and Cooter calls over the other two, Dobro and Brody  who Cooter calls ‘Quinn’. Dobro shakes Lukes’ hand as Quinn goes to greet Cooter and Bo. Bo greets him saying ‘Hey Mr. Dobro’ and asking if they are all up for a little fun. Dobro asks what’s on and Luke tells him Sheriff Rosco. Brody gets excited and all five start laughing. Luke calls them all in and explains the plan.

Balladeer: Bo and Luke laid it out for them. After a gut-busting laugh, they cranked up and cut out

Bo and Luke sit back in their seats as Dobro, Brody, and Cooter run to their cars. Cooter goes first followed by the General. Dobro is in the grey car while Brody is in the blue car. Bo and Luke end up behind Brody, who drives into a dead end and Luke tells Bo to go straight as Bo turns another way, telling Luke he knows where he’s going. Dobro backs up and allows Brody to pass him, following Bo and Luke before following them and being followed by Cooter. Bo turns a corner only to find a dead end. Unamused Luke comments that he loves Bo’s short cut and Bo snaps ‘cute’ before saying they must’ve changed it since the last time a girl chased him through there. Brody goes straight, followed by the other two. Luke tells Bo that he could lose his way on a racetrack. Bo moves, allowing a crushed car to fall down and open a new path. Luke and Bo laugh as Bo drives. The others come back and follow them. Luke comments that Burt Reynolds never seems to get lost and Bo says ‘he’s got a mustache’.


Balladeer: Now if there’s one thing them old boys loved better than a race on the track, it’s a chase on a road. Since they all had CB’s, they’d set up with each man on a different  road. Whoever spotted the fertilizer truck would call back to Bo and Luke, who’d intercept. Dobro Doolin stakes out the interchange, old Brody watching 76 South. And Crazy Cooter covered 421. For that fertilizer truck to get by it’d have to leave the road and come overland.

The four cars hit the paved road as they exit the junkyard. Cooter is cheering and enjoying the drive. The four cars swerve on the road and Dobro bumps the back of Brody's car and Cooter bumps the back of Dobro’s, all the driver’s having fun. They all swerve over the road until coming to a four way intersection. Bo and Luke pull over and stop. Brody goes straight, Dobro goes right, and Cooter goes left. Bo and Luke look at each other and laugh. Dobro parks before calling on the CB saying ‘This here’s Dobro Doolin, coming to you live from the interchange’ before spitting out chewing tobacco. Brody parks and settles down. Cooter leans back to take a nap. Luke tells Bo it ain’t gonna work and Bo says they can’t miss. Luke turns to Bo asking what if it does work and Bo shrugs. Luke asks what are they going to do with all the slot machines. Bo looks forward in confusion admitting he never thought about that. Luke looks away and Bo grins before saying Luke will think of something. Luke turns a shocked then unamused look to Bo.

Cooter grins as he sees a fertilizer truck drive by. He picks up his CB saying ‘Old Crazy Cooter talking, turkey coming right down my alley, gobble, gobble.’ Luke responds and asks if Daisy copies it, telling her Cooter is on 421 to which Daisy responds over the CB. Luke tells Bo to hit it and Bo laughs before starting the General and driving away.

The drivers of the truck look board when Daisy steps out in the middle of the road at the Hazzard line in a red bikini and holding a few bags, waving. The two men look at each other, grinning and excited asking what do they got here. The driver tells the passenger, Leroy, to leave the gun in the cab as they don’t want to scare her away. The two men get out of the truck and approach her asking if she’s having trouble. Daisy says she’s having a picnic before asking which way to the beach. Amused the two men move around her and Leroy says there isn’t any beach around there. Daisy looks disappointment, commenting about having a basket of lemonade and chitlin sandwiches. The two men laugh hysterically when Bo and Luke come up behind him. Bo tells them to raise their hands and don’t turn around, terrifying the two men. Smiling, Daisy pretends to look behind them and pretending to be annoyed she says that the boys promised her they wouldn’t use machine guns. The two drivers are terrified and Daisy tells them good luck. Bo and Luke put bags over their heads as Daisy rushes to her car to get out of there. Bo and Luke tie them up and leave them standing on the road as they run to the car. Luke drives away as Bo hangs off the side, cheering as they follow Daisy.

Balladeer: Ain’t this fun?

