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Pa Beaudry, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 5[]

Daisy's Shotgun Wedding[]

They head to the Boar’s Nest to meet with Boss Hogg, Sledge running an orange car off the road in the process. They go into the back door to see Boss and Rosco playing cards. Boss stands up, greeting him and saying he’s glad to see Boss got his message. Boss remarks he see’s that Pa brought his whole crew and he introduces Sledge and Milo saying they always help him deliver. Boss asks how many cases of shine did he bring, and Pa smiles before saying none. He says they sold out of everything this trip down but they can bring up another load tomorrow. Boss agrees to see him at his house tomorrow at noon, and tells Pa to come in the backdoor. As they conclude, he decides to go into the bar to get a few drinks but it surprised when Boss says to stop, only to see it’s because Boss is reclaiming a dog statue from Milo. They go to the bar, pushing people out of the way and yanking a man off the bar saying he’s on his stool.

When Daisy comes in, Milo points her out to him and starts talking to him. Daisy’s cousin’s Bo and Luke start a fight and he gets up to help his sons but he’s approached by Jesse. He prepares to fight Jesse but Jesse tells him to just settle down and watch the fight. He cheers when Milo throws around Bo. However the fun is stopped by Rosco shooting to get their attention. They listen to Daisy say she can take care of herself before shielding away from the glass on a pitcher Daisy breaks on Milo’s head.

The next day they go into Hazzard. When Milo see’s Daisy in town and he tells Milo to never mind about her and keep his mind on selling shine. The go through the front door of Boss’ home. They walk up to Boss, who is angry that they disobeyed. He asks if Boss wants to buy the shine or not and Boss says he does. He tells Boss he brought a sample and says if Boss likes it they get the money up front. Boss objects saying he doesn’t give money upfront and he pulls back the jug. Boss says he’ll taste it but when he tastes it he spits it out on Pa, saying it’s the worst he’s ever tasted and he wouldn’t even give that to his pigs. He says Hogg won’t get his price down as it’s ten dollars a jug. Boss says that is highway robbery and he says Boss called them, they didn’t call him. Boss offers two dollars saying he can’t afford anymore and Milo shows him a wad of cash he found. While they are distracted, Sledge hands him a gun and he points it as Boss and Rosco. He says since they don’t have a deal they should get paid for their trouble and has his sons put them in a closet. Going outside with the cash, he finds their truck is no good and decides to take Rosco’s car, which Milo informs him has a dog in it too.

As they head home, they see Daisy. Milo begs to have her and he asks that Milo wants her before telling Sledge to run her off the road. After Sledge succeeds, Daisy angerly confronts them. The boys grab Daisy and stuff her into the car. They get in the car and continue driving home.

He sits in the back with a struggling and blindfolded Daisy, saying Milo got himself a wife. Daisy yells that he does not.

They get home and he counts the money they got. He then tells the boys to head up to the house so they can call the preacher. He calls over the radio, confirming the preacher can come at five o’clock. Daisy says there is a law against his and he tells her that they are the law in those parts and she best get inside and get prettied up. Daisy says that her family will find them and he asks how since the revenuers haven’t in twenty years. They force Daisy inside the house.

They turn their attention to Flash and when Sledge asks what is wrong with the hound dog, he asks what in the ‘Sam’s Hill’ is wrong with Sledge as it isn’t a hound dog but a pointing dog. He tells Flash to point or he’ll take the switch to her. They all hear a clatter and see Daisy running away. They chase after her. They find her in the police car, talking on the CB and pull her out.

They retie Daisy to a chair. Daisy pleads to be let go as it’s not right but he says it’s natural.

They all wait by Daisy for the Preacher to arrive. Sledge points him out to them. He tells Daisy he will untie her and she better behave. Daisy refuses and he points a gun at her, saying they will see about that. They take Daisy down to meet the preacher. When Daisy begs the preacher for help, he tells her to hold her tongue. The Preacher reminds them of his rates and he hands over some money, saying that he can have a hundred. Daisy protests again and he shoots in the air, saying the next shot is for her unless she behaves. As the wedding starts, Daisy protests again. As it continues, they are startled by Bo and Luke arriving from the sky and sending smoke everywhere. He begins shooting at them. After the boys land, Pa and Sledge run at Luke. Luke pushes him away. He hides behind a barrel to watch the rest of the fight. He manages to get his shot gun and Pa and Sledge confront the Dukes after they beat Milo. However Jesse arrives, and they turn and shoot at him but have to dive out of the way from the car. The Dukes now have the shot guns and they surrender. The stolen money is reclaimed and they are arrested.

