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One Daisy Per Summer is the eighth episode of Enos.


Daisy Duke arrives in Los Angeles to drive in the Baja Auto Race as Enos and Turk rush to save her from involvement with diamond smugglers.


Enos: Dear Daisy, my feet ain’t touched the ground since I got your letter this morning. I won’t believe you’re comin’ here until I see you with my own eyes. Daisy, don’t you fret none about the race now.

Enos and Turk are in the car, Turk driving. They hear a call on the radio about a stolen blue car. Turk asks ‘how about it Buddy Roe? Got a stolen car coming through our turf’ and Enos says for them to get it. Enos asks if he can drive a bit and Turk says no. As Turk chases the car, Enos puts his lucky Hazzard hat on Turks head, prompting him to yell wondering what Enos is doing. Turk forces the car off the road and Enos praises his driving. Turk grins adding ‘must be the hat, I think.’

That night a thief scales a building and goes through a window. The man takes off his mask and pulls out a flashlight before looking around the room. He finds an ornate chest and opens it to see a safe. After unlocking the safe he finds a small red box. He opens the box to see the Kubla Diamond.

In the briefing room, Broggi and Kick hold a briefing. Broggi explains that the Kubla Diamond was stolen last night. Kick passes out posters and Enos asks to spell it. Broggi spells it K-U-B-L-A and explains that the money far exceeds all their salaries combined. Turk asks if he means a whole $1.98 and Broggi says to just move the decimal several places to the right and he’ll get the picture. Broggi goes on to say it is considered a national treasure in a Middle East kingdom and Shak Amad Habi brought it to show off it’s value. Enos asks Turk to explain what it is. Broggi says the government has already contacted the State Department and if they don’t find the diamond quickly there can be International repercussions. Turk jokes that the price of oil will go up and Broggi says that won’t be a problem for them with how Turk and Enos waste the cars. Everyone laughs and Enos says that Broggi got him there but Turk says Enos does all the driving. Broggi says they don’t have any details at the moment but they will be getting specific assignments. In the meantime they are to stay alert. Broggi leaves and Kick dismisses them. Enos and Turk looks at the diamond and Turk says they’ll be the ones to find it.

In the car, Enos is driving in a suit while Turk is finishing putting his on. Enos says he doesn’t mean to be rushing Turk so hard but Daisy is waiting. Turk says it’s okay and at least he got his pants on. Turk says to run him through it again, and this is the lady he’s been writing to which Enos confirms. Turk asks if they got a thing going and Enos confirms saying they have been friends for a long time. Turk is disappointed by that and asks what Daisy is doing in LA. Enos says she is the Miss Racing Crude.

A Press Party is occurring for Racing Crude Turbo. Jamie Cooper announces their ‘other secret weapon’ before presenting the driver Daisy Duke. Jamie says Daisy caught his eye in a magazine after her and her cousins won the Choctaw 200. A female reporter, Nancy, asks if Daisy drove and Daisy confirms it, saying she wore the rubber down to the rims. Jamie says that is why he suggested Daisy for the run before adding that she gives nice photo coverage. Daisy sits on the car as the reporters start taking photos.

Outside the conference room, Enos asks if he looks alright and Turk fixes his tie. He says Enos is ‘impeccable’ and Enos thinks he meant it looked like a woodpecker. Turk says he looks fine and that he needs to settle down and Daisy is just an old friend from back in Hazzard. Enos tells him it’s more than that, that Daisy is his secret girlfriend. Turk is shocked and says Enos never told him. Enos says he never even told Daisy, making Turk exasperated. Enos and Turk go into the conference room and Daisy sees Enos. Daisy rushes off to everyone’s shock, colliding into a waiter as she does. Daisy and Enos fall to the ground and Turk catches the waiter’s tray. Nancy says if Daisy drives like she walks then the Racing Crude people are in big trouble. Daisy and Enos happily reunite and Jamie tells them to give him a break but the reporters assure him it’s good publicity. Daisy and Enos stand up and Daisy says he's a sight for sore eyes. Turk remarks ‘he’s a sight for sure’. Enos introduces Daisy to Turk and Daisy shakes his hand saying she feels like she knows him already since Enos has told her so much about him. Turk says Enos has only told him half as much and it’s a pleasure to meet her. Enos asks if they can go visit and Enos agrees but Jamie objects that she has to meet the executives and he’s already lined up a number of interviews for her. Enos suggests they all have supper together and Daisy is taken away.