Duke Farm

Balladeer: The Duke Family had been in the whiskey business 50 years before the Declaration of Independence. They fought everybody from the British to the U.S. Government to stay in it, until last year, when Bo an’ Luke got caught on a whiskey run. So Jesse swallowed a lifetime of pride, signed a treaty with the U.S. Government to stop making whiskey, if Bo and Luke could get probation. You see, he loved them boys better than life itself, but sometimes they really made him wonder why.

Bo and Luke are working on the General’s engine together and Jesse walks by with a basket, headed for the barn. He reaches a door and opens it, looking back at Bo and Luke before he went inside. He turns around and opens the second door to see the slot machines with a chicken on them. He comes back out and yells for the boys. Bo and Luke turn back to him in surprise before looking at each other and saying the other one was supposed to get the eggs today. They rush over to Jesse, who goes back to the machines. The boys freeze when they reach him, Bo looking alarmed and Luke looking resigned. Jesse turns to them saying this time they went too far. Bo starts to talk, stuttering, and Jesse cuts him off asking where did they get them. Bo admits that Rosco brought them in on a fertilizer truck. Luke adds that they hijacked the truck. Angry, Jesse asks that they stole the machines and a truck. Nervous, Bo says ‘uh yeah’ and Luke yells ‘no’ and they look at each other, backtracking. Bo admits they left the truck in front of the Sheriff’s office. Jesse asks what about the machines. Bo turns to Luke and Luke starts to explain saying ‘we was just thinking’. Jesse gets in his face, poking him in the chest saying ‘Young man, you think again’. Both boys watch him nervously as Jesse tells them that they know their family doesn’t do gambling. Bo stumbles back as he and Luke move, sitting down and saying that they have been making moonshine for over two hundred years and how is gambling different. Jesse, still angry, explains that it was a family tradition long before there was anyone to tell them that they couldn’t. Bo looks up to Luke and Luke tries to argue but Jesse cuts him off saying that they paid taxes on the corn for the whiskey. He says gambling is a ‘vice’ and asks how are they going to tax a vice. Bo looks at Luke again, shaking his head and Luke continues to look at Jesse. Jesse says he is going to go get his eggs and when he comes out he doesn’t want to see anything but ‘hind ends and elbows’ as they are loading up the machines. Sighing Luke goes to turn to Bo as Jesse leaves, but Jesse returns yelling ‘AND’ scaring the two, telling them they aren’t to go selling them at a profit as that would be wrong to. Then he leaves, collecting eggs. Bo look up to Luke asking what he thinks. Annoyed Luke tells him he thinks he’s tired of Bo always getting them into trouble and Luke having to think of a way out. Bo stands up saying they gotta change his mind, following Luke as he walks toward the door. Luke says it would be like reversing a buzz saw. Bo says that if they can’t sell the machines they will have to give them away. Luke remarks ‘like a charity or something’ before pausing and grinning, saying they are going to reverse that buzz saw. Realizing Luke has a plan, Bo calls Jesse. He tells Jesse they are fixing to change his mind, rather Luke is. When Bo moves out of the way, Luke gives Bo an unamused look and Bo tells him to tell Jesse. Jesse asks what is it and Luke asks if they can keep the machines if they show Jesse not all gambling is bad. Jesse says there is no way and goes to walk away. Luke asks what if all the proceeds goes to the orphanage. Jesse stops and tells him he just found a way.


Balladeer: to put the machines where they’d do the most business, Bo and Luke ignored the bars and roadhouses and hit all the civic and fraternal clubs, and took 30% right off the top. Y’all ever belong to a group that wasn’t trying to raise money? For instance, the Hazzard Ladies Auxiliary needed money for a door prize, a trip to see the Lawrence Welk Show. The Hunting Club had 2 projects, raising money for the animal protective league and the annual turkey shoot. And one day, Bo and Luke were sold out.

Bo and Luke distribute the machines among the clubs, a few people playing them as they do.

Boss and Rosco meet on the road in their respective cars and Boss remarks that he wants the slot machines and they have been missing for three days. Rosco says that isn’t his fault as someone set up his driver with a half naked female and anyone would stop for that. Boss says he needs to get them back before word gets around or Rosco is going to be out with the voters. Rosco adds ‘and you’ to which Boss agrees before his driver continues on. Rosco watches him go.


