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Otis J. is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Great Santa Claus Chase[]

One of the boys in Jesse Duke’s Christmas Choir. After Bo and Luke are blamed for stealing Christmas trees, he is sent to the church to tell Jesse that the parents have decided not to let the children sing. He sits on the Church steps when Jesse approaches, greeting him. Jesse asks where the rest are and he says their folks won’t let them Christmas Carol for a Duke no more. Jesse remarks ‘so that’s the way it is’ before saying at least Otis showed up. Otis admits he was the one they made come tell him. When Jesse looks away, he addresses him as 'Uncle Jesse' and says they don’t have a Christmas tree anyway and if Jesse will sing lead, he’ll sing harmony. Jesse says he don’t think that would do it but they should head over to the pharmacy and get a hot chocolate. Otis agrees, letting Jesse put a hand on him to stand up.

On Christmas Eve he hears the door bell. He answers the door with his mother and is given a tree by a Santa Claus, Luke, who tells him Marry Christmas and he’ll see him around midnight. Otis asks if that is a promise and the Santa says ‘that there’s a promise’ before leaving.