Season 6[]

Boss Behind Bars[]

After Milo accidentally blows up the family still, they head to Hazzard to get a new one. Milo asks if Pa thinks he will get to see Daisy again, and Pa snaps for Milo to forget her as she is nothing but trouble. When Sledge points out that they are there because of the still, Pa says they need to get themselves another one and fast. He says they need to swipe Boss Hogg’s still. He tells Sledge to put his foot to the floor. As the road comes together with another, they nearly hit the General Lee and run the car off the road, all three laughing and cheering. However the General quickly catches up and while Milo and Sledge bicker, Bo forces them to stop. When Sledge and Milo attack Bo and Luke, get gets out of the truck and shoots his gun, telling them to cut it out. Seeing Milo holding Bo, he says for Milo to put him down, which he does. He then tells Milo and Sledge to apologize to the ‘nice fellers’. When the boys refuse, he tells Bo and Luke that the boys just forgot their manners and that they were just passing through and don’t mean anybody any harm. He makes the boys apologize. Bo and Luke say to keep passing through. They watch Bo and Luke leave and Milo and Sledge ask why they had to do that. He says they don’t want trouble with the Dukes and Boss Hogg is what they want. They leave.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest to see it is packed. Milo asks him what the writing is on the sign and he attempts to read it, but not able to he just says it’s something about a race. Boss comes outside and they hide behind a hay bail. They watch Boss look under a car before Enos arrives, saying it’s Jesse Duke’s car. The two go into the bar. He tells the boys that is the break they need. When they ask what he means, he says Boss is always hanging around his still, so if they want to heist it, they need to get him out of the way. He assures the boys he figured out how to do it and lead them over to Jesse’s car. He has Sledge get under the car and instructs him on what he wants him to do. When Sledge comes out from under the car, he asks if Sledge did as told and Sledge agrees, handing him back the parts he took and the tools. Milo tells him that it wasn’t Boss Hogg’s car but Jesse Dukes. He says ‘right’ before saying those items will put them right back into the shine business.

They sit on a hay bail until the people start filing out of the Boar’s Nest. They stand to see the Dukes come out with Cooter, followed by Boss, Rosco, and Enos who express shock at seeing them. Boss tells Rosco to watch them and if they try to sell any of their whisky to lock them up. Pa shrugs saying they are just there to watch the race. When Milo calls over to Daisy and waves, he slaps his arm down and scolds him. As the race goes on, he notices Milo waving at Daisy and slaps his hand. They hear Bo report on the radio that Jesse crashed and the Beaudrys leave to the crash site.

They arrive at the crash site to see Jesse is okay. While Boss is looking over the car, he slips up beside him and drops the parts into Boss’ pocket. They watch Boss Hogg get arrested.

They head out to one of the still sites, and he’s telling the boys that they have to rip off Hogg’s shine operation before pulling out a map he bought from an old ridgerunner that has Boss Hogg’s still sites marked out. The boys bicker about Daisy and he sides with Sledge.

After finding the nearest site, they tie up the worker and pack up the still. As they head home, they nearly run into the Duke boys again. The boys give chase before breaking off onto another road, confusing them. He thinks the boys are up to something and shoots at them when they jump over the truck, hitting the radiator. He then tells the boys to head on home.

They arrive home and begin to set up the Sill. When he sees Milo touching the sill, he pulls him back saying to keep his paws off it. When Sledge and Milo begin to argue he stops them, saying for them to cut it out. As they finish setting up, he hears one of his traps go off and grabs his gun with the boys to go check it out. However while they are looking they hear an explosion and realizing their new still just blew up, they head back. Seeing the still on fire, they rush to put it out. He sends Milo to go get water. When Milo takes too long, he screams for him wondering what it taking so long. They go to check it out to find the Dukes have Milo cornered. He points his gun at them, telling them to stop where they are. Jesse suddenly knocks his gun aside and he moves away from the group. He gets a handful of sand and tosses it into Jesse’s eyes. When a patrol car drives through the fence, they use the distraction to flee.

Sledge asks why they are running instead of fighting. He says they are going to lead the boys into a trap and that will be the end of them. He becomes frustrated when the boys evade a trap and tries to lead them into another but Luke forces him to drive into it. They are caught and arrested.