Bo arrives with two bags of quarters hiding them behind his back. He approaches Jill and a boy sitting on the steps and teases her, telling her she better not hit too hard or the whole orphanage will fall in. Jill looks up in surprise and stops sawing at the steps, greeting him and saying he startled her. Bo tells her she hasn’t seen anything yet before tossing the bags of coins at her. Surprised, she catches it and chuckles asking what is it and Bo tells her money. He asks about Rudy and sends the boy away to get a soda. She asks if Bo is kidding about the money and asks how he got it. Bo says it was donated by some civic minded people. He explains to Jill that the money isn’t much but it is a start and he will be collecting every week. She hugs him but tells him that while she knows he means well, she also knows it’s just a game to him. She tells him for two weeks she has been fighting everyone to keep the orphanage open but Boss Hogg is closing it down because he wants the land for a shopping mall. Bo gets offended and tells her that this rotten system that she is talking about is something that he’s been in Hazzard every day fighting and that he will fight anything or anyone that threatens his home. He also tells her that if she thinks he is doing all this to make a play for her then she should grow up because when he makes a play for a women he doesn’t have to give her money. The two come to an understanding and he tells her that she will walk him to the General or the next money he brings she will have to get herself. She nods and follows him only to find Rudy spitting soda on the back window of the General Lee. Bo gets upset, commenting that he hates kids, making her laugh.


Rosco is getting a drink at one of the clubs when he hears the slot machine. He turns to Harvey and asks him where they got it. Harvey explains that they got two of them and they wanted more but the other clubs had taken them all. Rosco asks what other clubs and Harvey tells him before nervously asking if Rosco is going to make a fuss. Rosco says no but asks where he got them, learning it was Bo and Luke. Rosco is upset to learn Bo and Luke are taking 30%, which is more than he would have gotten.

Boars Nest

Rosco takes the hired drivers to the Boars Nest and shows them Daisy, who they confirm is the woman they stopped for. Rosco drives down to the Boar’s Nest and attempts to arrest Daisy. She steals his car and drives around the parking lot while Rosco has Brodie and Dobro help him chase her down.

Balladeer: Ya’ll hang on

Daisy pulls over and Dobro slams on the breaks to keep from hitting her. Rosco arrests her.

Duke Farm

Jesse scolds Bo and Luke at the kitchen table, not even able to look at them. He remarks that if they want to risk prison that is their business, but they are supposed to be looking after Daisy. Luke tries to argue and Jesse says that Daisy is the hope of the family. He turns to the boys and tells them that all they have is family before telling them to get Daisy out.

Hazzard Police Station

Balladeer: So the next morning, Luke decided to visit the shut in’s. Escortin’ Luke to Daisy’s cell was Deputy Enos Strate. He and the boys grew up together. Enos had a crush on Daisy, and the reputation of being the oldest virgin in Hazzard County.

The next morning Luke goes to see Daisy with Enos. Daisy is playing a harmonica and says she is writing a song for the experience. Luke lies and says its Dasiy’s birthday and Enos wishes her a happy birthday. Luke gives her a flower and Luke says he brought her a dress to change into. He tries to force Enos to check it, but Enos backs out of the cell and leaves to give them some privacy. Luke quickly explains his plan to Daisy.


Boss and Rosco walk around one of the clubs and Boss reminds Rosco that he was supposed to find the slot machines but so far all he’s done is arrest one woman. Rosco shows him the machines to Boss’s shock and explains what Bo and Luke did. Boss remarks he wishes the boys were on his side. Rosco tells him that he arrested Daisy and he is going to swap her for the machines then he will arrest Bo and Luke for possession of illegal gambling devices. Boss says he has been awarded three medals in two wars and the only time he gets scared is when Rosco gets smug.


Bo and Jill are on a date having a picnic. Jill asks Bo why he started bow hunting and Bo explains that with him and Luke on probation they can’t own any firearms and they need to use the bows when they need to go hunting for food. Jill asks if he is going to the orphanage picnic on Saturday and insists he needs to come as the money they raised is the only reason they were able to rebuild so much. After thinking for a moment, Bo gets an idea and agrees saying it would be fun. Jill asks him where all the money is really coming from and Bo tells her that the real source has asked them not to tell who he is as he would be embarrassed. When Bo goes to kiss her she stops him and informs him that she is only back in Hazzard temporarily. Bo gets upset and she explains this was only temporary. After coming to an agreement again the two start kissing.