Turk asks ‘what is this we’ll see you’ and asks that Enos wants him to come too. Enos agrees asking if Turk is busy. He says not but playing fifth wheel isn’t his style and Daisy is Enos’ girlfriend. Enos insists it’s a secret and Turk asks isn’t it time Enos let Daisy in on it. Enos says he can’t and Turk tells him that he’s a good looking smooth dude ‘considering’ and the chicks light up when they see him but Enos has to quit turning them off. Turk says he needs to relate and Enos says he doesn’t know how. Turk says they are going to a nice ice cream parlor, sit down and have a long talk. Enos is confused and Turk says ‘man to man’. Enos says he and his papa had a talk like that when he was little and Turk says it didn’t sink in. Turk asks if Enos if he was ever taught how to come onto chicks, and Enos remarks no, only the birds and the bees and he never caught those. Turk gets frustrated and Enos suggests they get a burger.

The man who stole the diamond, Carl, gets out of his car before purchasing a newspaper and returning to the backseat. A few moments later the driver Julian exits a jewelry store before getting into the car. He tells the thief that the ‘rock is too hot and they won’t touch it’. Carl protests that the store promised to get it to Switzerland for him but Julian says the best they can do is Mexico. Carl is upset and the driver continues to explain they have to get it to Mexico. Opening the paper the thief sees the headline of Racing Crude Turbo Mexico Run.

Jamie, opens the door to see Carl and Julian. Carl greets Jamie, saying they haven’t seen each other since they were in prison together.

Daisy and Enos sit down at a nice Chinese Restaurant. Enos tells Daisy this is his first time there and Turk told Enos to take Daisy there since they don’t have chop suey in Hazzard. Daisy argues it isn’t that different and Enos agrees before asking if they have any buttermilk. Daisy struggles with the chopsticks, saying using the phrase ‘dipstick’ which Enos says he hasn’t been called in a long time. Daisy says she’s sorry Turk couldn’t join them and Enos explains Turk thought they should be together. Enos says this is a special night for him and Daisy asks how is that. Enos says he’s known her since she was ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ and this is their first date, surprising Daisy. They both comment that they are happy to see each other before Daisy notices they have forks too.

Jamie tells Carl it’s impossible and he’s gone straight since prison. Carl insists they were inexperienced back then and Jamie insists he isn’t interested. Carl threatens to bring up his record to his clients. Meanwhile outside Enos brings Daisy back. Daisy says the city hasn’t changed him a bit and she had a great time. Enos says he did too and he hopes Daisy doesn’t think he’s forward but can he see her tomorrow for lunch. Daisy agrees before telling Enos that she needs to go get her beauty sleep, which Enos says she doesn’t need. Meanwhile Carl insists that they will do the run and when Jamie says it’s crazy, Carl says if anyone will get burned, it’ll be Daisy.

Enos, Turk, and Kick attend another briefing where Captain Dempsey tells them about Carl Winters, ‘the Cat’ an international jewel thief who they believe may be the culprit. Dempsey leaves and Broggi hands out stills of Carl before dismissing the officers. Enos and Turk are last, Enos dropping a number and saying he has too many but an annoyed Broggi says he will need them. Turk pulls Enos from the room. After they are gone, Broggi almost cries as he laments ‘Officer Strate, in a case involving the middle East.’

