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Otis Plunkett is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 4[]

The Law and Jesse Duke[]

After his store is robbed, he runs over to the court house where he sees Boss, Rosco, Cletus, Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse. He screams he’s been robbed and asks Rosco and Cletus to help as they took everything. He explains that every stereo and video game in his store has been taken. He turns to see the pickup, saying that was the group going up Maple Street and for the officers to do something. Rosco explains that he is on strike right now and Otis is stunned, saying dang their strike. He asks how will he get back his stereos and video games. Boss asks for a volunteer to make a citizen’s arrest. Bo and Luke leave to do it.

When the town calls an emergency meeting at the Court House, he attends. Boss says they aren’t there to discuss the strike but if they do want to talk about it they can appoint a temporary Sheriff until it’s settled, to which he says is a good idea. When Boss asks who they can trust, putting a hand on Jesse’s shoulder he says boss already chose, only one person in town can they all trust and that is Jesse Duke. He proposes that Jesse is the Sheriff but Boss puts it to a vote. He votes for Jesse, and Jesse wins.

He watches Jesse get sworn in and quickly congratulates him. Boss says they will all be proud of Sheriff Duke when he arrests the thieves who have been robbing the town, naming Bo and Luke and tossing down pictures of the boys loading stolen equipment.

Later someone rings the bell on the back door of his store and he sees some of his items as well as other people who had been robbed stuff on the back dock. He has them all returned. When Bo and Luke find the real culprits, all his stolen goods are returned.

Season 5[]

The Hazzardgate Tape[]

Otis rents Vance and Coy some voice recording equipment for a plan to catch three corrupt Bosses in illegal activities. They charge the cost to Boss Hogg's bill.