Police Station

Daisy calls for Hazel to come take her to the bathroom. While they leave she inflates the doll Luke brought. They go to the bathroom and Daisy turns out the light. She distracts the deputy with the broken light before knocking her out and stealing her uniform. Enos meanwhile brings Daisy her dinner, excited but realizes she is gone. He reports Daisy’s escape to Rosco and the other deputies. Alarmed, Rosco tells them to go find Daisy. While all the deputies are searching for Daisy, Luke goes into the station and meets up with Daisy to sneak her out. Enos sees Jesse who is wearing a wig and driving Rosco’s car, and thinking he is Daisy he calls to Rosco and the rest to chase after him. As the police scramble to find them, Bo pulls up in the back with the General and they jump in, all three getting away.

Balladeer: Bet ya’ll ain’t ever seen a jail break like this.

Junk Yard

Enos is playing with his gun when Bo and Luke pull up in the General. Enos is upset with them and the boys try to soften him up, asking if he ever thought of a career in law enforcement and praising his speed and driving. Enos ignores them until Luke comments that he was on the wrong side, upsetting Enos. Luke says that he knows that Rosco brought in the slot machines and Enos counters that he also knows they stole them and are making money off of them. Bo reminds him that Enos’ dad ran moonshine right along with their fathers and Enos should know they wouldn’t mess with gambling. Enos asks why they did it and is surprised to learn they did it to help Rosco. The boys talk to Enos about their plan.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco and Boss watch Ledbetter greeting the towns people and Boss scolds Rosco. Rosco tells him he’s going to nail Bo and Luke and Boss reminds him that the boys are popular and he needs to make sure he has evidence this close to election. Rosco tells him that he learned from Enos that Bo and Luke will be moving two broken slot machines. Boss tells him that he needs to be sure.

Enos watches Bo and Luke move a machine and reports into Rosco. Excited, Rosco chases after them through the town square with Enos following. Bo jumps over the Sheriff’s car and Rosco and Enos attempt to box them in. Luke is more interested in shop sales while the towns people watch the chase. The chase leaves town and continues down a dirt road where Luke removes an open ditch sign. Rosco drives through the construction site from a few days before and continues to chase the boys to the orphanage, crashing through a few fences along the way.


Rosco is excited thinking that he has gotten the boys before noticing a sign saying ‘Welcome Sheriff Roscoe’. Bo announces their arrival with the General Lee’s horn and all the children come out. Jill runs to Rosco, thanking him for his support. The boys all pretend like Rosco had been secretly supporting the orphanage the whole time. Daisy and the others thank Rosco and Enos takes him to the children who all crowd around him. Jesse watches in amusement while watching the children. Everyone celebrates except Boss Hogg, who is annoyed.

Balladeer: Well word got out and ol’ Rosco was reelected. Which meant the Dukes could still fight an enemy they knew. And Jill decided to hang around an extra week. Ol’ Boss was really burned at Rosco for taking all the credit for saving the orphanage. After all they were his slot machines. So that’s the legend how Sheriff Rosco helped save the Orphanage and made gambling respectable in Hazzard County. ‘Course he had a little help.

Main Cast[]

Guest Star[]



  • Rocky Laidler as Brodie (Hazzard local)
  • Jerry Campbell as Jerry (Boar's Nest Bartender)

Hazzard County[]


  • Luke mentions that Cooter took his car, however Luke's car is never seen or mentioned again after this episode
  • Hazzard is stated to have a number of clubs, including the Hunting Club and the Ladies Auxiliary.
  • The Balladeer establishes that Rosco was an honest lawman for nearly 30 years until his pension was revoked in a bond election two years before.
    • As Bo and Luke were put on probation the year before, and it is established that the General Lee was created in 1976 after the boys were put on probation, it is likely the bond election was in 1975
  • Boss Hogg mentions that he has 'three medals from two wars'. It is never elaborated on what these wars were.
  • Jesse tells Bo and Luke that the next time they want to loan a car to a fool just drive it off a cliff and gas. Ironically enough Bo and Luke would later drive Daisy's car off a cliff.
  • An error in this episode is that despite Enos growing up alongside the Dukes and having a massive crush on Daisy, he didn't know when her birthday was


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