Enos and Turk check a hotel and find the Cat isn’t there. They go to get into the car and Turk lists the next Hotel as the Concourse. Enos says that is where Daisy is and asks if they have enough time to say ‘hey.’ Turk says Enos says they spent two and a half hours last night and all Enos can think of to say is ‘hey’. Enos suggests ‘did you sleep well’ and Turk, frustrated, says he gave Enos some of his best moves and Enos didn’t use them. He asks what they talked about and Enos remarks about Chinese food. Turk asks if Enos said anything personal and Enos admits he really didn’t. Turk gets frustrated and tells Enos to just drive.

Jamie argues with Carl that there will be people all over the car when Daisy gets to Mexico. Carl says to put the diamond in the can on the roof. Meanwhile in the lobby Enos calls to see where Daisy is and if she left a message for him. Turk finds no one saw Carl and Turk reluctantly agrees to give Daisy a moment to look for Daisy. Meanwhile they pass Carl in the hall and after a moment they realize who it was. They decide to tail him.

As they follow Carl's limo, Turk calls into dispatch to let them know what they are doing. They follow Carl’s limo through a suburb, being forced to stop by an older woman crossing the road. After the woman leaves Enos speeds off to find the limo. After a few minutes Enos finds the limo again and continues to follow it. When the limo pulls off to a nice house, they stop on the side of the road. Turk says they need a closer look and Turk goes on foot while Enos parks the car. From a bush Turk watches Carl go into the house before returning to the car. Enos informs dispatch over the radio where they are.

Daisy performs a test drive in the car around a track with Jamie's team watching. They call Daisy back in and Jamie says it sounds like the timing and mixture are down. Daisy argues that the can on the top of the car is slowing her down but Jamie says it can’t be helped. He offers to take Daisy for lunch but Daisy declines as she already promised Enos. He asks if Enos is someone special and she says he is her friend.

Turk gets in the car and Enos says he was getting worried about him. Turk confirms it was the Cat and when Enos keeps asking if he’s sure, Turk jokes that he saw a dog chase Carl up a tree. Enos and Turk are ordered to remain in place, upsetting Enos as he realizes he will miss his lunch with Daisy.

Carl calls Jamie, who tells him everything is all set. Carl asks what the driver thinks and is informed Daisy hates it. Carl says he doesn’t care, he just wants her to get it across the boarder. Jamie hangs up and sees Daisy standing in the lobby, asking if she’s still waiting for Enos. Daisy admits something must have come up and Jamie invites her again, this time Daisy accepting.

Turk and Enos sit in the car, Enos asking where the relief is. Meanwhile Daisy and Jamie have lunch and Jamie says he was surprised by Daisy. Enos arrives in the back a few minutes later and is sad to see them together. Enos waits outside until Daisy and Jamie come out. Enos apologizes to Daisy for being late and Enos assumes they are dating. Daisy realizes what is bothering Enos and reminds him that Jamie is her boss and she wouldn’t date her boss. Enos becomes excited and Enos asks her to dinner the next night. As Daisy leaves, Enos gets excited that he actually asked her out.

Enos and Turk arrive for their shift on watch, Bobby Lahey saying they came early. Turk asks what is going on and Bobby explains that they haven’t seen Winters, but someone just arrived at the house a few minutes ago. He then hands the shift over to Enos and Turk before leaving. Turk comments ‘here we go for another action packed, blood curdling, spine tingling police stake out’ as sarcastically as he can. Enos asks doesn’t he feel sorry for folks with dull jobs.

Inside Carl is frustrated that Jamie is disrupting his plan. Jamie says that Daisy is a nice girl and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Carl says that she can get hurt by driving and Jamie says he’s out. Carl threatens to send his old mug shot to all his clients if he doesn’t do as Carl says. Jamie leaves and as he does, Enos and Turk spot him from their position. Enos remembers him as Daisy’s boss. Turk remembers that the run is to Mexico and Turk says it's all starting to add up. Enos says it's all adding wrong and Turk calls Broggi on the radio.

Enos and Turk talk to Broggi, explaining their theory that Cooper is using Daisy to help Winters smuggle the diamond into Mexico. Broggi says every time he hears one of Enos’ stories he trembles and Enos must have an extraordinary karma. Enos admits he doesn’t know what that means but he figures it’s normal, like his blood pressure. Enos says he knows Daisy has nothing to do with it as he’s known her all her life. Broggi says he’ll accept that and she is simply a ‘dupe’ to which Enos argues she is a lady through and through. Broggi apologies and promises to get with Captain Dempsey. Broggi says they need to get evidence and comments that Enos is familiar with Daisy so he wants Enos to find out what Daisy knows. Broggi nervously asks if he can count on Enos, which Enos agrees. Turk goes to interject with something else but Broggi gives him an annoyed look and the two flee his office. Outside Enos is sad that he was hoping to have a good time with Daisy, not wanting to do police work.

As they go to their lockers Enos says he has a big surprise for Daisy and Turk says ‘chicks love surprises’. Enos says Daisy thinks he is taking her out but he really just plans to take her back to his apartment. Turk gives him a surprised look before grinning and says congratulations as it’s one step forward. Enos says he’s going to make ‘Hazzard Chowder’ and Turk comments that is two steps backward. Enos thanks him for his help.

At Enos place, Daisy tastes Enos’ food, complimenting it. Enos apologizes as he couldn’t find sweet corn or crawdads but the catfish are fresh. Daisy asks where he got catfish and Enos explains he found a little pond nearby to go fishing. Daisy says she still can’t wrap her head around what Enos said and the idea of ‘Daisy Duke smuggling diamonds down to Mexico’ adding wouldn’t Sheriff Rosco have a fit. Enos snaps that no one said she’s doing it. Daisy says she doesn’t know where they could hide it except the dummy can on top of the car. She says she doesn’t want it as it’s slowing her down but she was told they needed it for advertising. The comment doesn’t make sense to Daisy as she will be driving in the middle of the desert so no one could see it. They realize the diamond is likely in the dummy can.

In the conference room, Julian goes up to Daisy’s car and opens a tool box. He takes out a small device and places it on the bottom of the car. After he goes back to Carl saying it was a piece of cake and it will destroy the whole car. Carl says when they detonate the explosive the front wheel will come off and Daisy will loose control, allowing them to pick up the diamond while everyone is distracted with Daisy’s death.

Captain Dempsey holds a briefing, explaining to all the officers that they have learned that Cooper and Winters were in jail together years ago. He says that doesn’t prove that they are working together but it’s enough for them to move on. Broggi shows them a map of the course and says each circle on the map is a checkpoint with a police contact that will monitor Daisy’s progress as a safety measure. Enos raises a hand but Broggi ignores him saying if Daisy is late to a checkpoint they will seal off the area. Enos asks about a car to tail Daisy and Broggi says there isn’t a car going to be tailing Daisy as nothing they have could keep up with the car. Enos argues his car can, intriguing Dempsey. Enos says that the course wouldn’t let Daisy go all out anyway and Dempsey decides to endorse the plan. Broggi assigns Albeit and Gomez to follow Daisy. Broggi says that Enos has an emotional involvement in this and it will make him more dangerous to be the one to follow Daisy.

The cars start arriving for the drive. Jamie and Daisy arrive and Jamie ask how Daisy feels. Daisy says she feels great but she’ll feel better when she’s on the road. Jamie tells her to be careful and he knows the record is important but he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He does tell her that she needs to make it there however and Daisy says even if she has to push it, she’ll get to San Felipe. Jamie leaves to talk to the official, Jack Smith. Daisy goes to check out the car. After looking at the fake can, she grabs a screwdriver. Meanwhile Dempsey and Broggi are in the stands too, looking over the race. In order to find a distraction, Dempsey orders Broggi to have one of the officers nearby cut their hair after the job as it’s too long.

Turk and Enos sit in Enos’ car. Turk tells Enos that if Broggi finds out they switched jobs so that they can follow Daisy, Broggi will kill them. Enos says he needs to make sure Daisy is safe but Turk says they are talking about his funeral too. Enos apologizes but Turk says he’s with Enos. They are surprised when they hear a helicopter overhead. Enos says it’s not one of theirs and Turk says it may be a TV crew or a spy of Broggi’s. In the helicopter it’s Carl and Julian.

Daisy sits in her car, having removed the can and put it in the back seat. Smith asks if she is ready, to which she confirms. Smith fires the pistol, starting the timer and Daisy takes off. Up ahead Enos and Turk are waiting for Daisy and Enos remarks being worried. Turk says she’ll get there and Enos says it isn’t Daisy’s driving he’s worried about. They watch Daisy pass and Enos puts on his Hazzard hat before following after her. Turk praises Daisy’s driving, to which Enos comments ‘that’s my Daisy’.

Carl and Julian locate Daisy but Carl says to wait until the area is clear. Daisy passes check point one and the officers radio in. Meanwhile Dempsey and Broggi track Daisy’s progress on the map, Dempsey saying so far so good. Not long later Daisy passes checkpoint two and Dempsey and Broggi pause, recognizing that the voice is neither Turk or Enos. On the road, Enos is having a hard time keeping up with Daisy and Turk tells him to take a cow path nearby to save a few miles.

Carl and Julian locate Daisy and wonder where the can is since it’s not on the car. Carl recalls Daisy had issues with it and suggests she put it in the car. Seeing the brown car pull off, Carl realizes Daisy is alone and says to go ahead and lower the chopper. Finding a straight away Carl blows the tire and Daisy flips the car. Enos and Turk meanwhile arrive where Daisy should pass and are concerned when Daisy doesn’t arrive. They head back to Daisy to see the car upside down and the chopper landing. Enos and Turk think the men are there to help before they notice them trying to flee with the can. Enos takes out Carl and Turk takes down Julian. They both run to the car to check on Daisy, who tells them to quit carrying on and just get her out of there. Enos says he’s so glad she’s okay and Daisy says she was playing dead. Turk meanwhile opens the can to find the diamond isn’t there but a note from Jamie.

Turk drives while Daisy and Enos sit in the back together. Enos says he thought Broggi would have his hide for sure until Jamie turned up with the diamond. Enos says Jamie got religion and turned himself in. Daisy says she feels a little sorry for him and Enos says he turned states evidence and maybe they will let him off light. Daisy says the trip was lively which they all agree. Daisy and Enos are upset at saving goodbye and Enos notices the time saying Turk needs to hurry. Turk says not to worry, he’ll get Daisy to the airport on time he just thought they wanted to talk. Turk emphasizes the word ‘talk’ and demonstrates stretching his arm out, indicating for Enos to put an arm around Daisy. Enos starts babbling, frustrating Turk, and Daisy kisses Enos.


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  • Daisy, Bo, and Luke raced in the Choctaw 200 where the Racing Crude people spotted her
  • Enos says that Daisy was always his secret girlfriend, even though he never told her
  • Enos and Daisy both mention never having Chinese food before. Hazzard has one Chinese family, the Fong Family with Billy Joe, who likes to combine Chinese cooking with southern foods
  • Daisy mentions Rosco in this episode, commenting that Rosco would have a fit learning she accidentally smuggled diamonds into Mexico
    • Rosco features in the next episode Horse Cops
  • Daisy is the third of the Duke cousins confirmed to leave the country, having driven past the Mexican boarder
    • Luke was first during his time in the Marines. Vance was second for his time in the merchant marines. It is unknown if Jud ever left the country during his service in the Army
    • This is the only episode of the live action franchise to leave the country, even if it was just across the boarder. However in the cartoon adaption of the Dukes, all the Duke cousins leave the country to travel the world.